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How to Restore Depop Account?

If you sell on numerous online selling platforms, there is a chance you might get a suspension notification at least once or twice. The fun of reselling products can be interrupted by an email stating that you have been banned. Don't freak out. Learning how to restore Depop account is not complicated at all. You only need to appeal the suspension and reach out to the support team to help you get your store back on track.

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Learn how to get back to selling on the best online marketplace platform in a flash

Why Can an Account Be Banned on Depop?

As a seller or a buyer on this multivendor marketplace platform, you'll see that accounts get suspended frequently due to admin errors, prohibited actions, or unacceptable user behavior. It can be frustrating and worrisome when an online reseller has to pause its activity with e-commerce business and potentially risk losing customers. Sometimes even forgotten passwords can cause problems and leave users locked out of your page.

Common Reasons Why Your Account Was Permanently or Temporarily Banned - The Platform Has a Reason to Remove or Delete You

Depop's policy is the same as with any other marketplace. When sellers or buyers infringe on their terms and conditions, they will eventually get their accounts temporarily or permanently suspended. Here are the reasons that indicate that a user has infringed on the terms and conditions:

  • Selling prohibited items such as food, animal products, alcohol, advertisements, fireworks, weapons, counterfeit items, violent and graphic imagery, plants, seeds, real estate, lotteries, and hazardous materials.
  • Processing transactions outside of the platform's payment system, 
  • Hate speech and harassment of other users,
  • Shipping to the buyers improperly, 
  • Not abiding by the Depop's return policy,
  • There is a pending dispute and Depop's been trying to get your attention,
  • Fraudulent behavior,
  • Details about the account need to be verified.

When they determine that there is an issue and your store with used vintage clothes needs to be stopped for a period of time, they will send a notification about the suspension and what the next steps will be.

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Keep your email addresses up-to-date in case you get a notification about the ban

Here’s How to Restore Depop Account When You Get the Email About the Suspension

When you receive the notification about the suspension, the first thing you should do is read it thoroughly. Try to find information on whether the suspension is temporary or permanent. Temporary suspensions are generally lifted in a couple of days or a month.

Next, check whether they have stated exactly why they are suspending you. In the last part of the message, you should find their instructions on what you need to do to use their service again and sell on the platform.

If you are permanently suspended, contact their help center and state the reasons why you think that they have made a mistake. A suspension can be overturned if you lay out a plan on how you are going to fix the issues that they found. On the other hand, a temporary suspension can be waited out.

If you want to contact Depop's support team, watch this video and get the right information.

Locked Out of Your Page? You Want to Fix the Issue Quickly

Apart from being suspended, clothing resellers can lock themselves out of their page. This can happen to any reseller or buyer that attempts to enter an incorrect password. According to the Privacy Policy, the platform is obliged to lock the page out of safety concerns.

Resetting the password can be done in just a few easy steps:

  • Go to the application on your phone, 
  • Click on Log in,
  • Choose Forgot Password,
  • Type in the email address,
  • Select the option Reset my password,
  • After a couple of seconds, you'll receive a notification with further instructions. After you've reset the password, you will have access to the platform again.

Still Can't Log In? Before Asking Google or Your Facebook Friends, Try Reporting the Issue

Depop's support team is responsible for situations like this. Go to the Account Issue option on the application and click on "I have a Depop account and can't log in'. The user is always asked to confirm the email address, username, and what you have tried in order to get back to your page.

In the event you have forgotten your address, the platform will need to receive your billing address, mobile number, and PayPal email address. Users are free to attach screenshots or recordings to prove that they can't log in.

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Users don't have to phone the support team to get their accounts unlocked

Don't Delete Your Page - Learn How to Avoid Getting Banned

Frequent suspensions will not happen if you do everything in your power to avoid getting banned. The most important thing is to make sure to be an honest and respectful seller. If you've started your shop with no money, you'll be able to succeed in e-commerce by only abiding by the policies and rules, selling only products that you own, and maintaining a positive payment balance. Don't attempt to settle any payments outside of the platform's rules.

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Learn how to use software for selling online in order to have a successful shop

Boost the Quality of Your Shop With Crosslisting Software - Have No Fear of Receiving a Suspension Email

Struggling to keep up with all your shops on multiple marketplaces? This issue can lead to a ban on some platforms if you cannot manage all the requests appropriately. Getting a crossposting tool will help you connect marketplaces such as Shopify, Etsy, eBay, and Vinted

You will not have trouble with numerous notifications, as everything will be controlled from one place. A multichannel listing software will enable you to keep track of purchases and delist listings automatically. The greatest software to sell both on eBay and Depop is Zipsale. Register with this useful crossposting app today, reap all the benefits, and avoid getting banned.

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