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Navigating Depop Vacation Mode - A Seller's Guide

Depop vacation mode is a useful tool for sellers seeking to take a break from their online store. In the online selling world, second-hand items can be purchased 24/7, and resellers have to be alert at all times. However, taking time off is required for relaxation and the upgrade of the reselling and shopping experience. Delve into our instructions on how to use this wonderful tool to become an incredible reseller.

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Have some time for yourself after a busy year of creating clothing listings

What is Depop Vacation Mode?

For numerous years, online sellers have been asking themselves does Depop have vacation mode. For the longest time, the answer to this question has been a definitive NO. Luckily, the feature was introduced in 2023, and it's designed to put an online shop on hold for up to 7 days, preventing buyers from making purchases. 

It's noteworthy that the platform will block purchases, but buyers can still browse through the listings and view the shop. Simultaneously, sellers retain the ability to upload new listings of second-hand clothing, allowing them to prepare for their return - refreshed for the digital online selling world.

When Can Sellers Use the Vacation Mode?

You can take advantage of this feature in a variety of circumstances. However, it's important not to take advantage of it for situations that necessarily don't require you to be away from the online shop and your customers. This feature becomes useful in several key situations:

  • When personal commitments or other professional engagements prevent you from providing the best customer service,
  • In the event of unforeseen emergencies which demand immediate attention and hinder the ability to oversee the shop,
  • During times of travel or illness,
  • For those moments when a brief hiatus is needed to manage a backlog of orders and regroup.

In essence, the feature serves as a flexible solution for sellers facing various scenarios that require stepping away from their tasks temporarily, ensuring the shop's continuity without the stress of immediate order fulfillment.

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It's beneficial to take some time off the work on the online marketplace platform

Things to Remember When the Vacation Mode is Activated

Bear in mind that while purchases are halted, your page is visible in search results, including any boosted listing. Customers won't be allowed to add items to their bag or purchase any item added, as the checkout option is disabled. Of course, they'll be informed that you have taken time off since a banner will appear at the checkout section.

Remember that messages and likes aren't on pause. The customers can save any listing and wait to purchase them in the future. The access to disputes and orders is retained. Even though maximizing profits through sales cannot be done, it's still great to improve the shop through altering listings which is allowed during this mode. 

Don't worry, printing shipping labels, as well as canceling orders, can be done as well. It's important to be responsible to the buyers to keep the resale business afloat.

Here are some more tips to keep buyers interested in this multi-vendor marketplace platform.

How to Put Depop on Vacation Mode?

Now, let's discuss the entire process of navigating vacation mode in the Depop app. It's good to know that this is a simple process, and there won't be any prerequisites required before taking a break from reselling. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to activate this feature:

  • First, log into your Depop account to get started.
  • Head over to the area designated as your Selling Hub, which you'll recognize by its unique icon.
  • In the Selling Hub, locate the section marked for Vacation Mode.
  • To activate, simply switch the toggle on.

You Won't Be Able to Select the Date You'll Turn Back With a Simple Click in the Settings Bar

An essential aspect to remember about Depop's feature is its duration and the control you have over it. When you activate vacation mode, it automatically lasts for 7 days. During this time, the system does not allow you to select a specific date for your return - the mode will simply turn off after 7 days. 

This means that you can't prolong the duration of vacation mode directly with a single click in the settings. However, you do have the flexibility to deactivate it earlier if you find yourself ready to resume your shop activities ahead of schedule.

A woman using a laptop
It's not possible to choose the date when the shop will get activated again

Unable to Activate the Mode - Resolve the Issue Quickly and Avoid Getting Blocked

An iOS user should resolve the issue promptly to avoid disruptions in your shop's operations. We mention first iOS because the feature in the app or website is available only on these devices. First, the user should ensure that the app is updated to the latest version. If updating doesn't solve the problem, try logging out and then logging back into your account. Password issues should be solved quickly with the customer service team if the account cannot be accessed.

Remember that vacation mode is currently not available for Android users, so if you're using an Android device, you won't be able to activate this feature. In such cases, if you're unable to run your shop, it's advisable to manually inform potential buyers about your temporary unavailability to prevent misunderstandings.

A person holding a phone
For now, iOS users have the privilege of selecting this option

Use the Time Away From the Shop to Upgrade Your Resale Business

Using the time away from the store can be a strategic opportunity to upgrade and enhance the success e-commerce business. Begin to plan a business strategy and implement improvements. Here are some tips to make the most of this downtime:

  • Research market trends - Keep up with the latest trends in the resale market. Learn what's in demand.
  • Improve listing quality - Take the time to review your current listings. High-quality photos, detailed descriptions, and effective keywords improve shop's performance.
  • Invest in a crossposting app - Using a crossposting app can greatly expand your reach by allowing you to list items on multiple platforms simultaneously.
  • Engage with your community - Use social media to maintain engagement with your customer base.

Be the Best Online Reseller With Zipsale - A Reliable Crossposting Tool

Sellers who wish to build a strong reputation on the best online selling platforms should turn to Zipsale. It is a useful and user-friendly cross-listing software that will enable any type of seller to reach millions of customers in just a few clicks. All one requires is to create impressive listings that buyers on Depop, Etsy, Poshmark, eBay, and Shopify would be interested in buying. 

The rest is up to the multichannel listing software to do. Apart from improving sales, the selling software is equipped with an inventory list that shows what has been purchased and deactivated. Give yourself a boost after a week-long holiday with Zipsale by signing up today.

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