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The Ultimate Guide to Using Zipsale for Your Reselling Business

A strategy for success in the online selling world is using Zipsale for your reselling business. Let us guide you through the intricacies of one of the most reliable online selling tools. The aftermath of this exploration can be only one - a boost in sales with the help of Zipsale's amazing features. It's true and very motivating that there's a chance of increasing sales three times in only three or four months. Let's explore how this can be done. 

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Learn how a multichannel listing software can be helpful

What is Zipsale?

Zipsale is an innovative crossposting tool designed to revolutionize the way online resellers manage their online sales. Primarily targeting the second-hand market, this software empowers sellers with the ability to seamlessly synchronize their listings and see them posted across multiple platforms. The time and effort typically associated with managing separate listings is significantly reduced in this way. 

How Does This Crossposting App Work?

This crossposting app simplifies the operation of a newly started e-commerce business. Once an item is uploaded to the app, it automatically formats and publishes the listing to chosen platforms. This seamless integration means you can manage all listings from a single dashboard, which in turn would make it easier to relist, delist, and modify listings. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to navigate and use all the features.

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Having one portal to all platforms is a dream come true for various resellers

First, Subscribe to a Particular Plan

If you want to begin listing and pricing any used item with Zipsale's help, you first need to choose a subscription option. This is needed because some plans don't offer the same advantages. It's best to think about what kind of option would suit the online store the best. Zipsale's offers monthly plans that consist of the following:

  • Free monthly plan - It only allows 30 items to be cross-listed per month. Since it is free, there is no auto-delisting feature available.
  • Part-time monthly plan for £15/mo - It offers 100 products to be cross-listed per month.
  • Basic monthly plan for £25/mo - Sellers get an allowance of 200 items to be cross-listed per month. 
  • Start monthly plan for £45/mo - For this price, the seller gets 500 products per month.
  • Growth Plan for £79/mo - With this plan, a seller can list 1,500 items per month.
  • Pro Plan for 99/mo - Sellers get an allowance of 3,000 products to be cross-listed per month.
  • Business Plan for 149/mo - With this plan, you can list more than 3,000 items per month.

On the other hand, sellers who don't want to have a monthly subscription can choose to subscribe to an annual plan. There are three versions of these plans, and they include:

  • Free annual plan - It allows only 30 products per month to be listed and there is no autodelisting feature.
  • Basic annual plan for £21.25/mo - It allows 200 items per month to be listed. The auto-delisting feature is available.
  • Start annual plan for £38.25/mo - Sellers will have an allowance of 500 items per month.

It’s Easy to Cancel Subscription as Well

To cancel a subscription promptly, users simply need to use the chat feature on Zipsale's platform. This is easily accessible by clicking on the icon found in the lower right-hand corner of Zipsale's website. This user-friendly approach underscores Zipsale's commitment to providing a seamless experience, not only in crossposting and managing sales.

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Zipsale's team is devoted to providing users with great customer service

Sell on Facebook and Depop At the Same Time By Connecting Different Online Marketplace Platforms

Once you are on Zipsale, you'll have the opportunity to list items through this platform by filling out online forms. However, the main goal is to focus on connecting marketplaces with the platform and having products posted on multiple marketplaces simultaneously. The right way to do this is to simply visit Zipsale's page, select the option "Marketplace" in the top right corner, and choose the sites you want to be connected to. 

Once you pick, click on the "Connect" button, read through the conditions, and allow access. For some online selling platforms, you'll have to fill in additional information before connecting. The available marketplaces are:

Important Step Is to Utilize Mass Listing/Scheduling Listing and Sell Similar Feature

Sell online and make money by utilizing Mass Listing/Scheduling Listing and Sell Similar features effectively. The Mass Listing functionality allows sellers to upload and list multiple items simultaneously with a single click. Next, the Scheduling Listing feature gives you the flexibility to set specific times for your products to go live, ensuring they hit the market at the most opportune moments. On top of this, the Sell Similar feature is a game-changer for those struggling with product descriptions, titles, pricing, and categorization.

Check out the video below for more information about the Sell Similar feature.

Rely on Autodelisting to Manage the Inventory - That Big File for Everything

For users who pay for their subscriptions, the auto-delisting feature is available. It allows you to be free from worrying about overselling. When someone buys a second-hand item online, this feature immediately comes into play. It is an intelligent tool that ensures the item is swiftly removed from your listings across various platforms. As a result, sellers can enjoy an up-to-date and accurate inventory. 

Don't Forget That Vinted is Not Part of the Auto-delisting Feature

While eBay, Poshmark, Depop, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and Shopify offer auto-delisting features, Vinted remains an exception. When sellers make a sale on Vinted, or if the same item sells on any other platform, you need to manually remove the listing from Vinted. So, be aware of this information when creating a listing and managing the inventory.

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Make sure that you learn the ins and outs of Zipsale to be an efficient seller

For Stagnant Listings, Use the Awesome Booster Relisting Tool

The best online selling platforms, such as eBay or Depop, are very unpredictable. Some products don't get enough attention when they are newly listed. After a couple of months of being on a particular platform, they lose popularity, meaning they don't appear in the top search results. 

This is not an issue with Zipsale's boosting tool, which helps revive old listings by relisting them. The seller can select up to 100 products and have them refreshed and updated so they look brand new once again.

Expect to Reap Benefits by Using Zipsale for Your Reselling Business

If you learn the ins and outs of navigating the selling software, it will become much easier to grow your following. With the help of an autodelisting feature and a Booster button, managing inventory is simple. What the seller can expect from the crossposting tool is 24/7 tracking of listings, faster sales, more money, and spending less time manually changing and updating inventory and listings. If you'd like to see the e-commerce business succeed, sign up for this awesome crossposting app today. Check our website for more details.

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