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How Does Facebook Marketplace Work?

A very frequent question - how does Facebook Marketplace work - is puzzling many new users. Resellers who are new to FBMP might get lost deciphering numerous categories, subcategories, and payment options. The good news is that with a bit of learning, you can get the hang of this multi-vendor marketplace platform very quickly. You should understand how shipping, charges, and transactions work, and you can begin posting your listings. We'll help you with the necessary basics.

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Navigating FBMP can be very simple and convenient with a useful crossposting tool

How Does Facebook Marketplace Work? General Info About the Site

Facebook Marketplace is an online marketplace platform where users can resell items and buy, preferably in their local community. Resellers can create listings with descriptions and photos while customers browse and research the listings they want to purchase. Everything from reselling used furniture, accessories, gadgets, shoes, and sneakers, as well as video games to second-hand clothing, can be resold on this platform.

Transactions can be completed using Facebook Pay, or the buyer and seller can agree upon a different payment method that is more convenient for them. FBMP is free of charge for individuals who use it only to post a listing and then arrange for a transaction within their local area. However, people who want to resell nationwide will have to pay a selling fee.

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It won't take you any time until you start attracting buyers on FBMP

How to Create, Review and Post a Listing on Facebook Marketplace to Sell Your Products?

If you want to post a listing on this online selling platform, follow our clear instructions:

  • Click on Facebook's icon, log in to your account, and go to the Marketplace tab on the left side of your screen.
  • Select the option "Create New Listing" or "Sell Something," depending on the layout of your page.
  • Choose the category of the item you want to resell and enter a description of the item, including the condition, all relevant details, and the price of the item.
  • Continue with attaching clear photos of the item. You can add up to ten photos.
  • Set your location and decide if you want to offer shipping or just local pickup.
  • Review your listing and ensure that all the information is accurate.
  • Lastly, select "Publish" to post your listing on Facebook Marketplace.

You can communicate with buyers through messenger to arrange a pickup or delivery of the item and complete the transaction. If a buyer requests additional information, you can chat with them via messenger and manage to resell the item successfully if you prove to be a reliable and reputable reseller. 

A great way to prove you can easily manage a store not just on FBMP but on other platforms as well is to use online selling tools like cross-posting software.

Watch the video below for additional tips on posting and selling listings.

How Does Facebook Marketplace Shipping Work When You Sell Your Items?

Sometimes you will get a buyer that does not live in your local area, and you have to ship the product to them. So, how does shipping work on Facebook Marketplace? First, you need to write in your listing that you offer shipping in case the potential customers live somewhere else. 

You can select a Facebook shipping partner like FedEx or a different carrier. Next, determine what the price of the shipping will be but bear in mind that it should be based on the weight and dimensions of the product

Once you make a sale, the platform will provide you with a shipping label. At this point, you can take it to the carrier and ship the product. The last step is to get confirmation from the buyer that the package has arrived.

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You will need to offer shipping for the people that don't live in your local community 

How Does Facebook Marketplace Payment Work?

FBMP offers several payment options, such as Facebook Pay, cash, and other payment methods you can negotiate with your customer. Individuals can choose their preferred payment method when making a purchase, and sellers can decide whether to accept or decline payment requests.

Transactions are completed outside of the platform, so buyers and sellers are responsible for arranging payment and shipping or pickup of the item. However, users can also make use of Facebook Pay which is a secure payment system.

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How does Facebook Marketplace work payment? Set up the payment method in your listing

Initial Stumbling Block - Facebook’s Fees

Do not start calculating your revenue from your Facebook online store right away. First, you need to see whether you will have to pay any charges. This will lower the payment you will get from a sold product.

Even though there are no fees if you and the buyer agree upon a different payment method that does not include Facebook's payment system, there is still a selling fee for when you resell vintage items nationwide and worldwide, and the buyer uses Facebook Pay to complete the transaction. For products that are up to $8, the fee is $0.40, and for costlier products, the fee is 5%.

In case the buyer wants a refund for an item that appears to be fraudulent or not as described, the platform might charge the seller a chargeback fee.

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Don't forget that you might have to pay some fees for every sale

Selling on FBMP Is Awesome but Selling on More Platforms at Once Is Better

The website that lets you chat with friends, share interesting posts, as well as make money off of second-hand items has numerous benefits. However, if you are serious about running a successful e-commerce business, selling just on FBMP is not enough. You should proliferate to Shopify, Depop, and Etsy.

Multichannel listing software can help you manage this efficiently. Software for selling online, like Zipsale, is designed to crosspost listings on multiple platforms and get more people to see it. This means that cross-listing software will enable you to grow your sales without requiring you to make an extra effort. Use a crossposting app on your phone or a crossposting tool on your computer, and you'll realize just what you've been missing. The first step is to register with Zipsale. Do this today!

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