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Vinted vs Depop vs Poshmark - What to Sell for the Largest Profit

Suppose you've decided that it is the right time to dip your toes in the online selling industry. You'll need to arm yourself with knowledge about how to conduct your business on online selling platforms properly. Now, we want to resolve the dilemma of Vinted vs Depop vs Poshmark, particularly regarding items that garner the most sales on each app. Learn what to sell right here and how to become the best online seller with the help of a crossposting app.

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Depop vs Poshmark vs Vinted - make the right decision with our tips

The best-selling products on Vinted include vintage clothing, homeware, children's toys, and accessories. On the other hand, you'll see people seeking Y2K fashion the most, vintage band T-shirts and sneakers. On Poshmark, top-money-making items span across well-known brands of women's and men's fashion, particularly shoes and activewear. Use our tips, and you'll be shipping to numerous buyers quickly and conquering the platform's fee system easily.

Start Selling on Depop Like a Pro

The place to start offering stylish, fashionable, retro clothing is on Depop's platform. According to Statista, the Depop downloads reached 444,000 per month. It has remained one of the most popular fast fashion online marketplace platforms for Generation Z and millennials. 

Since this multi-vendor marketplace platform has miscellaneous users, sellers have to pay attention to trends to reach potential buyers. Here are the absolute best categories to post your listings under and gain significant profit.

Create Y2K Fashion Listings

The late 90s and early 2000s aesthetic is really big on this app and, as a result, highly profitable. If you are adamant about becoming a clothing reseller, opt for Y2K fashion on Depop's app, and there won't be worry about profiting as well as paying for Depop's fees. The uniqueness of this era and nostalgia is reflected in colourful T-shirts, crop tops, bucket hats, low-rise jeans, and checked skirts. Don't miss an opportunity to empty your closet and make some cash with the perfect item.

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Create a brand with a focus on Y2K fashion for certain success

Retro Band T-Shirts Is Always Selling Fast on Depop

Music nostalgia clothing is sold to numerous users here. Band T-shirts often feature pop, rock, and punk icons that resonate with Depop's community that values authentic vintage wear. Statement pieces are important in the fashion world. For sellers, this means that shirts that feature rare designs can be lucrative items, capturing the attention of the platform's predominantly young audience.

If you need a bit of help managing sales on the app, watch the video below.

Create a Different Inventory for Vinted Sales and Get Paid Well

Vinted is very different from Depop, even though the main listings that attract the most buyers are clothing listings as well. Even though its focus is on fashion, children's toys, accessories, and household furnishings are sought after. Planning online store marketing and creating specific listings is important. With 75 million members, Vinted is a pool of potential buyers

Women's Dresses Is a Popular Category in 2023

Vinted offers versatile second-hand clothing, and it doesn't matter what kind of style the clothes represent. Everything from casual wear to work and special occasions, dresses can be minimalist as well as trendy. Listings with various types of women's dresses are ideal for anyone starting an e-commerce business on the platform to make easy money.

Women's Shoes Are Second Best Category

Women's shoes are a category that a huge Vinted's user base seeks. The diversity in footwear caters to different needs and tastes. Users who seek second-hand shoes want to see stylish shoes that are also budget-friendly. In this case, the vintage options are preferred. Offer pieces that resonate with different buyers and make sure to offer quality as well as a reduced price.

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Make sure to learn the ins and outs of Vinted's fees before creating an online store

Get Ahead With Excellent Listings on Poshmark

According to Statista, Poshmark is the third most downloaded app in 2022 in the USA. This speaks volumes, indicating that a huge number of people seek their second-hand high-end pieces on Poshmark's platform. The common theme when discussing the difference between Poshmark vs Vinted vs Depop is that all three platforms focus on clothing the most. However, the main difference is that different types of clothing are preferred on each online marketplace platform. 

Nike Sneakers Garner the Most Poshmark Sales

Recognizable brands make listings sell like hotcakes. Nothing is more popular than Nike sneakers, judging by the most searchable terms. Success is guaranteed if you start reselling on Poshmark and focus on Nike sneakers. Here are some criteria that must be met:

  • Specific sneaker types such as cheerleading shoes, sports cleats, and basketball sneakers are highly in demand.
  • High-quality sneakers in very good shape will garner the highest number of buyers and be ordered very quickly.
  • Particular models are preferred, such as those that are sponsored by popular athletes like Tiger Woods.

Stylish Workout Clothes Can Bring in a Lot of Money Also

Who knew that trendy and expensive activewear would be a lucrative niche on one of the best online-selling platforms? The demand for shorts and tank tops from brands such as Athleta, Lululemon, and Alphalete is not decreasing. Since this is a hot market, we recommend creating attractive listings and making money from gym-goers who want to look like they are walking a catwalk while walking on a treadmill.

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Choose the type of item for sale and understand Poshmark's fee and shipping policy

Vinted vs Depop vs Poshmark - What Should Be Your Final Decision?

Is it too difficult to decide what platform to use and what kind of inventory would be the most profitable? Before focusing on the success of a new e-commerce business, do a bit of research in the market. Then, figure out what would be your best way to source items for sale

Figure out what niche would be the easiest for you to delve into and what kind of marketing campaign you can come up with. Bear in mind that Poshmark's stores are ideal for luxurious clothing items, Depop's for retro trendy fashion, and Vinted's for miscellaneous ordinary clothing. Prepare for shipping a large number of packages with particular inventories.

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Surprise! A multichannel listing software makes reselling much easier

For Absolute Maximum Profit, Use a Crossposting Tool and Sell on All Three Platforms

Do you really have to choose between these three platforms? Well, no! It's time to introduce a cross-listing software that can provide you with a billion clicks on your listings and a large number of sales. Zipsale is a crossposting software with features that make it simple to connect multiple platforms such as Vinted, Poshmark, Depop, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, and eBay. Not only can you use software to sell on both eBay and Depop, but you can speed up the process of listing items and make sure that the software for selling online keeps track of orders for you. Visit our website today, and don't miss a chance to register.

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