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All You Should Know About Facebook Marketplace Fees in One Place

Do you want to start reselling your used clothes, accessories, furniture, and electronics on Facebook Marketplace? First, you should know how the platform works and whether there are any Facebook Marketplace fees you should watch out for. Many sellers believe that this is one of the online marketplace platforms where reselling a product is completely free, but this is not always the case. There are many aspects that need to be considered; therefore, make sure to read the important details in this article.

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All multi-vendor marketplace platforms function in a different way 

Does a Reseller Need to Pay Any Facebook Marketplace Fees for Selling Products on the Platform?

So, does Facebook Marketplace charge fees? Well, yes and no. Actually, a reseller does not always have to pay charges but in some instances, the platform obliges the resellers to pay a charge. So, what does this really mean? Reselling on the marketplace platform is free if you negotiate with the buyer and collect the payment on your own as well as if you are reselling products locally. 

On the other hand, when the online reseller is reselling all over the world and letting customers use Facebook's payment system, the platform is going to charge the reseller a selling fee every time something gets sold.

How Much Do Facebook Marketplace Sellers Fees Cost the Sellers For Each Sale?

Taxes and the shipping cost is included in the selling fee. As soon as the payment is received the online marketplace platform will deduct this fee. You should know that this charge is non-refundable in case the customer wants the money back. Here is how much the charge might cost:

  • If you make a sale up to $8, the minimum charge will be $0.40,
  • If you make a sale higher than $8, the charge will be 5%.

The charge is identical to all resellers on the platform, no matter whether you are running a successful e-commerce business or you're an individual seller. However, there are some exceptions for resellers that use the program known as Facebook's waived selling fees.

There Is No Listing Charge Like on eBay, but There Is a Chargeback Fee

The best aspect of the platform is that there is no charge for creating listings, which is a major charge on eBay, for instance. However, there is a chargeback fee that needs to be paid by the reseller when the customer requests a refund from the payment provider for the product they deem to be not as described, unauthorized or fraudulent. In this case, the FBMP will hold the transaction charge in a dispute until the problem is solved.

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Stop worrying about the charges when you can run an online store efficiently with a crossposting app

Here’s More Information on Waived Charges That Can Make Your Sale More Convenient

On certain dates throughout the year, such as Memorial Day, Black Friday, or Mother's Day, the platform announces that it will be waiving its charges. They might even give the sellers free shipping. This will change how much will be paid, and you will get to keep a larger portion of the price of the product. 

The holiday season just might be the best time for sales of your shoes and sneakers or authentic used clothing. If you want to be great at reselling online, follow a few tips from the following video.

How Does the FBMP Payment System Work?

Facebook Marketplace offers a couple of payment options for customers and sellers to complete transactions, including:

  • Facebook Pay: This is a secure payment system that allows you to send and receive money directly through Facebook's Messenger or the application. You can link your debit card, PayPal account, or credit card to Facebook Pay and use it to conduct purchases.
  • Cash: Buyers and sellers can also choose to complete transactions in person.
  • Other payment methods: Buyers and sellers can agree to use other payment methods such as bank transfers, money orders, or cashier's checks to complete transactions, but these methods are not managed by Facebook and are not protected by Facebook's policies.

It's important to note that the platform offers Buyer Protection to protect buyers who use Facebook's payment system for their purchases. If the items are not as described or don't arrive, buyers can report the issue to the support team and may be eligible for a refund.

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You won't have to rely on a simple payment system when using FBMP

Our Expert Advice - Don't Use Only One Platform to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

Even though reselling and posting on FBMP can be a convenient place where you can make a sale on your own and not be bothered by any extra charges, the truth is that you can only grow your business if you promote products and listings on numerous online selling platforms. However, don't think that it is too complicated to manage different sites. 

With the help of reliable cross-listing software, such as Zipsale, you won't struggle to keep up. A crossposting tool will keep an inventory in one place of all of your listings and keep track of every sale, order, or additional request

You won't even have to change anything manually, the software for selling online will do everything for you. So you can start an e-commerce business and expand it to Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and Depop quickly and effortlessly.

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With a multichannel listing it will be extremely easy to sell on various sites

Are You Ready to Sell Your Products on FBMP?

Now that you know the answer to "is there a fee to sell on Facebook Marketplace,"  it's safe to say that you are ready to tackle the reselling industry. We suggest that you start promoting listings on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest, but also sell on Shopify, eBay, Depop, and Etsy. When it comes to better management of online stores on different sites, software to sell on both eBay and Depop, like Zipsale, is what you require. Register with the crossposting software today, and your e-commerce business will flourish.

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