5 Things You Should Know Before You Start Reselling Clothes

According to ThredUP, the selling of second-hand products has become a global phenomenon, with the clothing market expected to grow up to 127% by 2026. Therefore, this is the right time to consider getting into the second-hand clothing market. But how to start reselling clothes online? Here are some ingenious tips to help you build a successful business. 

Woman holding a dress for a picture
Buying clothes and reselling them will be easy with the help of our tips

#1 To Be a Successful Reseller, You Must Find Your Niche

When you want to become a reseller, you can simply pick those items you think will sell well and post them on a chosen multi-vendor marketplace platform. However, that can be a bit overwhelming, not to mention it's not simple to gather all the necessary knowledge about different styles and brands. Therefore, it would be a better choice to find your specialty. In the long run, it will help you identify your brand and get more customers - once you specialize in one clothing type, you'll appear (and truly become) an expert in those items you're selling. 

Additionally, remember that it's always better to focus on timeless attire than follow current trends. Vintage garments or classic pieces such as a little black dress or leather jacket will never go out of style. On the other hand, you can't predict if a new fashion trend will be popular in the years to come. 

How to Get Into Reselling Clothes? Studying the Market Is One of the First Steps

If you look at the best vintage items to resell, you'll quickly realize that clothing is one of the most sought-after categories. Besides female attire, you can focus only on reselling men's clothes, luxurious fashion attire, or more affordable mall brands. Of course, don't expect you'll become an expert immediately - it will take some time to examine the style and brands you're most comfortable with. 

When starting an eCommerce business, you should start with the brands and styles you're familiar with - but it's not the only thing you need to focus on. You should also make sure the products you want to list are in demand. 

Woman packing clothes listed on selling software
Don't neglect to examine if there is a profitable market for the fashion items you plan to list

#2 You'll Need to Find a Supplier

Your starting inventory can consist of unwanted attire from your own closet. However, if you wish your online store to grow, you need to stock up. Many people tend to visit thrift or consignment stores, check out trade shows and garage sales, or look at some of the best online selling platforms in the UK to find more pieces. Over time, you will also be able to locate top deals with wholesale suppliers and update your inventory in bulk. 

Buying and Reselling Clothes - Best Ways to Determine if a Garment Is Worth Your Time?

First and foremost, you need to determine if the clothing piece you want to buy and resell at your store is desirable. Although you'll probably be able to find a buyer for any type of fashion item, some pieces you'll be able to sell almost immediately, while others can be listed for several months or even years. The logic is simple - products that are more in demand will sell better

Clothes on hangers
Luxurious items will not sell that fast, but they can earn you a lot more money in the long run

#3 You'll Need to Gather the Essentials Supplies

Selling online means you'll be the one responsible for listing and, usually, shipping, so you'll need the right equipment to do so. For starters, you need a phone or computer with an internet connection. However, don't forget you also require a printer to print shipping labels, as well as a camera that can help you create good-quality pictures.

Next, you'll need dedicated storage space for all the pieces you'll be selling - the simplest way to stay organized is to buy bins, label them, and store attire there. Also, you also need to think about packing supplies, such as poly mailers or boxes, tape, and so on.

Person taping a box after selling on multichannel listing software
When creating a budget for your business, make sure you calculate the money you'll need for the equipment

#4 There Are Some Tips and Tricks You Need to Know When Posting on an Online Marketplace Platform

Many people who want to start earning through a second-hand market wish to learn how to list fashion items. When it comes to posting new clothing pieces on your store, you should think about providing necessary details about the item's brand, category, size, color, and material. However, you must also give honest information about the item's condition. The more detailed your description is, the more of the right customers the listing will attract.

Your post should also contain a few images of the item. Show the front and back of the article, the brand tag, and potentially other unique qualities of the item. If it has any flaws, make sure you document them with pictures - it's necessary for building a trustworthy relationship with your customers.

It should go without saying that these photos need to look professional in order to attract buyers. Don't hesitate to download and use tools such as ProCam or Pixelcut, but make sure you don't over-edit the photo. For more tips about how to take product photos, take a look at the video below:

How to Make Money Reselling Clothes - Pricing Dilemmas

It's essential to recognize that a strong retail value doesn't always imply a strong resale value. So, what is the best way to price used items? Here are some things you need to consider:

  • The item's condition - it's one of the things that can significantly impact the resale value, so check if some of these pieces are damaged, do they come with tags, and so on.
  • The item's average price - the item's initial cost, alongside its demand, will determine your listing price. Visit some listing software, such as eBay, to see how similar things are resold and for which price.
  • The item's scarcity - pieces that are hard to find, discontinued, or limited-edition usually have high demand and increased value.
  • The item's brand - some brands maintain a big part of their value, even when sold second-hand, while others tend to depreciate. It must be a part of your research, especially when you plan on listing designer attire.

#5 You'll Achieve the Best Results by Using Multiple Online Selling Tools to Sell Clothing Items

In order to list your things, you'll need help from software for selling online. You can try to get sales on Etsy, which is the best solution for listing vintage attire, sell on Depop, or decide to use apps like Vinted to make money.

However, keep in mind that you'll be able to reach a wider audience (and potentially more sales) if you start selling on multiple platforms simultaneously. The only problem you'll meet with this tactic is managing your inventory. However, with the help of cross-listing software, this will no longer be an issue since it will help you list and delist your products automatically.

Woman using crosslisting software on a laptop
Managing your inventory on multiple platforms can get tricky if you don't use a good cross-posting software

Make Reselling Clothes Easy and Profitable With the Help of Our Crossposting Tool

If you're looking for software to sell on both eBay and Depop and other popular platforms, you'll find it in Zipsale. It's a crossposting app that will help you list and sell used clothes without overselling or losing your precious time by doing everything manually. Zipsale will help you earn more money almost effortlessly, so sign up as soon as possible and choose the plan most suitable for you.


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