Which Vintage Items Are Worth Good Money?

There's no doubt that vintage things are trendy right now due to their rarity, unique style, quality, or history. If you possess some vintage items worth money, you'll be able to earn a lot - but do you know which things cost the most? Here's a list of old possessions you can sell for a high price. 

Woman dressed in vintage clothes holding a vintage camera
Do you possess vintage items that are worth money? We can help you find out

Older electronics and entertainment pieces, first-edition and signed book copies, branded porcelain, and designer clothes and accessories can almost always be sold for a good price. However, their price will depend on several different factors, like rarity, year of making, and brand in question.

Old Devices Can Be Worth a Lot

Outdated devices that are not used any more interest many collectors. Older electronics (like TV sets, radios, gaming consoles, VHS recorders, rotary phones, or typewriters) are considered antique. The first generations of these devices are what collectors seek out the most. If you have some of these objects in your home, know that you can make hundreds, or sometimes thousands of pounds - depending on the model, its rarity, and its condition.

We can also witness a comeback of record players alongside vinyl records. Whether this is due to the better sound quality or simply as a personal statement, many people are interested in this alternative to digital music. Expect to earn hundreds of pounds for a record player, on average. However, you can make much more with the right model (like Linn Sondek LP12 or Garrard 301/401). 

Antiques Like Film Cameras Have a Significant Market

There is no denying that brand-new modern digital cameras are expensive - but some older models are a part of vintage stuff worth money. Fujifilm, Polaroid, and Kodaks are brands that can be sold for a few hundred or even a few thousand pounds. The good thing is that they are not only sought after by the collectors but also the camera enthusiasts who love using them. 

Items that can be sold with the help of a crossposting tool
What vintage items are worth money? Outdated devices are right at the top

As Collectibles, Toys, Dolls, and Cards Have Always Been a Gold Mine

Old entertainment pieces have a vast collectors market and can earn you thousands! Some antique toys may be extremely valuable if old enough and relatively rare. 

The same goes for cards. Whether we talk about sports cars, like baseball ones, Pokemon, or Magic cards, know that you can earn a significant amount of money on them. Remember - the rearer they are, the more valuable they will be. The same applies to antique dolls. 

Many other objects were initially intended for entertainment but have become quite valuable over time - and can be sold for a good price. You can be fortunate if in your home you have:

  • Unique action figures, 
  • Older board games, 
  • Retro video games.

People Are Ready to Spend a Lot on Antique Books

Many first editions or signed book copies have an exceptional price tag. Remember - it costs you nothing to find out the value of old books in your library. 

It's difficult to talk about the average price of rare books since it will depend on the author, publication date, the quality of the edition, and its rarity. They can be priced at just a couple of pounds, but some can be sold for thousands. That is why some people consider buying rare books even a good investment.

Keep in mind that old and rare comic books also have significant value. After all, older Superman comics are selling for more than 400,000 pounds per piece.

Collection of comic books
Comic books are also valuable for collectors

Old Kitchen Objects Can Be Vintage Items Worth Money

Unique and handmade Victorian Era pottery, silverware sets (especially made by Sterling company), and gorgeous china, dining, and tea sets can all reach astronomical prices on the second-hand market. Their price will depend on their condition, brand, and year of making. If you have some antique family porcelain and consider it valuable, take it to the appraiser and find out how to price used items coming from your kitchen.

Depression Glass Is Often an Overlooked Antique Item

Glassware made during the Great Depression was distributed at a low cost or even free in the USA and Canada around these challenging times. However, today certain sets are selling for hundreds or thousands of pounds. If you have some in your home, don't miss finding out more about its market value. 

Vintage Clothes and Accessories Are Always Sought After

Vintage clothing pieces are trendy, where they are truly second-hand pieces or retro ones. However, you can earn a fortune if your home has clothing pieces from several decades ago, especially those made by famous designers. The same goes for older shoes and sneakers, as well as purses - expect to get at least several hundred pounds for them. 

Antique jewelry is also very popular - and high in worth. If old jewelry is among your family heirlooms and you're willing to part ways with it, bring it to the appraiser. Some jewelry of a rare make and design will not only retain its value over time but become more valuable as time passes.

Girl dressing in vintage clothes drinking Coca-Cola
Clothing from a few decades ago is not only stylish but sometimes quite valuable

How to Know if Your Belongings Are Worth Good Money?

The first factor to consider when examining the price of an item is its overall condition. It's likely that it won't be worth very much if it's in bad shape. However, if it's in excellent condition, you'll be able to get a higher price for it.

The second factor is a rarity - you should not consider just how rare the object is today but also how rare it was when it was made. Things that were rare from the beginning usually have the most value. 

Take a look at the video below for some household goods that can now earn you a fortune:

Where to Sell Your Old and Vintage Items?

If you're confident you have high-value things and want to sell them, you must know where to do it. You can:

  • Find a dealer specialized in what you're selling, 
  • Present it at an auction house with the help of an auctioneer, 
  • Try starting an online store through online selling platforms

If you wish to post your belongings in the multi-vendor marketplace platform, just look for the best online selling platforms in the UK. You can choose to sell on Depop, for example, create a store on Etsy, or try selling online with Shopify.

However, note that you don't have to choose between different online selling tools. In fact, posting on more than one online marketplace platform can be more productive since you can reach a wider audience. Still, if you opt for it, you'll probably need to look for cross-posting software to sell on both eBay and Depop and many other platforms. 

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