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Charges and Fees - How Much Does Poshmark Take

In the world of online fashion resale, Poshmark stands out as one of the best online-selling platforms where style-savvy sellers can start their e-commerce business. If you are considering joining this community, you might be asking yourself - how much does Poshmark take? In this guide, we'll explore all of Poshmark's fees and commissions to help you navigate the site with ease. Let's embark on this financial fashion journey together!

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What percentage does Poshmark take? Learn all the details here

So, how much does Poshmark take per sale? For each purchase, this multi-vendor marketplace platform will take a flat commission of 20% of the sale price for items that cost more than $15 (£12.07). For an item that is sold at $15 (£12.07) or less, the flat fee that will be applied is $2.96 (£2.38). Even though the seller fees are a bit more costly on this platform, it's important to note that Poshmark doesn't have listing charges.

How Much Does Poshmark Take From Sales? 

Poshmark, a prominent site in the second-hand market online, has a simple fee structure that doesn't confuse resellers. When you successfully sell something on the online marketplace platform, a commission of 20% will be taken from the final sale price. This applies only to products that cost more than $15 (£12.07). So, if a luxurious used clothing item from your closet gets sold for $50 (£40.22), earnings after the commission is deducted will be $40 (£32.18).

On the other hand, for anything priced below $15 (£12.07) it applies a flat charge of $2.95 (£2.38). Therefore, for an accessory that costs $10 (£ 8.04), the seller's earnings will be $7.05 (£5.67). But, the beauty of the site is that it handles much of the logistics, and listing on your online store is completely free. 

Understanding these fees is crucial when future resellers are looking to start an e-commerce business in the fashion realm, as it allows them to calculate their potential profit margins accurately and make informed pricing decisions.

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Calculate how much money is needed to keep an online business afloat! 

Here's How Much Money Does Poshmark Take For Shipping Labels?

Poshmark's policy dictates that the buyer will pay for the charges of shipping. However, this influences the price of the item that will be sold. Also, in case the package weighs more than 5 pounds, a new shipping label will need to be generated. Therefore, for heavier packages, a label upgrade charge will be incurred, which will be subtracted from the reseller's earnings. 

In the table below, check how much shipping labels cost for certain packages and learn what percentage of sales does Poshmark take for this:

  • A package that weighs 6 pounds incurs the fee of $4.50 (£3.62),
  • A package that weighs 7 pounds incurs the fee of $9.00 (£7.24),
  • A package that weighs 8 pounds incurs the fee of $13.50 (£10.86),
  • A package that weighs 9 pounds incurs a fee of $18.00 (£14.48). 

What Percent Does Poshmark Take From Sellers for Bundle Sales - Do Selling Fees Stay the Same?

A new question might arise - How much percentage does Poshmark take for bundle purchases? This feature is convenient for buyers who would like to place in their cart multiple vintage items from one online reseller. It's vital to underline that the fees and charges remain consistent whether the seller is offering individual items from your closet or multiple products in a bundle. In case, the bundle ends up costing $100 (£80.44), the commission charge of 20% will be charged on the overall price.

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Even if the buyer uses bundle purchases, the charges stay the same

Are Poshmark's Commission Charges the Same For Live Sales?

Whether live auctions are conducted, or standard listings are offered, the site applies the familiar commission model and doesn't impose any extra charges. This consistent fee structure simplifies the process for resellers aiming to have a successful e-commerce business, ensuring there's no need to navigate complex pricing strategies for versatile sale formats. Whether you're looking to sell goods online through traditional listings or engage in live actions, this transparent fee system provides a reliable foundation for success.

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How much percent does Poshmark take for live sales? No new fees are imposed

Is Selling Items on Poshmark Profitable After Paying All Fees and Shipping Label Upgrade Charges?

Now that you know how much of a cut does Poshmark take, focus on the reselling strategy. You might not know that earning money by reselling on this site can be easy. Make sure to tap into a community of fashion-conscious buyers who appreciate quality pieces. Of course, profitability will come with commitment. Using excellent photography, engaging with customers, creating an appealing brand, and sharing posts on social media have been proven to be factors that can enhance the chances of success.

We invite you to watch the following video with bonus tips on how to list products effortlessly.

Follow Our Guide on Becoming a Top Reseller and Invest in a Crosspoting Tool to Sell More Items

Sometimes, listings fail to reach a customer on one site. The fear of losing money prevents a lot of resellers from beginning their journey into the world of online selling. However, a solution to this problem has been found in the form of software for selling online. 

The new online selling tools can manage listings automatically and push the products that are on sale to buyers across different platforms such as eBay, Depop, Vinted, Shopify, and Etsy. In case you are struggling with having a presence, try cross-listing software, and all your worries will disappear.

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With selling software, there are much more opportunities for sales

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