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What Is Best to Sell on eBay - Navigating Categories

The first item ever sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer, while the most expensive item purchased was a 405-foot yacht. This paints a picture of how versatile this online marketplace is. But in 2024, more knowledge about what is best to sell on eBay is needed to win in the reselling game. From high-demand electronics to vintage collectibles, seek products that would put a shop on the map. Let us help you on this journey.

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Devise a business plan that would work for you - but first research is key

What Is Best to Sell on eBay - The First Category Is Baby Products

If you're interested in selling on eBay and making money, a savvy move is to dive straight into the baby product categories. This online marketplace platform is the largest second-hand market and full of opportunities for sellers - among the hot picks are toys tailored for infants.

Most success has been observed among the sellers offering developmental baby toys that aid in babies' growth and sensory skills. Furthermore, plush toys remain a beloved choice, serving as playthings and cherished keepsakes. Beyond playtime, the demand for baby monitors underscores the critical importance parents place on safety and well-being.

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Seek trending baby products that could easily be sourced online

The Second Popular Category Is Digital Equipment

This segment encompasses a wide array of tech gadgets and accessories, making reselling this profitable for those with an eye for high-demand electronics. Examples of items thriving in this category include the latest smartphones, tablets, wearable technology like smartwatches and fitness trackers, digital cameras for photography enthusiasts, and gaming consoles.

Accessories that enhance or protect these devices, such as cases, chargers, and lenses, also see high turnover rates. Given the constant evolution of technology and the appetite for the latest gadgets, an online shop specializing in digital equipment on eBay can capitalize on this demand.

Cameras & Photos Ranks Among the Most Searched Categories

As an online reseller of photography equipment, tapping into the demand for items such as lighting kits, camera drones, and camcorders can prove immensely profitable. These items are among the best things to resell on eBay, given their broad appeal and the continuous evolution in photography and videography technology. 

Furthermore, lenses and camera bags have attracted different buyers seeking authentic offerings. We recommend focusing on successfully meeting the needs of a diverse clientele looking to enhance their photography.

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For anyone interested in professional filmmaking, this is a great opportunity

Second-Hand Clothing, Accessories, and Shoes Hold Steady Sales

The allure of second-hand clothing, accessories, and shoes on eBay is undeniable, with this segment maintaining steady sales and proving to be a resilient market. Remarkably, the clothing category consistently finds itself in the top three every year, underscoring the unending demand for affordable and sustainable fashion options

Among the best-selling items within this vast category are men's t-shirts, featuring prominent brands such as Gildan and Hanes. On top of this, the categories of Men's Socks and Men's Hats get a lot of attention as well. This trend highlights a significant opportunity for sellers looking to sell vintage clothing or simply start an e-commerce business focused on pre-loved fashion.

Watch the video below for additional tips on selling clothing on eBay.

Health and Beauty Products Are a Lucrative Category for Beginners

The Health and Beauty products category represents a lucrative option for beginners looking to enter the e-commerce space. This sector is not only vast but also consistently in demand, as individuals continually seek products that contribute to their wellness. Some of the products offered within this category are:

  • Vitamins & dietary supplements - Essential for those focused on health and wellness.
  • Skincare products - From moisturizers to serums, catering to a variety of skin concerns.
  • Perfume - Offering a wide range of fragrances to suit different preferences.
  • Hair straighteners - Tools for achieving sleek, styled hair.
  • Hair dryers - Essential for quick and efficient hair styling.

Important advice for e-commerce business owners venturing into this category is to understand your target market and stay updated on the latest trends and innovations in health and beauty. Offering a selection that aligns with consumer preferences and presenting it appealingly can significantly boost sales.

What Vitamins and Dietary Supplements Attract Customers?

Multivitamins are a staple, offering a broad spectrum of essential nutrients to bolster general health and bridge dietary gaps. Vitamin D is particularly popular on eBay for its role in bone health, immune support, and mood improvement. 

Omega-3 fatty acids, such as those from fish oil and flaxseed oil, draw attention for their cardiovascular benefits and mental health support. The growing recognition of gut health's impact has propelled probiotics into the limelight, favored for aiding digestion and immune function. Tablets with a combination of different vitamins and minerals are among the most purchased.

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Apart from eBay, you can sell health products on Shopify with a crossposting tool

Expand Your Reach With Software for Selling Online

It doesn't always mean you'll reach record sales by only tapping into a popular category. But, there is a hack. With a crossposting app, there is almost zero chance of failure. What crossposting software allows you is to connect various platforms for selling your listings. So, instead of just offering on eBay, you'll list on Depop, Vinted, Etsy, and Shopify

It's best to work within the clothing category since the majority of shoppers online are in search of fashion finds. A multichannel listing software allows you to save time by having one unifying inventory. With additional features, cross-listing software will have your reselling strategy significantly improved. The best-selling software is Zipsale. Register right now to begin the successful climb. 

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