Where to Sell Second-Hand Furniture?

Selling online is the best way to get rid of items that have been collecting dust in your home for years. But, not many people know exactly where to sell second-hand furniture. Whether they want to make some extra cash or simply avoid moving any heavy and bulky items, one needs to choose the right marketplace platform. 

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Along with the right online marketplace platform, use a crossposting app as well

Fortunately, there are many options on the Internet, and any reseller will be spoilt for choice. Learn in our article all about the best online selling platforms for used furniture.

Shopify - One of the Best Places For Selling Used Goods

Many people choose Shopify because it allows its users to create their own web stores to resell various goods as a business. Setting up a store isn't complex at all. Shopify offers authentic templates that are used for creating a storefront

One of the benefits of selling with Shopify is the drag-and-drop editor that can be utilized for customizing a site with ease. This is an ideal option if you want to enjoy the freedom and become a successful owner of an e-commerce business.

Bear in mind that Shopify isn't a standard marketplace. It functions more as a platform where you post used items. However, you need to attract potential customers. The best way to do that when using Shopify is to pay for ads or post about your listing on social media. Most people opt to sync their Instagram accounts with Shopify stores.

How Much Does It Cost to Sell Furniture on Shopify?

The good news is that you can enjoy reselling for free during the initial 14 days. After this period, all resellers are charged $29 for maintaining a basic account. What's crucial to know is that there is a built-in payment solution. It costs 2.9% + $0.30. Although you can offer customers to pay for shipping, you are free to include any shipping fees as an additional cost.

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Shopify is a great place to sell used items

Choose Craigslist If You Want to Sell Locally

The best choice for individuals who want to resell their chairs, beds, and couches locally is Craigslist. The only thing that needs to be done in order to begin reselling is to find the local board of your area, choose the place you want to sell goods and then simply make your listings that will stand out from the rest. Craigslist is a big platform that attracts numerous buyers. There is a good possibility that you will find a potential buyer in a matter of days in case you've made an effort to create quality listings.

Does Craigslist Have a Fee Like Other Places?

No, Craigslist is different from other online reselling places. There are no fees associated with Craigslist - the platform is completely free. You won't need to spend any cash in order to set up a listing or create an account. On the other hand, the site doesn't offer any other benefits to the reseller. You bear the sole responsibility for the sale, which means you'll be required to handle shipping, process payments, and meet with the customer. 

People who want to make more money can sell on multiple platforms alongside Craigslist. The user-friendly multichannel listing software should be used in case you decide to venture into multiple online selling platforms.

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Craiglist is free so you can use listing software and resell on numerous platforms

Etsy - Make Cash Reselling Vintage Items

Are you wondering - where is the best place to sell second-hand furniture? Etsy is a great platform where one can resell vintage and handmade goods. In case you have vintage furniture in your home, Etsy is the right choice. Resellers first need to set up a shop. Your page can be embellished according to your taste so you can upload pictures of the objects from your home that need to be put on sale. 

Bear in mind that every piece requires a description. Most successful resellers use appropriate keywords when describing their items so as to get more sales and new customers to notice their shop. The Etsy fee for setting up a listing is $0.20, and the platform takes 5% of the item's price once it sells.

Watch the video below for helpful tips on how to make money by reselling goods on Etsy.

Facebook Marketplace - Enjoy the Benefits of a Reselling Platform and a Social Network

Facebook Marketplace is a unique site, a combination of a selling platform and a social network. If you don't want to delve deeper into unknown sites, you can just go to Facebook's Marketplace section and set up listings. When you enter the location, everyone will see what you have on sale.

Similar to Craigslist there are no charges imposed on the resellers and there are many people who will see your listings on the site. However, you are obliged to handle all payments and reach an agreement with the buyer on your own.

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If you want to resell on a website with a huge audience, use Facebook Marketplace

eBay - A Great Platform to Sell New and Second-Hand Pieces

eBay is a reliable platform where one can resell new and second-hand furniture. eBay is very popular among people and one can offer miscellaneous items on the site

Upon creating listings, one needs to select the characteristics of the item, such as material, style, brand, color, and type. In the description, it has to be specified how old or how new the item is. Try to be as accurate as possible so that the pieces get noticed. 

However, before you start making any listings, make sure that you understand all about eBay's fees so you can decide on the price of the objects. Bear in mind that the platform has: 

What's the Best Shipping Method After Making a Sale on eBay?

Most of the time, resellers opt out of creating listings of their furniture pieces since they don't know how to handle shipping. But on eBay, you can specify to your customers that they can pick up the items themselves. You just need to add to the listing's delivery option "Local collection." In addition to this, it would be ideal to add details about the access to your home, for instance, if one needs to move the bed down the stairs.

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Make money reselling anything from your home on eBay

Now You Know Where to Sell Second-Hand Furniture - You Can Choose More Than One Option

It might be hard to decide to use just one multi-vendor marketplace platform. Luckily, you are free to use software for selling online and crossposting your listings. A cross-listing software can manage all of your sales and orders that you have on different sites. The perks of crossposting software are that more buyers will see your listings and the profit will increase. If you want trustworthy crossposting software, register with Zipsale

It will save you time since you won't have to monitor all of your listings, earn you more money and quickly change any information or delist products on different sites. It will provide you with a clear overview of sales and listings. Zipsale can ensure that you make sales with ease and confidence.

Facebook Marketplace

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