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Everything You Need to Know About Boosting Tool for Depop

What happens when once popular products turn stagnant on the multi-vendor marketplace platform? They usually get no attention from the buyers. Fortunately, the boosting tool for Depop has emerged as a game changer for sellers looking to amplify their sales and presence. We'd like to introduce you to the tool's fantastic features that can make a difference in selling online. So, let's start exploring the benefits right away.

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Follow the foolproof steps of reviving seemingly futile offers

The Features of the New Boosting Tool For Depop

The recently launched Zipsale's boosting feature for Depop allows sellers to select a maximum of 100 old products that have been avoided by buyers for a long time on this online marketplace platform and relist them quickly and efficiently. 

But what does this mean? Well, the old listings would get a boost and appear in top searches because they would be considered "fresh" and "newly listed." In this way, vintage clothing, sneakers, shoes, second-hand accessories, and all used items would get a second chance at getting sold.

Revive Listings That Lost Their Sparkle and Make More Sales in 2023

When you click on the Booster button and decide to increase the visibility of old products so that all Depop's followers can see them, the posted time of the item will be updated. The reviews and comments will be erased because it's treated as brand new. This will, as a result, push a listing to the top of search results, thus gaining back lost popularity. In this way, you can maintain the freshness and appeal of products. The chances of increasing Depop sales are then really high.

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With only two clicks, get more buyers - the crossposting tool will do everything for you

Change the Dynamics of the Online Store and Put It on the Map for Free

Now that the Booster tool is available, apart from old products, a seller can expect to draw attention to the online store and the brand. Since the world of the best online selling platforms is very competitive, refreshing and relisting as frequently as possible is advisable. On top of this, the synchronization of listings that a crosslisting software offers once again allows sellers to reach more buyers than ever before. All of this contributes to the success of the online store.

Get Boosted Sales Through the Selling Software Without Using Depop

By utilizing crossposting software's (in this case, Zipsale's) feature, sellers can effectively manage their offers without the need to interact directly with the Depop platform. This approach offers a significant advantage, especially when considering the interconnected nature of online selling across multiple platforms. When actions such as refreshing or relisting are conducted solely on Depop, there's a risk of a listing losing connection with listings on other platforms. 

Listings Will Stay Connected to Zipsale’s Servers

When products are "boosted" through Zipsale, the platform takes an innovative approach by removing the existing listing, updating it, and then meticulously relinking the new listings back to the seller’s Zipsale import. Such integration is invaluable for sellers, as it streamlines the management of their online presence, ensuring that updates or changes are consistently and accurately reflected across all platforms.

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Don't worry, the products will continue to be in sync with Zipsale's servers

How Should the Boosting Tool For Depop Be Used?

The Booster tool, pivotal for Depop's resellers, makes the process of refreshing and relisting items very easy and quick. Effective yet simple steps can get you a higher number of purchases, and trust us, it's very easy to learn how to do this. Simply follow the instructions below:

  • Choose a product - Go to the section "My items." Here, you can pick specific listings you want to update or opt to select an entire page, with the limit being 100 products at a time.
  • Initiate boosting - Find and click on the "Boost Sales" button located on the taskbar.
  • Select the marketplace - Upon initiating the boost, you'll have the option to pick the marketplace where you'd like to see products being sold again. Currently, this feature is available for eBay as well. 
  • Confirm items to be boosted - After making your selection, a small notification box will pop up in the bottom-right corner of the screen, along with a message indicating the estimated time required to complete the process. 

Does It Work the Same for Products on eBay?

The booster button, for now, is available for eBay and Depop. The functionalities are the same, and the concept of refreshing and relisting an item to enhance visibility remains consistent. For Depop users, refreshing frequently is suggested for the shop to gain traction. The Depop platform also has a booster add-on that, according to the Boosted Listings Policy, is paid for.

If you'd like to explore eBay in relation to Depop, watch the video below.

Is the Zipsale’s Booster Free and How Much Time Is Needed to Work?

As part of Zipsale's offer, the booster is included for eBay for free with the monthly subscription, making it very cost-effective for sellers. The add-on for Depop relisting and refreshing is available for £18/mo plus VAT. The time required for it to work properly varies depending on the number of products being refreshed and relisted. Upon confirming what item needs to be boosted, a notification will provide clear details on when the process will be completed.

Use the Best Crossposting Tool for Increasing Sales Online

The benefit of using Zipsale's features is not to boost the items that you want to sell more. This is just an add-on that streamlines the process of selling online. The most valuable aspect of this multichannel listing software is the fact that it connects Shopify, Vinted, Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Depop, and eBay. This means that buyers across all of these platforms will be exposed to your listings. So, if you are interested in creating a successful e-commerce business, rely on this secret helper. Sign up today!

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