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Is Buying Second-Hand Gifts for Christmas Popular?

With the holiday shopping season in full swing, gifting is on everybody's mind. However, many sellers wonder - is buying second-hand gifts for Christmas popular, and can they profit from it? If you're offering a unique selection of pre-used items, you may be in for a treat. With the modern-day aspiration for sustainability, many buyers are trying their luck with secondhand. Check why this has become the new trend, and discover what the most popular presents are.

A girl holding a wrapped-up Christmas gift
Are consumers buying pre-owned Christmas gifts - and why? Let's find out

Buying pre-owned presents is not only a good idea but is becoming more popular each year. Less waste, reduced carbon footprint, and affordability are amongst the leading reasons for it but do not underestimate how meaningful and unique this kind of present may be.

All the Reasons Why Buying Second-Hand Gifts for Christmas Is an Excellent Idea

During the last few years, second-hand sales have witnessed exceptional growth, which is the result of increased consumer interest. However, some may say that there is still a stigma when it comes to gifting pre-used things, much more than when it comes to getting these products for personal needs. 

Whether it's a good gifting choice will mostly depend on the person to whom the gift is intended. However, this kind of gift can be very beautiful and thoughtful, sometimes even more than shiny new ones. That being said, take a look at all the reasons consumers may decide to go with pre-owned goods this year. 

Secondhand Generally Means More Affordable

When it comes to selling used clothes, books, home decor, and the like, you're probably well aware that pricing used items implies lower tags than their retail counterparts. This is an obvious benefit of pre-owned presents since many buyers want to save money when possible. People can find many budget-friendly valuable gifts for a fraction of their original price by going through a multi-vendor marketplace platform - which is an advantage many won't miss. 

Buying Second-Hand Christmas Gifts Reduces Waste and Carbon Emission

Secondhand gifting is good for the environment, as well. If a buyer is an ecologically conscious individual (or the person to whom the gift is intended is one), then they won't have a problem with buying a pre-used gift. 

This way, it's possible to extend the life of the still perfectly usable item, preventing it from becoming trash and ending in landfills. At the same time, no new product is being manufactured, which helps with limiting carbon footprint. In the end, don't forget that by choosing to buy pre-owned goods, people slow down the consumption system that exploits marginalized communities and children. 

It Can Be a Truly Unique Gift

When broadening their horizons and considering used goods, consumers will be able to choose beyond what mass production offers. Some of the best online selling platforms are known to be a treasury of countless one-of-a-kind things that can become meaningful presents for family and friends we love. Many have already learned this while shopping for themselves and decided to go through pre-owned pieces once the gifting period comes.

A present bought with the help of a selling software
Being previously owned doesn't have to make an item automatically less valuable or gift-worthy

Would People Buy Second-Hand Gifts for Christmas - And Which Ones?

A study completed last year has shown that many people plan to have a second-hand Christmas, meaning that almost a third of all respondents are interested in shopping for pre-owned goods for presents. Therefore, it's expected that sometime similar will occur this year as well - possibly on a much larger scale. 

So, what pre-owned goods do people seek? If you've started an online store with some of the following goods, this may be your lucky shopping season. Note that consumers tend to buy:

  • Classic books, 
  • Vintage items (such as accessories or clothes),
  • Art, 
  • Home decor, 
  • Vinyl, 
  • Jewelry,
  • Electronics,
  • Bikes. 

Of course, just keep in mind that it's not the same whether a customer shops for children, a significant other, a friend, or family members. At the same time, their personal preferences will play the most important role in choosing the right presents. However, if your eCommerce business is offering some of the aforementioned goods, there is a big chance you'll meet suitable buyers this holiday season.

A pile of open books on the table
People seek to surprise their friends and family with the things they love the most

Where to Sell Secondhand Items Suitable for Christmas Gifting

The secondhand online market is thriving, so the best way to make money fast is to use an online marketplace platform. But which software for selling online should you use? There are many different marketplaces that can help your eCommerce business, but some of the best are:

Which one you choose will depend on the items you intend on (re)selling, as well as the audience you wish to reach. However, if you need a guide on how to start selling pre-owned goods and become a reseller on these platforms, take a look at the video below:

Try Our Cross-Posting Tool and Easily Manage as Many Online Selling Tools as You'd Like

The key to making this Christmas shopping season financially successful is reaching a wide range of potential buyers interested in your online shop. The best way of doing so is crossposting, which implies posting your product on multiple platforms at the same time, preferably with the help of multichannel listing software.

If you decide to crosspost on e-commerce platforms, you'll need software to sell on both eBay and Depop, as well as other marketplaces, to make managing inventory more efficient and avoid mistakes. That's where our cross-posting software comes along. Zipsale is designed especially with second-hand sellers in mind to help them sell faster and earn more. If you're interested in what you can gain with the assistance of our cross-posting app, just look at our plans - and sign up for the one that suits you. 

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