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How Not to Get Banned on eBay - A Guide to Platform Rules

There is absolutely nothing worse for a reseller than receiving a message about suspension from an online marketplace platform. There are numerous reasons why one's operations can be stopped. Luckily we have all the details on how not to get banned on eBay. If you've been reselling your products for some time on this platform, don't let the success be hampered by a sudden suspension. Read our blog and protect the store from mistakes.

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Get the correct information on all actions to avoid that would lead to a suspension

Here Are the Reasons Why eBay Will Suspend Numerous Accounts

So, suspensions are not uncommon on eBay. Generally, accounts get suspended for three reasons:

  • When a seller fails to pay the platform back when the refund has been issued by the platform to the buyer,
  • Not paying or issuing payments for eBay's fees too late,
  • Violation of the policies or procedures.

What Are eBay Policies That Resellers Need to Abide By?

It doesn't matter how good of a reseller you are or whether you have an extremely successful e-commerce business - not abiding by the online marketplace platform's policies leads to suspensions. Here are the main policies that the sellers must not violate:

  • Engaging in the resale of recalled, prohibited, or fake items,
  • Not managing to meet eBay's standards for sellers' performance,
  • Including stock photos instead of original ones in your new listing,
  • Not abiding by eBay's policies regarding the VERO program,
  • Trying to sell products offline,
  • Participating in shill bidding activities.

Additional Activities That Can Lead To Your Account Getting Suspended - Learn How Not to Get Banned on eBay

Yes, not meeting the platform's standards and failing to abide by the essential policy will get your account suspended for sure. However, there are additional practices that many people don't know can possibly jeopardize their online stores when casually selling goods. We'll provide you with extra information that you might not know about.

Telling the Shoppers Your Contact Information to Sell Offline

Sellers are allowed to talk to the shippers via the platform's messaging system; however, no one is allowed to provide the buyers with another way of communicating or contacting the reseller. So, if the platform notices that you've been sharing email addresses, sales floor addresses, and phone numbers, the account will get suspended, and reselling items via eBay is going to be restricted.

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Even though you abide by the policy but don't know some info, the account can be suspended

Suddenly Listing High-Fraud Products on Your Account

Your sales history and inventory are known by the platform. So, whatever you do on the platform, it's being monitored closely. So, for example, if you have been reselling new shoes and sneakers for a long period of time but then all of a sudden switch to reselling iPhones or other gadgets that are considered high-fraud items, you'll raise suspicion. It will seem like fraudsters have breached your account. The platform will react to this activity with a suspension.

Having Issues With Completing Transactions Correctly

Even though your store is full of listings that sell best on eBay, if you fail to fulfill your obligations as a seller, you'll risk losing everything. When there are problems with the transactions, such as late shipment, negative commentary, late deliveries, and too many complaints for your store, reselling on all online selling platforms, not just eBay, will be restricted.

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All sellers need to be diligent and conscientious when it comes to their business online

What Do You Need to Do to Get an Account Back?

There is no need to be frustrated once an account suspension happens. Once the email about the restriction arrives in your inbox, stay calm and make sure to follow our instructions in order to get back to your store.

Gain a Better Understanding of Why You Got Suspended

Avoid the temptation to start panicking. This won't do you any good, and it won't solve any problems. Stay composed and start reviewing and reading through the email you've received. Think about what the reasons for the suspension are. Have you failed to pay eBay's fees? Have you shared too much information with the customers? In case you know what the issue is, you can quickly sort things out with the customer support agents.

Person reading emails
Have you missed a payment? Have you listed prohibited items? Figure out what is wrong

Proceed by Following the Instructions Included in eBay’s Email

Generally, the platform usually provides clear instructions on how to reinstate the account and continue to sell. Sellers who have been suspended due to delayed payment of fees are allowed to resolve all issues by making a single payment to settle their accounts. 

From time to time, the platform is owed a refund, and the seller would have to set up a reimbursement method. If the payment method expired, one needs to only update it, and the suspension can be lifted.

Reach Out to the Customer Support Team

When there are no clear instructions in the email about what the next step is, and you can't seem to put the finger on what you need to do to fix the problem, the best thing is to call the customer support team and settle the issue over the phone. 

Bear in mind that one needs to have information at hand such as eBay user ID, email address connected to the account, the reference number as well as the date of the email about the suspended account.

Woman looking at a laptop and talking on the phone
It's possible to get back to the multi-vendor marketplace platform by taking action

The Ultimate Step Needed If You Want to Avoid Suspensions

As we've presented in the article, avoiding getting suspended is possible by being a conscientious reseller. For most people, this might be overwhelming if they have a successful e-commerce business and listings on numerous sites, not just on eBay. 

What can help you be better in the online world is investing in a crossposting app. This advice is not only on how not to get banned on eBay but also on how not to get banned on Etsy, Shopify, Depop and Vinted, and other platforms.

These online selling tools are intended to take the stress away from the seller and provide better management of listings. In this way, you can keep new customers satisfied, carry out flawless transactions and make sure to grow your sales effortlessly. If you follow the platform's policy, stick to all the rules, and conduct business with the help of multichannel listing software, you won't have anything to worry about.

Here is a video on how the most reliable selling software, Zipsale, works.

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Whether you're a seasoned seller looking to expand your reach or a beginner eager to embark on this profitable journey software for selling online, Zipsale will help you avoid suspension by enhancing your reselling experience as well as making everything easier. Our cross-listing software will provide you with one inventory for multiple platforms such as Depop, Vinted, Shopify, Etsy, and, of course, eBay. This crossposting tool is designed to save you time and bring profit. Make sure to register with crossposting software today, so you can sell easily and soon reap all the benefits.

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