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Eco-Friendly Celebrations - Top Sustainable Birthday Presents

Ecological issues have been the number one concern of the scientific community in the 21st century. Our reliance on fossil fuels is causing rapid global warming, floods, droughts, and wildfires. But there's a solution called eco-friendly lifestyle. With our top sustainable birthday presents, an online reseller can participate in changing the world for the better. Check out our top picks for creating an inventory that won't lead to pollution.

Wrapped birthday gifts
Online selling platforms are instrumental in making a change in consumer habits

#1 Handmade Shoulder Tote Bag in Various Designs

Persuading millions to lean towards eco-friendly lifestyle practices can start with just one bag. A perfect present for anyone can be a handmade colorful tote bag with a symbolic phrase or image. They are used instead of single-use plastic and paper shopping bags, which cannot break down easily, and the majority is left in landfills, polluting the soil and waterways.

For small business owners, showcasing handmade, visually pleasing tote bags on the best online selling platforms is a powerful move. Not only can you increase the revenue of the e-commerce business, but you can present yourself as an authentic sustainable present seller. Ideally, start offering this kind of listing on Etsy or Vinted.

A person holding a tote bag
Allow buyers to stop using plastic shopping bags

#2 Eco-Friendly Pen Set

A perfect eco-friendly gift for environmentally conscious individuals is a pen set and reusable notebooks. You can focus on pen sets since it's easier to source them online and make the new store successful. They are made from biodegradable materials and designed to minimize waste. The best marketplaces to offer the listings are eBay and Etsy. 

The pens have steel tips and tubes, but the body is made from craft paper. Not only do they work great, but they are durable. Customers will be amazed by the 58% extra ink that they offer. Since they break down easily, zero waste can be expected. 

How to Get Customers to Buy the Pens?

Eco-friendly pens are mainly popular with individuals who are adamant about living a zero-waste lifestyle. However, the aim is to convince a larger number of individuals to order and use them. We recommend utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to drive interest and increase sales. 

Content marketing through blogs or videos explaining the benefits of the set can further engage potential buyers. You'll have much more confidence in selling the products online after promoting the listings.

Pens next to a laptop
Research other resellers and study their marketing strategies

#3 A Wallet Made From Natural Cork

A uniquely handcrafted cork wallet can be a good option when surprising someone for their birthday. Choose to provide listings with wallets made of oak tree skin. The greatest fact about the wallet manufacturing process is that the tree survived. They usually have card slots, organizers, photo holders, and note compartments. 

The design is minimalist, with bits of different colors splashed here and there. Not only would the consumer avoid using plastic, but there won't be any need to pay a high price like when purchasing leather wallets. This is a superb handcrafted, vegan, and affordable option.

Here's a tutorial on how to make a cork wallet.

#4 Piggy Bank Made From Bamboo Fibers

One of the best sustainable gifts today is a piggy bank made from bamboo fibers. It is a testament to innovation since it offers a durable and biodegradable alternative to traditional plastic. Its unique design juxtaposes the regular plastic piggy banks. With great imagery on the piggy bank, you can garner a lot of sales and make reselling profitable for yourself. 

This can be a fun promotional gift that is always handy. The fact of the matter is that the product can be sourced for cheap and be sold for more on platforms such as:

  • Facebook Marketplace, 
  • Shopify, 
  • Vinted, 
  • and Etsy.

#5 Upcycled Colorful Blankets

The old doesn't have to be discarded forever. It can become the new as quickly as saying "upcycle." This means that a particular item has been transformed from its original form, upgraded, and created into a product of higher value. Blankets are most commonly upcycled. Finding colorful and uniquely woven blankets can be an ethical choice when purchasing.

Another perk of selling or buying upcycled materials is indulging in vintage creations that have been out of style for a long time. By gifting someone a blanket with gorgeous patterns, the possibility of creating a comeback of a vintage item arises. The blanket can become something else in the future - a scarf, jacket, or coat.

Tips for Finding a Supplier of Upcycled Products for Your Business

When aiming to source sustainable gifts, especially those that are upcycled, make sure to adopt a strategic approach to finding the right supplier. Attend trade shows and eco-friendly exhibitions. In this way, it's easier to connect with suppliers who specialize in such products. 

On top of this, leverage online platforms and directories. Look for suppliers who transparently share their manufacturing processes. Another way is through online forums and social media groups. Some known suppliers include Spinnova, Banofi Leather, Arda Biomaterials, Genius Biotech, and Nuvi.

Assorted colorful textile
Make sure that you are informed about each supplier you discuss business

Post Your Sustainable Birthday Presents on Numerous Platforms With Software for Selling Online

Once you've picked out the suitable inventory for your business, it's time to choose which platforms to post listings on. Having more customers means that you need to be present on different platforms simultaneously. This can be accomplished with a multichannel listing software like Zipsale. The benefit of a crossposting tool is having one inventory but posting on multiple sites. Features such as sell similar and auto-delisting ensure the crossposting software is automating the business. Expect to boost sales and expand the store. Sign up for Zipsale today and experience the perks of cross-listing software. 

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