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How to Close Etsy Shop?

Etsy is one of the best online-selling platforms for offering customers vintage, handmade, and unique goods worldwide. Most people sell jewelry, clothing, craft supplies, and home decor. However, sometimes one might want to quit selling, and figuring out how to close Etsy shop might be tricky at first. Luckily, you will have our instructions which will guide you through the entire process.

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Have you been googling - how to close my Etsy shop? You are in the right place

What Are the Steps a Seller Needs to Take Before Closing the Shop?

All data can be lost once you close the shop. The process is reversible, but having all your data with you is crucial. That is why you should ensure that all data, such as reviews, descriptions, sales, listings, settings, and any additional information is downloaded.

However, if you are using a crossposting app, some of the listings that have appeared on other online selling platforms, such as eBay, Shopify, Vinted, and Depop, will be saved. However, even if you use cross-listing software, it's best to download everything just to be sure.

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Before figuring out how to close your Etsy shop, make sure that you download all data

Now, It’s Time for the Main Task - Here’s How to Close Etsy Shop

Have you made up your mind? Are you sure you will be letting go of the business forever and quitting selling on Etsy? Sometimes low Etsy sales or different Etsy fees might be at the center of one decision to quit. This can be overcome with the help of multichannel listing software. Selling on multiple platforms can boost your profit which would be sufficient to continue running your successful e-commerce business.

However, if you won't turn back and your decision is final, here is the step-by-step process for closing your online store:

  • Go to the Etsy page and click on the Shop Manager - it is located next to the search bar and the notification bell,
  • Choose the "Settings" button and select "Options,"
  • Then, choose the "Close shop" button.

This is the process of how to temporarily close Etsy shop as well as how to permanently close it. It's completely the same.

A Crucial Step Before Closing the Etsy Shop Is to Switch on Vacation Mode - In This Way, You Won’t Have to Cancel Already Placed Orders

In case there are order requests still open in the Etsy shop, don't forget to first switch on the Vacation Mode before closing the store - once the Vacation Mode is on, new orders won't be coming in. However, every existing order can be completed.

Of course, choosing to close one immediately is still an option, and completing the existing orders can be done in this way as well. You can notify your buyers stating that even though the shop's not working any longer.

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Don't let your buyers down - complete the orders even though you are closing the shop

What Will Happen to Your Payment Account Balance After Your Close a Store?

Before ending your e-commerce business and researching how to close shop on Etsy, ensure that the bank information on file is accurate and up-to-date. Even after you have closed the store, any money that is still in the Payment Account is going to be deposited following the deposit schedule. Therefore, if you'd like to get paid, you should check whether the bank information is correct.

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Keep your bank information always up-to-date

Now Let's Delete Your Etsy Account

Accounts can still be used for buying from other shops on the platform. However, if you are through with the platform, here is how to delete it:

  • Go to the Etsy page and tap on the option "Your Account" - the option is located right next to the Shop Manager,
  • Select "Account Settings,"
  • You will see a lot of instructions, but just scroll down until you see the "Close your account" button,
  • Click on it, and voila, it has been deleted.

In case you'd like to see what the process of deleting it looks like, check out the video below.

Are Sellers Allowed to Use the Same Email Addresses for New Accounts?

Just like you can have more shops on the platform, you are allowed to have more accounts. Etsy's policy states that in some situations, an old email address that was used with the deleted account can be reused for the new one. However, the policy as well states that in case you'd like to use the old email address, then first change the email on your account that you'd like to delete. In this way, there won't be any mixup with the addresses.

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There is a way you can reuse an email, but you'd have to create a new one for the old account

What Can Change Your Mind About Deleting a Store? Online Selling Tools

Well, if you are dissatisfied with your income and how the multi-vendor marketplace platform is functioning, there is one simple way to turn things around for your benefit. You don't necessarily have to end up learning how to close an Etsy shop. 

We recommend using a crossposting tool that will connect Etsy with other platforms such as  Shopify, eBay, Vinted, and Facebook Marketplace. More people will see your listings and more money will be earned.

The catch is that you won't have to struggle with juggling many platforms separately - everything will be controlled by one cross-listing software. Uploading listings will also be done from one place, and the software for selling online will keep all orders and sales in one place.

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If you invest in software to sell on both eBay and Depop, you'll reach more buyers

Choose the Best Selling Software - Zipsale

The cross-posting tool you should opt for is Zipsale since it will enable you to save time - our members generally save about 40 hours for every listing that gets posted and sold. You won't struggle with listing your items since you can add or amend any details fast simultaneously with Zipsale. But, the biggest benefit you can have with our software is the management of listings 24/7. When something gets sold, it will immediately be delisted. It will be hard to give up on stores when Zipsale is your ally. 

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