How to Sell On Vinted and Outsmart the Competition?

When you start selling online, it might be disappointing to see your listings failing to attract potential buyers. However, there are simple yet effective steps every reseller should take in order to boost sales. Follow our tips and tricks on how to sell on Vinted, and you'll notice how with a little help from a crossposting app, detailed descriptions, and well-lit pictures, the sales can skyrocket in record time.

Clothes waiting to be sold on the online multi-vendor marketplace platform
Plan your sales growth by utilizing a pricing strategy, a crossposting tool, and pictures

How to Sell On Vinted UK Successfully? The First Step Is Taking Well-Lit Pictures of the Clothing

If a reseller wants to make money on Vinted, it is of utmost importance to invest time and effort into the pictures of the listings. The best thing to do would be to purchase a ring light since it will help you show the clothes' natural colors and any imperfections. Make sure to take pictures of clothes with a plain background so that the item stands out and can be clearly seen.

However, some resellers (mostly those who are just starting out and have yet to figure out how Vinted works) don't want to invest in additional equipment like ring lights. The solution to this situation is natural light. A well-lit room will be enough to get the most honest photographs. Use a window as the source of light when taking pictures indoors. On the other hand, if you want to take photographs outside, find a place where there is no direct sunlight.

Ensure Buyers Love Your Items and That They Are Worth Buying - Post Pictures of Wrinkle-Free and Clean Clothes

Wrinkled and dirty listings will not get noticed by a single buyer. Resellers have a hard time swapping on Vinted with stained and unwashed clothes, let alone attracting prospective buyers. Therefore, before setting up your ring light and taking photos, make sure to iron and wash every item of clothing. Check whether they are free from stains and wrinkles. It will help you to present them in their best light on the online marketplace platform, and you will increase the likelihood of getting someone to click on your listing.

Here is a video with great hacks to follow for cleaning clothes before selling them on the platform.

Place Your Listing in the Correct Category

It is important to correctly list every item. When you log into your account, take a look at all the available categories and choose the one that best matches your item. For instance, if you are reselling a hat, the correct category would be 'Accessories' and not 'Clothes.'

The buyer will find your products effortlessly in the correct category, and you will quickly increase your sales. We recommend researching and taking the time to see which category suits your items and where to list the product and get it quickly noticed. Once you pinpoint the right one, stick to it so the buyers can find the items consistently.

Get Someone to Buy Your Item With Detailed Descriptions

If you want to become a successful reseller, you will need to know how to write detailed descriptions of your items. Be honest, precise, and open about every flaw or feature of the item. Don't exaggerate or underestimate any aspect of the listing. Misleading or omitting essential information from your description might lead a buyer to seek a refund. Dealing with a return policy or PayPal will stall your business growth, so ensure that you are a truthful reseller, and you will minimize the risk of refunds.

Do You Want to Know How to Sell Faster on Vinted? Use Our Step-By-Step Guide for Writing Descriptions

With our step-by-step guide on how to craft a perfect product description, you won't have to worry about forgetting or omitting crucial details. When writing, try to answer these questions:

  • Who is the product for? - Specify your target audience based on an age group, gender, or lifestyle demographic.
  • What are the basic details? - Mention aspects such as materials, cost, function, and dimension.
  • Why is the item useful? - One can explain more about the quality or value of the product.
  • When should the item be used? - Specify when it is appropriate to use or wear the product.
  • Are there any flaws? If the product is not working or there are certain imperfections, make sure to explain it accurately.

Price Your Articles of Clothing Fairly

Finding the proper pricing strategy is vital for every reseller. Overpricing is common in the world of online second-hand fashion marketplaces, but ambitious resellers have to avoid it. When pricing any product, one must pay attention to similar products that are being sold at the same time. Follow the example of others and price your items competitively and fairly. Take into consideration a buyer's protection fee and the condition of the product, and research whether it is sold out. In this way, you will be confident in your decision to lower or raise the price.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell on Vinted?

Every seller would be happy to know that there are no Vinted seller fees. When using the basic platform package to sell used clothes, the reseller will not be charged any fees for uploading their items. Once the sale is closed, you will receive the full price of the listing. The customer will be charged with all costs, including shipping. However, if you opt to upgrade from the basics package, you will have to pay specific fees when the items get sold.

Clothes on a hanger
Reselling on the best online selling platforms requires you to have a good pricing strategy

Boost Your Sales With a Crosslisting Software

Your competition won't stand a chance if you use cross-listing software to increase your income. During slow periods you will be able to resell via multichannel listing software and have your listings bought not only on Vinted but on Depop, Shopify, and Etsy. You will not only make more money, but you will also grow your customer base

The cross-posting tool allows you to quickly modify any details and protect each article of clothing from duplicate sales. So if you are considering branching out into other platforms and helping your e-commerce business, use selling software and reach more buyers.

Ready to Start Selling?

Increase your profit by applying our helpful tips and tricks. Use listing software, craft detailed and honest product descriptions, and implement a fair yet competitive pricing strategy. Don't underestimate the importance of well-lit pictures.

For resellers who are adamant about getting more people to buy their products, the best way to do it is to invest in Zipsale - a crossposting software. It will manage your listings, sales, and complaints, as well as allow you to reach a wider customer base. Don't miss out on an opportunity to utilize the software for selling online and outsmart any remaining competition.


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