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Why Is My Etsy Account Suspended?

When you are reselling on one of the best online-selling platforms like Etsy, you might encounter issues with your store. Online resellers get banned for a myriad of reasons, and they are not sure what to do about it. If you've been asking yourself - why is my Etsy account suspended, don't be discouraged. As soon as you know the reason behind the suspension, you can take steps to retrieve your shop. Let us help you do this quickly and efficiently.

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Find out why there are issues with your business and get back on track with our help

Typical Reasons That Lead to Suspension of Seller’s Account

Every online marketplace platform requires sellers to abide by their policy. When you sign up and click that you agree with the Terms of Use, all online selling platforms will closely monitor your activity and take action if they suspect you are doing something prohibited. Even though it's free to set up a store, there are serious repercussions if you don't follow the rules. 

However, Etsy is no different from eBay, Shopify, and Depop since it will allow you to regain access to the shop once you sort the issue out. However, what can be the issue in the first place? Have a look at our list of possible reasons why your e-commerce business might get banned.

Reselling Handmade Items You Don't Make

People who want to become resellers on this platform are generally interested in profiting from handmade and vintage items. The platform underlines that all objects must be solely made by the reseller. When the multi-vendor marketplace platform suspects that you have bought items from wholesale sellers that are new and inauthentic just to get more sales, they might suspend you or request proof that you made them.

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The goods you want to sell need to be designed and made by you 

Reselling Prohibited Products Will Get Your Etsy Account Suspended

Illegal materials cannot be sold on any online marketplace. Your online business cannot promote or offer anything illegal. Such items can cause serious damage to the reputation of the platform as well as endanger the safety of the customers who shop there. There is a list of prohibited products that every seller needs to know. These include:

  • Medical drugs, alcohol, drugs, tobacco,
  • Weapons and dangerous materials,
  • Mature and explicit content,
  • Hate items (items that incite hate or violence; generally, these have a homophobic or racial message).

If You Sell Intangible Services and Goods

This rule doesn't apply to the art and digital downloads category. However, the resellers are obliged to sell tangible objects. Every vintage piece of clothing, furniture, toy, book, or trinket has to be shipped and sent to the customer. The only exception to this rule are products that can be downloaded instead. These are typically digital artwork.

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You should know that intangible services and goods are not supposed to be sold

Numerous Cases Against Your Shop Will Lead to a Suspension

Getting you banned would be the first thing the platform would do if they saw numerous cases opened against your store. There is not a specific number that would lead to suspensions, but if they pile up quickly, it is a red flag. Therefore, our advice for anyone who wants to own a successful shop is to make sure to sort any case or issue out as fast as possible.

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Don't leave opened cases against your shop unresolved for a very long time

How to Start the Process of Lifting the Suspension? First, Reply to Etsy’s Email

When you get banned, you will be sent an email informing you of the platform's decision. There won't be a need to create a new store. If you want to continue using your online store and get your page back, you should read the email thoroughly and try to understand what you need to do. When you understand better what is required, reply concisely and wait for their answer. This will be the first step in getting accounts back.

If you want to avoid getting banned and end up answering Etsy's email, watch this video with information on how to avoid this nerve-wracking situation.

Next, Take the Steps Necessary For Restoring the Shop - Let Us Help You

Filing an appeal of your suspension is a straightforward process. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to Etsy's website,
  • Select the Help Center option
  • Go through the menu and find the option Your Etsy Account,
  • Then click on Contacting Etsy,
  • Make sure to fix any open cases against you,
  • The outstanding balance should be paid,
  • Then, proceed to click on "How to File an Appeal for a Permanently Suspended Account"
  • Select "File the appeal," enter any information, and pay attention to the instructions.

Don’t Ask Yourself Again - Why Is My Etsy Account Suspended? Use a Crossposting Tool

It's quite impossible to continually grow your business and become successful if you get banned frequently. Mistakes often happen, but when they become constant, your business will be jeopardized. This is why software for selling online is needed. Getting more sales and managing to become a star seller can be done with a crossposting app. If you've started your business with no money, you should make sure to make a profit and keep getting more sales.

Feel free to use cross-listing software to post listings on numerous platforms - you will attract more buyers and promote the shop. There will be fewer opportunities for mistakes since the multichannel listing software lets you keep track of all products in one place.

Handmade jewelry
Don't let your business suffer a setback due to a ban - use a crossposting software

To Conclude - Suspensions Happen, But There Is a Way to Avoid Them

It's not uncommon for accounts to get suspended. Among the main reasons for suspensions are reselling handmade goods bought from wholesale sellers, offering illegal products, or having numerous cases against your store. The good news is that the situation can be quickly resolved. We recommend having selling software to help you maintain the store and successfully operate without any setbacks. Register with Zipsale, and you can simultaneously sell on different platforms such as eBay, Shopify, and Vinted. It's definitely worth it.

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