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Poshmark vs eBay - Similarities and Differences

Poshmark and eBay have become ones of the most sought-after online marketplaces because of their unique features. Both platforms share common ground as user-driven marketplaces offering an array of products. However, a seller might have a dilemma - Poshmark vs. eBay! Which one is better for flipping second-hand goods? Let us share with you their similarities and differences so it's easier to make a final decision.

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Gain a better understanding of how each online marketplace platform works

So, what is the same and what is different regarding selling on Poshmark vs eBay? Both platforms enable a seller to list products, set a price, and handle transactions. However, they have a different listing format. Poshmark employs a fixed-price model, while eBay's site offers auction-style listings on top of the fixed-priced ones. On top of this, Poshmark focuses primarily on accessories and fashion, while eBay's aim is to offer a broader range of products.

Similarities Breakdown - What Features of the Platforms Are Identical?

When prospective sellers explore the online selling world and search for a way to start an e-commerce business through user-friendly platforms, they usually end up deciding between eBay and Poshmark. Both of these platforms empower sellers to use mobile apps, establish trust with their buyers, and create detailed posts.

Variety of Products Offered

The main similarity of these marketplaces is that a wide variety of sellers use them to offer numerous products. On Poshmark, fashion enthusiasts can pour through: 

  • Beauty products, 
  • Accessories, 
  • and clothing. 

eBay's versatile platform offers the same products. However, it accommodates additional types of items such as:

On both apps, you can list new or used items, making it possible to run a successful e-commerce business

Shipping Options

Each multi-vendor marketplace platform provides sellers with convenient shipping options to help with smooth transactions of sales. Sellers can easily generate shipping labels and choose from various shipping methods to accommodate every buyer. So, don't worry, because the shipping process can easily be managed whether Poshmark's features or eBay's features are used.

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Make sales easy and complete transactions with the use of convenient shipping options

Users Are Responsible For Creating Listings

Users are given the responsibility of creating their listings. Sellers can upload high-quality photos, write detailed item descriptions, and set appropriate prices. The user-driven approach demands that the users effectively showcase their items and engage with potential buyers. The fundamental aspect of how Poshmark works and how eBay operates ensures that the seller has full control over every listing.

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Reselling online is made convenient with both Poshmark and eBay

Poshmark vs eBay - Differences Breakdown

Apart from striking similarities, there are distinctions between the two platforms that future online resellers should know about. While Poshmark focuses on encouraging a social shipping experience, eBay's mission is to offer a broader spectrum of items and include auction-style listings. To learn more about the differences, make sure to check out our breakdown of each one below.

Listing and Selling on eBay vs Poshmark

First of all, Poshmark provides sellers with unlimited free listings each month. Using the Poshmark app, resellers can effortlessly snap photos of their products and swiftly list them without the need for a computer. For high-end items exceeding $500, the app offers a valuable free authentication service, instilling confidence in buyers.

On the other hand, eBay's policy allows only 50 listings for free each month, after which additional listings may incur fees. The majority of users prefer to list products by using a laptop even though an app is available. The listing process is more detailed and sometimes time-consuming due to various options such as the "Buy It Now" and auction-style listing.

Here is a detailed video of how listing  and selling products on eBay works.

eBay Costs vs. Poshmark Fees in 2023

The fee structure of each option is an important aspect to consider. Poshmark has a straightforward fee structure, charging either $2.29 - a flat fee for sales under $25. For sales exceeding $15, a 20% fee is charged.

In contrast, eBay fees are a bit complex, including a 10% sales fee and an additional PayPal fee, which is an additional 3%. In case you will be selling higher-value items, eBay might be a better choice since the standard sales fees are lower.

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Consider Poshmark fees vs eBay charges and calculate expected costs!

Customer Base

Poshmark has a more specialized customer base that is primarily focused on accessories and clothing. While it might seem like a very small community compared to eBay, its users are specifically seeking such items. In contrast, eBay is a massive marketplace, attracting up to 200 million users annually, but only a fraction of them actively browse for used clothing and accessories since there is a plethora of other posts with various types of products available.

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What type of buyer are you looking for? Decide on your target audience

Which One is Better For Creating a Successful Online Store?

What items do you want to sell? Who do you want to sell to? What is your starting budget? The choice ultimately depends on the business goals and the nature of the inventory. One app excels in the fashion and accessories niche, offering user-friendly features and a community dedicated to style. On the other hand, the other app offers more versatility and a broader product range to sell. Make sure to come up with a reselling strategy before creating the online store.

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The ideal platform is the one that is designed for the type of products you want to sell!

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