How to Refund on Depop?

Depop is a great platform to sell as an individual and build an online business. However, as a seller, you should take responsibility and know how to handle customer complaints, sales operations, and any purchase issues. If you want to be a successful user of the platform, you have to know how to refund on Depop.

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Knowing how to refund someone on Depop is essential for building a trusting customer base

So, what should you know about refunds on the platform? When you receive a complaint, you first have to determine whether the product was paid via PayPal or a Depop payment method. If it was sold with the platform's payment method, you could sort the issue through Depop with the help of Depop Support. If the item was paid for via PayPal, you have to resolve the problem with the buyer or deal directly with PayPal.

What Should You Know About Returns on Depop?

Sometimes issues occur. Customers are not pleased with the product they bought and request a refund on Depop. However, what is essential to know when using the best online selling platforms is that you have to return the money to the customer when they insist that the product was misrepresented online. The rules stipulate that the buyers can request refunds up to 180 days from the date of the transaction. 

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When having software for selling online, make sure that the items are well represented

What Should Be the First Step When Dealing With Refunds?

When someone opens a dispute, as a seller, you will have to take them seriously and respond within 24 hours. Do not involve the platform right away but try to reason with the buyer and find a solution. It would be best to follow these tips:

  • First, request that the client shows proof of flaws or issues - This will help you determine whether the buyer's claim is correct or not. It will also give you an opportunity to discern what happened during the Depop shipping process.
  • Check for the flaws of the product - As a reseller on an online platform, you have to be aware of any issues with your items. Check if you missed mentioning anything in the listing description or if the flaw occurred during shipment. It's important to know where the flaw came from.
  • In case you missed mentioning the flaw in the description, try to resolve the problem - It would be best to offer the customer something that would compensate them for the flawed product. This might be partial refunds or a new item. 
  • Contact the shipping provider (if the damage occurred in transit) - You can ensure that the shipping service helps you settle the issue if the damage happened beyond your control. 
  • If you determine that the claim is false, reach out to Depop - The platform will protect you and allow you to continue selling on Depop without any issues if you can prove that the buyer's claim is false with necessary evidence.

It would be good to ensure that, while the items are still in your possession, they don't have any flaws or issues. When you start to package them, always double-check to see if you have missed a flaw. Getting trustworthy followers on Depop is essential to growing your business, so make sure that your page always describes listings accurately. Watch this video to learn how to keep your items damage-free.

How to Arrange a Justified Refund?

When the buyer's claim that the product was falsely represented is proven legitimate, you will have to try to resolve it by offering to return the money. The initial step is to determine whether the transaction was paid via PayPal or the platform's payment method. The process of returning the money varies depending on which method was used.

Here Is What to Do If the Listing Was Sold Using Depop Payment

This is the easier way to settle a dispute. You can ensure that the clients get full or partial refunds with the help of Depop Support. First, provide the proof of the authenticity, condition, and size of the listing to the platform so they can determine you are a responsible seller. Check with the platform if there are any Depop fees during refunds you have to be aware of.

Ensure that you send the return address because you will want the listing back. The platform will review the issue and mediate between the buyer and you. If you don't agree with the solution, the customer will be asked to return the item before the seller can reimburse them.
Another piece of advice when becoming a clothing reseller and dealing with Depop Payments is to add a debit or credit card to your account. This will make it easier to reimburse customers when necessary. Additionally, here is how to use the app when returning the money:

  • The first step is to log into your account,
  • Tap on the "All Sold Items,"
  • Determine what transaction you must refund and tap "Refund,"
  • Choose "Full Refund" or "Partial Refund," 
  • For partial refunds, you will have to type in the amount you want to return,
  • The final steps include tapping "Continue" to assess the details and "Confirm."

Here is What to Do If the Seller Sold the Item Using PayPal

It would be great to resolve the problem with the customer before involving PayPal. Providing pictures of the condition of the product and talking to the customer can be beneficial in reaching a mutual understanding. However, if you are unable to resolve the problem, PayPal will have to be involved and get proof if it's to resolve the dispute in your favor. Wait for an email from the platform to come your way. 

When they assess the situation, you will be able to arrange a return. Also, request that the customer returns the product with shipment tracking.

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Try to reason with the customer before involving third parties

How to Prevent a Return?

When trying to help your e-commerce business and avoid customers demanding refunds, you should know how to properly list products on the platform. Here are a few tips that will enable you to prevent returns:

  • Create an honest and clear product description - Do not attempt to embellish or edit the photos you will post on the platform so that more buyers will like them. Specify what the buyers can expect from the item. Make sure to mention the measurements, brand, style, condition, and color of the product. 
  • Price the product properly - Research other similar products on the platform and try to get them sold at a reasonable price that does not stick out from the rest. Match the price and the condition of the product.

How to Ensure Your Protection Online and Business Growth?

As a seller, you will have to manage the task of keeping up with the purchases and growing your customer base. Here is what you can do to better your business online:

  • Use cross-listing software - If you want your business to grow, research online selling tools and start using a crossposting app. This will allow you to reach more buyers and create accounts on multiple platforms and control them more easily with one cross-posting software. If you sell on multiple platforms, it will enable you to grow your customer base. 
  • Attempt to upsell - It would be useful if you used a crossposting tool and followed the purchases on your platforms. This way, you will be able to attempt to upsell, meaning offer customers a similar product for a slightly higher price. With multichannel listing software, you will upsell quickly and better communicate with your customers.
  • Use tracked shipping labels - With tracked shipping and selling software, you and your buyers will be able to keep track of the order. They will know when to expect it, and you will be informed if there is any delay. Also, you will be qualified for Depop seller protection, and you will have proof of any problems with the product occurring.

Now You Know How to Refund On Depop and How the Platform Works

Keeping track of the products you sell and assuring that your customers will receive what they ordered is your priority. But, when problems occur and clients ask you how to get a refund on Depop, you will have to reason with them and attempt to resolve it through available channels. Everything will be much easier to manage if you get Zipsale, a cross-posting software. You will have better control of customer complaints, returns, and sales across all platforms. Zipsale is software to sell both on eBay and Depop, for instance, so don't miss your opportunity. 


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