What Does Bumped Mean on Vinted and Is It Good for Your Products

It's estimated that around 65 million people worldwide use Vinted's selling software, of which approximately 1.2 million come from the UK. With so many members, it's imperative to find a way to increase listing visibility - and Item Bump allows sellers to do so. But what does bumped mean on Vinted, and is it worth it? Find out in our simple guide about this premium feature.

Vinted's selling software distributed over the smartphone's screen
What does bumped mean on the Vinted app? We can help you learn everything you need to know about it

Item Bump is Vinted's additional feature that allows more visibility to the item it's purchased for. This service uses several different criteria to present your listing to the right buyers and increase the chance of purchase. However, note that this feature is purchasable - you can boost your visibility for three or seven consecutive days for an additional fee. 

What Does Bumped Mean on Vinted, and Can It Help You Get More Sales?

Item Bump is a premium visibility boost service that can help you reach more buyers. When you purchase this feature, a bumped post will be automatically displayed to more platform members - both on their catalog search results and feed/news feed.

An important part of this service is that it's completely customized and tailored to a number of criteria. It means that your listings will be shown on the feeds of those users who searched for similar clothing sizes, types, and brands in the past. Therefore, this feature will not only help you reach more potential buyers but make the right match between them and your bumped listings. 

Additionally, this service will allow you to track how many people have looked at the bumped post and compare the interactions before and after your purchase. Investing in this additional service can be a good idea when you want to sell used clothes and other items with this platform.

How Much Does Bumping an Item Cost on Vinted?

Vinted's one of the favorite online selling platforms among many sellers, and one of the reasons for it is the possibility of cost-free listings - that's what's making it one of the best places to start a business with no money.

However, premium features, like the Item Bump or Closet Spotlight, come with a fee. For example, if you're selling clothes online on Vinted and want a three-day bump, you'll need to set aside £0.95 (this price includes the value-added tax).

Note that you can purchase this service and increase visibility for three or seven consecutive days. Of course, if you sell the item in the meantime, it will stop being displayed to other users - but you can buy this feature for your other listings. 

Is This Service Transferable Between Items and Sellers?

Vinted's known as one of the platforms on which you can swap with other users. However, it doesn't apply to additional services - it can't be used for other listings, and it can't be transferred to another user. Once you purchase this feature, it's applicable only for the items you bought it for. However, if you want to increase the visibility of other clothing pieces you offer, keep in mind that you can buy an unlimited number of bumps.

A Bumped Post Can Be Removed if It Did Not Fall In With Vinted's Catalog Rules

In order for this service to last for as long as you purchased it, keep in mind that your listing must align with the platform policy stated in Catalog Rules. In the case you use this feature for some of the prohibited objects, for example, your post will be removed, and so will the purchased service - and you won't get a refund.

Person using Vinted's listing software on the smartphone
This service can boost visibility, but only if your post is in accordance with the platform's policy

How to Buy a Bump for Your Items - A Step-By-Step Guide

Purchasing this feature is simple and fast. If you decide to buy it when you start an eCommerce business, this is what you should do:

  • Step 1 - Open your profile,
  • Step 2 - Pres Bump button below the item you've opted for or press Bump your items if you wish to use this feature on multiple listings, 
  • Step 3 - Using the + sign, add more items to your order once it's shown, 
  • Step 4 - Go to the checkout screen by clicking on Review order, 
  • Step 5 - Select the payment method (you can choose between a credit card payment and Vinted Wallet).

Is Bumping Worth It?

So, what does bumped on Vinted mean regarding the sales? Using this feature can have a positive impact on your revenue and help you make money with Vinted. Still, keep in mind that the number of sales depends on other factors, like the quality of your items, their photos, as well as a set price. They are all of the immense importance when you want to attract more buyers, sell more items, and increase your revenue. 

Take a look at the video and learn some valuable tips to help your eCommerce business on this online marketplace platform:

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