How to Value Second-Hand Items Effectively

Knowing how to value second-hand goods is something you need to deal with if you want to grow your small online business. Setting the right price before using software for selling online can be a bit challenging, so find out everything about this topic and become a pro. 

A girl in a vintage shop looking for second-hand items that she could list with a crossposting tool
Adequately charge all goods you cross-post

The first thing to be aware of when you want to price your vintage piece correctly is to realize it's not new, and you should do the pricing adequately. Don't charge twice as low as the retail price because some pieces can be worth much more. However, if an object has any imperfection, you need to price it accordingly, so do some research on past sales. Of course, treat your branded gems like they deserve and include all the shipping and fees costs in the initial price. 

The First Rule of Thumb - Don't Rely on What You Paid

The value of second-hand items is important for your small business. But this doesn't mean you shouldn't experiment in the beginning and see what's working for your business and followers. Sometimes you should price slightly higher and see if the requested money works for your buyers. 

The values should also depend on what you're offering. You won't charge the same for some home items, cameras, paintings, and other stuff. Another thing to consider is the platform you're using, as they don't all have the same fees. Here are some of the best online selling platforms for vintage clothes to check out:

Check the Retail Costs But Don't Always Charge Half of It

When it comes to pricing your used goods, you should check how much the item costs as new. Check the online page home of the brand but keep in mind that charging half of the retail prices could be a mislead. 

Help your business and sell some gems for more money. Being on the best marketplace platform and using a multi-vendor marketplace platform surely have shown you that people are willing to pay a little extra for unique and vintage pieces. 

Ensure You're Aware of All the Imperfections the Object Has 

How much you will charge for your used goods also depends on their condition. You're aware that people won't spend much money on defective pieces. So, after becoming a reseller, besides learning all about the multichannel listing software and how it can help you, make sure your merchandise will sell. 

Avoid crossposting clothes with poor stitching, mismatched patterns, misalignment, or any other defect. People just won't buy it, and you'll lose your time and effort for nothing. However, if you have an item that you can't sell with crosslisting software, don't despair! If it's not too damaged, try to fix it and donate to some non-profit organizations. 

It's Best to Take Some Time to Research Previous Sales

One of the simpler ways to understand pricing is to check how much some resellers evaluated similar used goods in the past. This will give you a bigger picture of the market value. 

You can also check with other resellers when looking for wholesale suppliers or simply contact some of them. After all, it's an open and supportive community, and someone surely will give you a helping hand. 

A girl is happy after using software to sell on both eBay and Depop
Thoroughly examine the objects you have at home that you intend to cross-list

Sell for More the Branded Pieces That Are in Good Shape

Setting higher prices for used high-street brands and luxury designer pieces surely is a good thing to do. You can check some great YouTube channels and see that customers will buy pieces like this for more cash. Just ensure to stick out the brand's name and attract new buyers. 

Listing an Outfit and Articles You Love a Bit Higher Is the Best Method

Offering the reduced rate for your vintage pieces isn't such a good idea. After all, if you're willing to pay a bit more for an outfit you love, why wouldn't your potential buyer? However, ensure you and your clients are on the same page - check the second-hand market pricing range before deciding on a final number. 

Include the Cost of the Shipping and Other Taxes

Neglecting shipping expenses and taxes could do some harm to your finances. After all, it's you who needs to buy all the packing supplies and materials that will ensure the sold object arrives safely to the customer. 

Also, when you sell through some of the most popular online selling platforms, you have to check all the fees and include them in the final prices of the products. Here are some of the fees you should be aware of:

Luckily all the platforms are reliable, and you can contact their support center in case you have a problem or just want a piece of information.

Count on the Possible Negotiation Factor When Setting the Price for the Used Items

Starting a business with no money is more than just challenging. In fact, you'll have to put in a bit more effort because you'll probably do all the posting on the page manually instead of with professional selling software. However, this doesn't mean it's impossible. On the contrary - you can gain new customers by leaving the possibility for negotiation. 

That way, you can put even higher prices for your items but know some potential buyers could negotiate. Allow them to make offers that are more aligned with their financial possibilities. 

You'll Price Better in the Future With Some Flexibility in the Beginning

Being able to communicate with your customers will bring many benefits to your online shop. And if this means being open to any discussion when it comes to the pricing part, so be it. That way you'll surely gain more trust from the old customers and possibly gain new ones, as well.

Also, don't forget the experience and negotiation skills you'll gain. This will help you boost your small business and know exactly how to act in specific situations.  

Know How to Value Second-Hand Effectively and Get Help From the Best Software for Selling Online

No one said it would be easy to run a small business. There are numerous things to look for, from determining how much your merchandise will cost to getting help from the best online marketplace platform. So, don't waste any of your precious time, and sign up for Zipsale, a crossposting app that will make everything run smoothly.


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