What Is Vinted Buyer Protection Fee?

If Vinted's one of the online selling tools you're considering, you must ensure you're familiar with all fees and commissions required, including Vinted Buyer Protection Fee. Before listing your items and forming the prices, you should learn everything there is to know about Vinted's charging policy - and we can help you with it.

Person using Vinted as software for selling online
s the name suggests, Vinted's a listing software focused on vintage and second-hand clothes and accessories

The Buyer Protection Fee is an obligatory expense paid by buyers. It consists of fixed and variable costs. The fixed cost goes between £0.3 to £0.8, while the variable expenses are between 3% to 8% of the item's price. These fees cover the transaction process and shipping labels but also vouch for the buyer's purchase and payment security.

Vinted Buyer Protection Fee - A Simple Introduction for Those Buying and Selling

Vinted's one of the rare platforms that does not charge sellers to list and manage their products. However, it doesn't mean that this platform bears the costs. So how does Vinted work?

Aside from investments and selling advertising spaces, this platform makes money through buyers' fees. This additional expense covers are required for payment processing and shipping labels but also guarantees a safe purchase and transaction. However, remember that it's not optional but mandatory for all buyers on this platform.

What Is the Buyer Protection Fee on Vinted?

These charges consist of fixed and variable expenses. Fixed expenses vary between £0.3 to £0.8, while the variable costs depend on the products bought. It goes between 3% and 8% of the price buyers and sellers have agreed upon. 

Every expense a buyer pays will differ from the next one. For example, if a £5 item is purchased, buyers would have to pay a commission (that can vary, in this case, between £0.15 and £0.4) and fixed expenses. If an item is priced differently, the final cost will be too - the higher the item price, the higher the fees. However, keep in mind that they don't include shipping expenses.

Are Buyers or Sellers Responsible for the Cost of Shipping Service?

With this platform, buyers are those usually covering the shipping costs. However, if something goes wrong with the shipment, those who are buying have the guarantee they'll be fully compensated.

If you want to become a reseller and wish to sell clothes online on Vinted, you'll get to opt from several different shipping options:

  • Custom shipping - it's up to you to determine the carrier and shipping expenses, but keep in mind that you'll have to pay the applicable taxes, 
  • Shipping Instructions - you'll need to buy a shipping label by following Vinted's instructions, 
  • Integrated shipping labels - it is on this platform to generate the shipping label. 

How Does the Buyer Protection Service Work and What Does It Imply?

Those who want to order something can see the final cost formula on the item's page, and its total amount will be displayed on the checkout page. Additional taxes may be applied, which will vary depending on the buyer's location. Buyers can see the calculated amount during the checkout, while a detailed invoice is presented when the order is completed. 

As the name suggests, this service is there to make each purchase safe. With it, buyers can benefit from:

  • Additional measures against false identity fraud,
  • Safe payments,
  • The customer support team at hand,
  • Refund policy.

When Can You Get a Vinted Buyer Protection Fee Refund? When the Items Are Damaged, Misdescribed, or Lost

Those who bought something from the platform have two days from the item's delivery to contact the support team and claim a refund. If a request is approved, buyers will be compensated for:

  • The price of an item, 
  • Shipping costs, 
  • Paid fees, 
  • Taxes.

Still, if you're the one selling used clothes online and the package gets lost, note that you'll be held responsible in the case you've chosen the custom shipping option - and you won't be compensated. Therefore, if you're considering this option, make sure you get help from the best delivery service. If you're not sure with which carrier you should go, take some tips from the video below:

Is Vinted a Good Online Marketplace Platform for an E-commerce Business?

If you're looking to start an e-commerce business and choose to sell vintage clothing, Vinted's an excellent place to begin. This platform makes it easy to start an online clothing store with no money since you won't have to pay any fees or subscriptions for a basic package.

However, remember that this marketplace offers additional features that can provide you with many benefits. Services like Item Bump and Closet Spotlight can give a seller extra visibility among the targeted audience and help them make money with Vinted easily, but only if they are prepared to pay extra. 

If you're considering them, make sure you search and read the terms and conditions for these additional services before ordering them. 

Is Vinted's Business Model Common in the Online Second-Hand Fashion Industry?

When it comes to most similar marketplaces, like eBay or, for example, Etsy, keep in mind that most of them charge sellers (or combine seller's commissions and buyer's subscriptions). Therefore, it shouldn't come as a surprise many sellers consider this platform one of the best UK marketplaces.

However, Vinted's charging policy is something you should consider when forming prices for used items you want to sell. Count on additional costs required from those who want to buy your stuff and think about adjusting the price accordingly.

 Woman using cross-posting software on a laptop while writing in a notebook
This marketplace has the same business model as other platforms but not the same charging policy

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