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How to Optimize Listings on Vinted for Higher Sales

In the rapidly expanding world of online selling platforms, learning how to optimize listings on Vinted has become crucial for sellers aiming to reach potential buyers. With Vinted's user base skyrocketing from 30 million in 2019 to an impressive 65 million in 2022, sellers can now reach a broader audience. This popularity underscores the importance of standing out in a crowded marketplace. Let's dive into essential strategies for enhancing your Vinted listings.

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Online selling tools are of paramount importance when trying to increase revenue

How to Optimize Listings on Vinted - First, Use High-Quality Photos

The reason a customer would click on a certain listing is the photo that they see. Captivating images can catapult the listings into success, so there's no other way of stating - you have to put an effort into the photographs you post.

Don't worry. It's not difficult at all, we'll teach you. When buyers browse through Vinted, visually appealing photos make the listing stand out amongst thousands of others, increasing the chance of maximizing profits. To capture perfect images, we suggest:

  • Use a quality camera - A camera and lens that can accentuate the features and appropriately showcase the colors is the one that you need to invest in.
  • Find good lighting - A ring light or a smaller lighting stand would suffice. Make sure that all that you photograph is under a strong light. Sometimes daylight can be enough, but it's better to have a light source you can use whenever.  
  • Take shots from various angles - Showcase everything, including the flaws. Since Vinted allows a maximum of 20 photos for each listing, make sure that every inch of the used clothing, accessories, home decor, shoes, and sneakers is shown.

Write a Compelling and Accurate Description

Every multi-vendor marketplace platform requests detailed descriptions, and Vinted is not an exception. An engaging, rich description tells everything the buyer needs to know about the items and provides promotional details that capture the buyer's attention. 

After Vinted's expansion into its first Nordics market, Sweden, in October 2022, the platform experienced explosive growth. This underscores the importance of standing out in a rapidly expanding marketplace.

Online resellers must highlight what makes their items unique and desirable, including key details like the size, condition, brand, and any unique features. Flaws and any repair work that has been done need to be mentioned. But don't go overboard with details, as it won't make the description readable.

A woman holding a blue dress
Focus on revealing the basic information first

Utilize SEO in the Title

A strategic move that guaranteed to make money on Vinted is using SEO in the listing titles. Carefully select the keywords that potential buyers are likely to search for. This entails researching best-selling items and learning what other sellers have incorporated into their titles.

Generally, specific attributes of the product, such as the color, size, and brand, make the title more searchable. For instance, instead of "Nike Sneakers," use a more precise title such as "Nike Air Diamond Varsity Turf Baseball Shoes."

Relevant Keywords Help With Optimization for Search Engines

Embellish the descriptions with relevant keywords essential for optimization on search engines, especially when reselling vintage clothing in the second-hand market online. By strategically using terms that potential buyers are searching for, you make it easier for the items to be discovered amidst the vast online marketplace. 

Make sure you have hashtags as well since they can boost visibility. The result is a higher chance of attracting interested buyers, ultimately growing an e-commerce business. Delve into the Internet world and seek keywords that prospective clothing resellers have already used and shared with the online community.

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The more keywords, the higher the chance of landing in more search results

Mention the Name of the Brand Wherever You Can

Brand names act as powerful keywords that customers frequently utilize when searching for specific items. Enhance discoverability by using it whenever possible. This practice leverages the brand's recognition and appeal, attracting customers who are loyal to or prefer that particular brand. However, we are not just talking here about popular brands. 

When you own an online store, developing your brand and exposing it to the online community on Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, and other social media platforms is important. Then, use the brand name in the description and the photographs. Ensure that the buyers associate your brand with quality. This is how you grow a devoted following.

Watch the video below about how to sell on Vinted like a pro.

Choose the Appropriate Category for the Product

When customers want to find a product, an online marketplace platform uses categorization to filter and direct these searches to the relevant results. If you accurately select the most closely aligned category, your offer will pop up first to the customer. Incorrect categorization can lead to your items being visible in searches they are irrelevant. Be as detailed as possible when selecting a category to connect with the right buyers. 

Invest in Crossposting Software for Better Sales

Nothing optimizes the listing better than a crossposting tool. What do we mean by this? It's clear that crosslisting an item on various platforms and offering it to a huge audience on Shopify, Depop, eBay, and Poshmark would enhance the chance of having it purchased. 

Have a cross-listing software that would promote the items and auto-delist them when they get ordered to protect you from overselling. There is more control of the inventory with an all-encompassing inventory showing the stats from the best online selling platforms you're using. To top the list of benefits, we should also mention the 24/7 monitoring feature, which keeps track of sales for you. The only thing left for you is to relax.

A person doing online shopping
Get software for selling online to enhance profitability

Try Zipsale for a Month and Experience Resale Bliss

After optimizing listings by using all the tricks in the books - researching keywords, writing compelling descriptions, and taking high-quality photos, it's time to take a step forward in the reselling game. We recommend using the best crossposting app, Zipsale, for a month to see how much traffic it would generate. A sure promise is that reselling second-hand items will become easier, and an expansion of the store is guaranteed. Get your hands on crossposting software and see that new feats are possible.

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