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Sustainable Surprises - The Ultimate Guide to Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids

Discovering the perfect eco-friendly gifts for kids just got easier, thanks to our curated list that will bring profit to your online store. With a focus on sustainability, our selection ranges from educational toys to imaginative playsets that can be offered on any multi-vendor marketplace platform. Dive into our list of adorable, functional, and planet-friendly gift ideas that are popular in 2024.

Miniature plane toy
Plastic use and excess consumption can be solved with special eco-friendly presents

How Could Eco-Friendly Gifts for Kids Bring Profit?

Sustainable presents for children not only cater to the growing demand for nonpolluting products but also open pathways for profitable ventures. If you decide not to profit off of the environmental impact traditional toys have, you can start a resale business focused on eco-conscious alternatives. 

This initiative taps into the increasing consumer preference for products that are kind to the planet. Therefore, you can sell online and make money since parents seek out toys that won't quickly end up in landfills or in oceans. We should highlight that a staggering 80% of toys end up polluting oceans and landfills, according to The Conversation.

Old toys displayed
Every year, 14 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean, including numerous discarded toys.

What Eco-Friendly Gifts Children Love?

Engaging and educational products that blend fun with sustainability are adored by the majority of children. Wooden puzzles, organic cotton plush toys, and biodegradable craft sets are among the best sustainable gifts that captivate young minds. 

When pondering over reselling ideas, it's important to decide which age group you would like to sell to. School-age children would benefit from tools and supplies, while younger children need inspiring toys. Check out our list of green presents that delight little ones and support a healthier planet. 

Lunchboxes Made From Stainless Steel

Lunchboxes made from stainless steel are a hit among older children. They feature three compartments and a leakproof dipper for condiments. They keep wet and dry food separate but also come with customizable skin magnets. 

With their durable material, non-toxic coatings, and commitment to being plastic-free, they embody the conscious values many consumers are looking for. Whether you're considering what products you'd get sales on Etsy with or searching for one of the things great to resell on eBay, these lunchboxes stand out as a prime choice.

A lunchbox with food on it
Stainless steel lunchboxes can be sold for approximately $40

Toy Blocks Made From Natural Wooden Material

Embracing the green revolution in toys, eco-friendly building blocks are a perfect choice for anyone wanting to become a reseller and tap into the sustainable toy market. The blocks are constructed from FSC-certified wood and are made into larger pieces so that kids can play without hassle. They are considered a fantastic plastic-free option for children developing their motor skills. Their traits, such as non-toxic, water-based colourings and natural wooden material, would help with making a new store successful.

Eco Crayons For Colouring

Almost every child likes to colour and learn how to stay within the lines in the colouring books. So, instead of traditional crayons that contain pollutants, you can resell eco-crayons which are 100% plant-based. The new types of crayons are safe, vegan, and biodegradable options for children. They can make reselling quite profitable.

Most of the brands are handmade from natural ingredients, including waxes, butter, and colours extracted from plants. They are free from:

  • Gluten, 
  • Paraffin, 
  • Palm oil, 
  • Heavy metals, 
  • Asbestos, 
  • Parabens, 
  • Petroleum.  

Crochet Veggies and Rattles

The next recommendation is for younger children and babies. Rattle toys are very quickly outgrown, so investing in plastic that will be discarded soon is not a smart move. Crafted with care from 100% cotton yarn and filled with pure wool, a playful set of such toys can include veggies such as beet, cord, radish, tomato, and carrot. 

They can be neatly packed in a cotton tote bag. The crochet play foods and rattles would be entertainment and inspiration for playtime. They're an excellent choice for a baby shower gift or babies aged 6-12 months.

Toy veggies in two bags
Crochet rattles can later be used as decorative items when a child outgrows them

Meal Reusable Silicone Sets

This reusable silicone set is an exemplary choice for those looking to combine sustainability with practicality for toddler feeding times. Designed with your toddler's needs in mind, the soft spoons protect your baby's teeth while making mealtime an enjoyable learning experience. The set entails two ergonomically designed spoons for easy grip, a silicone cup complete with a lid, and a straw for mess-free drinking. A great tip is to offer customers the choice of customizing their sets.

Two babies eating with their bibs around their necks
Even the eating sets the babies used can be exchanged with sustainable options

Create a Brand Focused On Eco-Friendly Presents

Begin the journey of tapping into the best online selling platforms by sourcing products. Make sure anything you want to resell contains recycled and biodegradable materials. Think about your packaging. It should promote your brand, but at the same time, it should reduce waste. 

Consider partnering with eco-certifications and labels to lend credibility to your brand. Additionally, engage with your community through initiatives that give back to environmental causes to strengthen the brand's eco-friendly message.

Here is a video on eco-friendly packaging that provides nifty ideas.

Reach More Buyers With the Help of a Crossposting Tool

Whether you're selling second-hand gifts or eco-friendly presents for kids, the path to increasing sales is always through a crossposting app. A cross-listing software connects numerous online marketplace platforms such as Depop, Shopify, Etsy, Vinted, and eBay. Therefore, with the help of crossposting software, you can reach the users of all of these platforms. 

On top of this, you'll have much better control of the inventory since you can activate and deactivate the listing you want from one interface. Multichannel listing software is great for beginners as well as owners of big resale businesses. The best-selling software you'd encounter is Zipsale. To get more information about this software for selling online, visit our website.

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