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What Not to Sell on Depop - Avoid These Common Mistakes

When becoming a seller, knowing what not to sell on Depop is as important as understanding what sells best. Avoid listing restricted and prohibited products to not endanger your online resale business. Adhering to the platform's guidelines is the only way to become successful in the online selling world. Learn how to navigate the do's and don'ts effectively with our help and transform a reselling strategy into optimal results.

A person packaging a box
Adhere to the Terms of Service since getting flagged is not in the store's best interest

What Not to Sell on Depop - Basic Information

Understanding how Depop works is crucial for attracting and getting more followers. Just like any multi-vendor marketplace platform, this one has devised strict guidelines on what products can and cannot be listed. 

Prohibited items include counterfeit goods, seeds, plants, weapons, edible goods, fireworks, tickets, stolen property, vouchers, hazardous material, and anything unrelated to the platform's ethos. Instead, if you focus on reselling permitted, trendy, and high-quality items, you can build a reputable profile that people want to purchase from.

A woman opening a box
Don't offer any item that is prohibited on the site

#1 Don't Try Listing Food and Edible Items Without Clear Expiry Date

As a platform celebrated for enabling users to sell used items, especially those in the realm of second-hand clothing, it also has clear guidelines regarding the sale of other categories like food and edibles. Anything that is past the expiration date or opened food products cannot be posted

Edible products and non-perishable food that don't include an expiry date or an ingredient list are prohibited. You can list food that has an expiration date as well as an ingredient list. Also, the products need to comply with food safety regulations when someone purchases them.

French macarons in a bowl
Homemade food without an expiry date is banned

#2 Technology and Electronics Are Not Welcomed on Depop

Have you been pondering over a reselling business idea focusing on technology and electronics? Don't use Depop for this. Launching a successful business requires aligning with the platform's community, which seeks vintage clothing, artistic pieces, and handcrafted accessories. On top of this, tech that is prohibited on the platform includes:

  • Mobile phones,
  • Speakers, headsets, and headphones,
  • Computers, laptops, and tablets,
  • Wearable tech like fitness trackers and smartwatches,
  • TV sets and DVD players.

On the other hand, sellers are allowed to resell cameras, video cameras, and their accessories, which include everything from lenses to film. Additionally, the platform welcomes accessories for mobile phones and laptops, like cases, covers, folios, and holders.

Leave Depop and Choose eBay to Sell Technology

There is no better option for tech products than eBay's vast and diverse marketplace. Some of the best things to resell on eBay are tech products, tech accessories, and collectibles. It welcomes from the latest smartphones and laptops to audio equipment and gaming consoles.

eBay's established reputation for tech sales, coupled with its robust auction and Buy It Now formats, offers sellers flexibility in pricing goods and selling strategies. Furthermore, chat with potential buyers to determine whether your tech goods are fulfilling buyer's requirements.

A phone on the table
eBay is the ultimate place for tech, so don't waste time on a fashion-centric marketplace

#3 Selling Lotteries and Giveaways Is a Mistake

Sellers should not post any type of lotteries or giveaways. They are making themselves easy targets for their accounts to be suspended. Depop's guidelines prohibit the sale of any form of lottery, and this includes ruffles, mystery boxes, or objects where the buyer does not know what they are purchasing. 

These types of sales can potentially breach trust within the community. It's important to remember that the platform permits the organization of free prize competitions and draws, as long as they comply with all legal requirements of the country where the platform operates and the seller's country.

A brown box with a ribbon
The buyers must know what item they purchased

#4 Some Perfumes and Cosmetics Can Get You in Trouble

The app doesn't allow you to post any tester product, used cosmetic items, decanters, and used perfumes. Also, imitations or replicas of established brands are not welcomed. Anything that has surpassed its expiration date is off-limits, as are unsealed samples that don't have original packaging. 

Moreover, any make-up that contains banned or dangerous substances or those with regulated ingredients exceeding safe levels is strictly forbidden. Keep this in mind when planning a reselling strategy and starting an online store.

Know That Selling Unused Cosmetics and Genuine Perfumes Is Allowed on Depop

The good news is that the sale of genuine unused perfumes and cosmetics is permitted. This policy ensures that buyers have access to high-quality beauty products. Sellers need to ensure that the goods haven't been tampered with

This maintains a standard of hygiene and product integrity, providing buyers with confidence in their purchases. You also have your reputation to uphold. The acceptance of these products on Depop caters to individuals looking for unopened beauty items.

A bottle with a cork lid
Don't count on flipping a perfume that has been used only a couple of times

#5 Counterfeit Items, Unauthorized Copies, and Replicas Are a Huge No-No

A strict policy is in place against the sale of unauthorized copies and counterfeit goods. Reselling goods such as accessories and clothing with logos of renowned brands that they do not manufacture is prohibited. 

Furthermore, Depop bans the sale of pirated media, and this includes films, music, and video games. Anything that infringes on intellectual property rights is not allowed. Here is a list of what to watch out for:

  • Counterfeit clothing and accessories,
  • Counterfeit replacement parts and electronics,
  • Digitally downloaded products without copyright ownership,
  • Any product that has been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured.

Tips on What to Resell Instead - Use Photos and Enticing Descriptions

Being a successful seller means fitting into what already sells well on the multi-vendor marketplace platform but adding your style to it. Vintage and retro clothing, unique accessories, and limited-edition sneakers are often hot commodities.

An enticing description can also make a significant difference. Be descriptive and honest about the item's features, history, and any unique qualities it may have. When listing these products, it's important to use high-quality photos. Capture the most important features in natural light and from multiple angles.

Here is a video with additional mistakes that might hinder your success on the online marketplace platform.

Use a Crossposting Tool to Gain More Customers

You don't have to dabble in prohibited products to gain attention online. Drawing attention to a shop can be done with crossposting software. All that a useful cross-listing software does is connect numerous marketplaces such as Depop, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Poshmark and list all three at the same time. The seller doesn't have to worry since the software for selling online has an inventory where the state of each listing can be monitored. One of the crucial features is the autodelisting feature, which will make managing stores effortless. 

If selling software can speed up the growth of your business, it's best to sign up for an appropriate Zipsale plan right away.

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