How To Cancel An Order On Depop?

Order cancellations, returns, and refunds are part and parcel of online selling platforms. Every respectable seller needs to know how to handle any buyer's request quickly and efficiently. We'll provide you with tips on how to cancel an order on Depop as a seller and a buyer. Bear in mind that if you'd like to manage your account and handle all orders with ease, a cross-posting app would be a great addition to your online business.

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Find out the details about canceling orders before selling on the marketplace platform

How To Cancel An Order On Depop? What Does Depop's Seller Community Need To Know?

All clothing resellers on the platform must complete the sales when buyers make a purchase. One cannot simply cancel an order once the listed items have been safely packed and shipped to the buyer's address. However, in some situations, the platform will allow sellers to cancel the order. Most commonly, the reason for cancellation is the shipping address - the buyer is from a country the reseller doesn't ship to.

The best way one can handle a cancellation is by reaching out to the buyer and explaining the situation. Then, decide with the buyer what the next step should be. The ideal option is to refund the buyer and back down from the sale.

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Talk to the buyer about paying them back when you don't want to cancel the sale

How Do Refunds Work?

When you decide that all shipping and Depop's fees would cause you to lose money on a particular sale, talk to the buyer about a refund. When you reach an agreement, it's possible to proceed with the process.

Follow these steps, if the buyers used Depop Payments:

  • Sign in to your application,
  • Find the image of the store and select the option "All sold items,"
  • Tap on the sale in question and select "Refund,"
  • Click on the "Full refund,"
  • Finish the process by clicking on "Continue" and "Confirm."

However, the process is different in case the buyer paid via PayPal. In this case, follow our instructions:

  • Open a browser window,
  • Sign in to the PayPal account,
  • Find your "Summary" page, and select the transaction that needs to be refunded,
  • If you have trouble searching for it, go to your "Activity,"
  • Once you find it, go to your "Transaction Details" page and tap "Issue a refund."

E-commerce business owners who need to manage numerous marketplaces at once would complete refunds faster by using online selling tools. It's important to know that listing software can enable you to have a better overview of all sales so that refunds can be initiated on time.

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Handle Depop's refunds faster with a cross-posting software

A Seller Will Get A Fee For Refunding A Depop Payment And Paypal Transaction

The buyer gets all the money back but where does the seller stand? All Depop's online store owners can rely on the fee that is paid for any sale that gets refunded. Have you refunded the buyer who used Depop's Payments? Then the standard fee will appear immediately on your account once you've completed the process through the app. In case the transaction was made via PayPal, you should contact the Depop's Support team and get the fee.

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Get a fee for refunded sales on this authentic online marketplace platform

What Is The Best Way To Prevent Cancellations, Refunds, And Returns?

Issues with orders are never pleasant, while handling cancellations and refunds can take away the fun of online shopping and selling. Fortunately, as a seller, you can do everything in your power to prevent cancellations and returns from happening. It's best to be transparent about your listings.

When you begin selling on the platform, creating accurate descriptions of listed items should be your top priority. Mention all the details about the products you are offering the shoppers. Your shop should feature the seller's policy - meaning that you should write clearly where you will be shipping the products and what your terms and requirements are.

Additionally, Depop is a multi-vendor marketplace platform where you need to compete to attract potential shoppers. Make sure that you take clear and well-lit pictures of the products. Upload new listings regularly and don't forget to refresh them from time to time.

For more information, watch the video below and note down additional tips that will help you gain trustworthy followers on one of the best online-selling platforms and make more cash.

How To Cancel An Order On Depop As A Buyer? Should the Customer Cancel Shipping or Return the Item?

Sometimes customers make a purchase hastily and end up regretting their decision once they inspect the images and notice damage to the items. There is a solution for this situation and the Depop's return policy is clear on what steps need to be taken. The dispute needs to be initiated through PayPal or the selling platform depending on the method of payment.

The customer who wants to cancel the order should first reach out to the seller and explain what the issue is. In case the seller hasn't yet shipped the item, you can reach an agreement and ask for a refund.

In case the reseller doesn't respond to the messages, you can reach out to the support team or initiate a PayPal dispute. If time passes and you get the product, you need to provide proof of why you want to return it. Upload the pictures of the product's condition so as to get the claim "Item not as described" approved.

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Before shopping online, find out how to cancel an order as a buyer on Depop

Does the Platform Offer Buyer Protection?

Yes, Depop's Buyer Protection covers the customers in case there is an issue with the order. A buyer who has paid via Depop's Payments is covered if the product doesn't arrive at the address, if there is something missing from the listing, and when the item does not match the photo or the description. However, don't rely on the Buyer Protection in case you change your mind about the purchase or you didn't use the BUY button. When the purchase cannot be canceled or returned, redirecting your decision is the ideal solution. The customer can always resell the product.

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Platform's Buyer Protection ensures a good online shopping experience

Do You Want To Handle Orders Like A Pro - Get A Cross-Listing Software

Do you want to make your shop stand out and increase your profit? There is a way to improve sales and make money by selling on multiple platforms. Every reputable reseller should invest in crossposting. Handling orders, checking listings, refunding, and keeping track of cancellations, and returns gets much easier with the help of software for selling online. Zipsale is the best software to sell both on eBay and Depop. If you want to sell faster and have a clear overview of all the purchases, sign up for our crossposting tool that will make your sales skyrocket. Don't miss out on an opportunity to become a top reseller


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