Ultimate Reseller's Guide on Vinted Fees

With more than 1.2 million registered users in the UK and above 45 million globally, Vinted's one of the leading platforms for second-hand fashion resellers. However, if you want to start or expand an e-commerce business here, you must first learn what vinted fees for sellers are - and we have all the answers you need.

Person opening a Vinted app for selling online on a tablet
Vinted's one of the largest consumer-to-consumer online selling tools in Europe

Who Pays the Fees on Vinted and How Does It Work?

Does Vinted have fees? As with any other similar selling software, a specific price is charged with each purchase, but in Vinted's cases, all costs are paid by the buyer. So, does Vinted have seller fees at all? Those interested in selling used clothes via this marketplace platform will be thrilled to learn that they can do it commission-free with Vinted's basic package. You won't even have to pay for shipping costs!

It is an excellent choice if you're looking for a way to start an online store with as little investment as possible. This software for selling online allows you to list, manage inventory, communicate with potential buyers, and ship your clothing pieces free of charge. It means that all the money you've made with a purchase will stay in your pocket. Selling clothes online with Vinted is easy, efficient, and affordable - and those are all features your business can only benefit from. 

If you want to learn more about how Vinted works and how to sign in, post, and sell vintage clothing on it, the tutorial below can help you get started:

What Fees Does Vinted Charge for Sellers?

We already answered the question Does Vinted have selling fees but keep in mind that it's only applicable to Vinted's standard offers. However, if you want to upgrade the basic package for a certain period, you'll have to pay a certain fee. Although additional features come with a cost, many decide to use them because of the extra visibility they offer - and more visibility often equals more sales. With that in mind, note that Vinted selling fees in the UK apply to the Item Bump and Closet spotlight feature.

Bumping Listed Fashion Items

One of the features this platform offers to every seller is Item Bump. Its primary purpose is to help item promotion. With it, you can bum a single clothing piece and get more visibility in the catalog search and other members' newsfeeds. However, remember that this feature can't be transferred between different clothing pieces or several users. 

This software makes sure your products reach a suitable audience - your piece will be visible to members who follow similar brands, sizes, clothing types, and the like. This kind of customization guarantees more purchases since it helps you target the right buyers. Additionally, you'll get a report about how many people have interacted with the bumped item - you can compare it with completed purchases and assess the success. 

This feature is available for three days (or until the piece is bought) for £0.95. Note that the price includes value-added tax, which will be shown in an email sent to you after you purchase this additional service.

Closet Spotlight Service

Closet Spotlight is another additional service that can help you become a successful clothing reseller, but for an additional cost. If you choose to purchase it, your clothes will be shown in the dedicated spot of catalogue search and item newsfeed. Similar to the Item Bump, your items' visibility will be customized according to the members' catalogue filters,  preferences, and individual searches.

With this feature, other members can see five items from your wardrobe in a separate section. Two of those will be tailored so the right members are targeted, while the remaining three will be the most popular items in your wardrobe. Additionally, members can easily discover the rest of your closet or start following you, which should impact your next purchases.

This feature lasts for seven days and is available for £6.95, including applicable taxes. 

Woman using cross-listing software for selling online
With Closet Spotlight, the chances of reselling become, on average, three times higher 

How Much Are Vinted Fees for Buyer Protection Service?

While using this marketplace can be entirely cost-free for sellers, buyers are those who need to pay the Buyer Protection fee with each purchase. So, what are the fees on Vinted for buyers? They must count on a fixed amount between £0.3 to £0.8 and 3% to 8% of the item's price, which doesn't include shipping costs - remember that when determining the price of used items you want to sell online. 

Buyer Protection services require mandatory payment from all buyers, but it offers plenty of security for every purchase. With it, each buyer gets:

  • Access to Vinted's customer support,
  • Guaranteed safe payments,
  • Data protection,
  • Total refund policy.

Commission, Advertisement, or Funding - How Does the Platform Make Money?

The truth is, this platform earns from all three sources. As one of the best marketplaces in the UK and globally, it attracts the attention of many investors. However, note that providing advertising space for third-party companies and buyers' and sellers' commissions are a significant part of Vinted's profit.

Do Other Online Selling Platforms Share Vinted's Business Model?

Although many online marketplaces are based on a peer-to-peer economy, not many of them share Vinted's charging policy. Other platforms, such as Shopify, Amazon, Depop, and alike, all charge a certain commission or subscription to a seller. Therefore, make sure you consider this cost-free online marketplace if you're interested in a second-hand online market.

Woman browsing through a crossposting app
inted's business model is uncommon among similar platforms

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