What Are the eBay Sneaker Fees in the UK?

One of the largest online marketplaces worldwide, eBay's a platform of choice for many who want to get into the trainers (re)selling business. However, online selling doesn't come without costs. So, what are the eBay sneaker fees? Take a look at our guide and find out before you make your first shoe listing.

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Learn everything you need to know about eBay sneaker seller fees

When you post an item, you'll have to pay an insertion fee, while payment for the variable final value fees and a fixed charge occurs after the item is sold. These expenses vary on the platform's program you're using. Depending on your situation, you also may have to pay an international or dispute fee, while additional costs depend on the optional features you wish to purchase.

What Are the Selling Expenses on the eBay Site?

Being one of the best online selling platforms, this marketplace is often the first choice for UK sellers. However, if you own a personal account on this marketplace and you plan on selling sneakers you'll be responsible for paying expenses for private sellers. So, what eBay fees should you calculate in your budget? Here is the list of basic expenses you'll need to meet before and after your items are sold:

  • Listing (insertion) costs - you'll be able to list for free until you reach 1,000 listings. After it, you'll have to pay 35p per each new listing you create.
  • Final value fees (FVF) - currently, this fee is set at 12,8% of the total amount (the total amount includes the price of the sneakers, taxes, shipping, as well as any other applicable fee). Keep in mind that this platform reserves the right to charge an FVF even for simply introducing you to a buyer, even if you sell your item outside of it. 
  • Fixed charge - currently amounts to 30p per order.

Once the other is completed and paid for, the FVF and a fixed charge will be automatically deducted, and the rest of the money will be processed to your account.

However, keep in mind that the percentage of FVF may be higher, which will depend on the price you search for the item. Therefore, if a pair of trainers is sold for over £2,500, you'll have to pay the basic FVF, as well as 3% of the amount beyond £2,500.

If you plan to ship sneakers outside of the UK, you'll also need to pay an international fee (between 1.26% and 2.4% of the total price you search for) and a possible currency conversion charge (2.5%). Additionally, if a dispute occurs and you're deemed responsible for it, a return policy of this multi-vendor marketplace platform states you'll be charged £16.80.

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You will be charged differently based on your item's value

Are There Differences Between Private Sellers and Shop Owners in Terms of Expenses?

If you want to become a reseller, know that your selling cost may vary depending on your business plan. If you intend to become a sneaker reseller but just as a simple side job, you can do it with your personal account. However, if you plan to start your eCommerce business, create your shop, and have a large number of orders, then you can upgrade to a business account.

However, keep in mind that there are many different expenses for the upgraded subscriptions, and they depend on the plan you choose for your online store (Basic, Featured, or Anchor).

For the categories Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, the final value fee amounts to 11.9% of the total value. Listing prices depend on your chosen program - they can be 10p, 5p, and free of charge. Similarly to a personal account, you'll also have to pay a fixed charge of 30p per completed order.

If you're a reselling beginner and need advice on how to make money by selling sneakers on this platform, make sure you watch the video below:

Special Promotion Concerning eBay Sneaker Selling Fees

The aforementioned costs are a part of the general pricing policy this online marketplace platform offers. However, the good news is that eBay has a special promotion that can help you earn more money while selling sneakers if you're part of eBay's managed payments. 

If your items are listed in the Women’s or Men’s Trainers category and are priced above £100, your final value fee will be deducted to just 5% of the total selling price (plus a 30p fixed charge). 

Note that the selling price excluded additional costs such as shipping or taxes. The offer is possible for both types of accounts and expires on 17 February 2023 - after which you'll be reintroduced to regular pricing. 

Possible Additional Fees for Selling Shoes on eBay

As with many other online selling tools, such as Shopify, or, for example, Vinted, this platform offers optional listing upgrades, but they too come with additional costs. The purpose of these features is to make your items stand out and attract more potential buyers. From Reserved Price to Gallery Plus and Promoted Listings, these features can potentially increase your sales - but you'll have to pay a certain fee for them. 

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Additional features cost more, but will pay off over time

What Is an Authenticity Guarantee Program and Is It Part of eBay Sneaker Fees?

The Authenticity Guarantee program benefits both trainers sellers and buyers. This marketplace offers a specially designed authentication team that is there to physically inspect new or used sneakers after you list them (or after a buyer returns them). However, note that this program is available only for items listed in Women’s or Men’s Trainers categories that are priced at £100 or more. 

Once you post an eligible item, your listing will get the “Authenticity Guarantee” badge. After it is sold, the sneakers will be sent to an expert authentication team who will inspect them and be responsible for shipping them to the buyer.

Will you need to add this program to the eBay sneaker fees calculator? The good news is that, until further notice, this service comes free of charge, but the sellers must be activated in managed payments.

Can an Authenticity Guarantee Program Help Your Sales?

The Authenticity Guarantee program gives buyers peace of mind by guaranteeing they won't be scammed and that their purchase will be legit. It's especially important when you're selling and shipping expensive luxury and collectible sneakers. Buyers will more likely choose to make a purchase from a listing with an “Authenticity Guarantee” badge than from one that doesn't have it.

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Buyers are drawn to collectibles that are 100% authentic

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