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What Is Best to Sell on Etsy - Finding Your Niche for Maximum Profit

Researching what is best to sell on Etsy can be complicated if you don't land on trusted resources. Fortunately, we'll guide you through the list of best-selling items on this platform and provide you with a springboard to e-commerce success. The aim is to unearth a niche that would allow for maximum profits but that isn't all about following trends. Let's go on this journey together. 

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Uncover the secrets of being among the pro resellers on Etsy

What Is Best to Sell on Etsy? Start With Personalized Jewelry

Opening an online store with a focus on reselling personalized jewelry is a golden ticket to get sales on Etsy. This marketplace thrives on individual expression and uniqueness. Craft jewelry that would resonate with buyers on a personal level. It's best to sell custom-engraved pendants, birthstone rings, minimalistic bracelets, and necklaces with a specific name. 

With an Etsy account, you can connect with customers seeking one-of-a-kind items that cannot be found anywhere else. So, we recommend tapping into the category of personalized jewelry.

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With the use of online selling tools, you can be noticed by more buyers

Craft Supplies for Other Artisans on the Platform

Etsy is the first multi-vendor marketplace platform artisans turn to for supplies. A great strategic move when starting an e-commerce business is to offer craft supplies to makers and creators. For instance, unique beads for accessories, high-quality yarns, and specialized tools for woodworking and pottery are among the top options. These supplies are in constant demand, so there's no way you'd make a mistake by investing in them. Help craftsmen bring creations to life with your listings while making reselling profitable.

How to Make Your Account Stand Out?

It does take time and effort, but once you establish a successful account on one of the best online selling platforms, it's easier to gain new followers. There is a sea of competitors selling craft suppliers, and a strategic differentiation is needed. Here are some effective tips to make sure the shop shines:

  • Choose a specific category of craft supplies. Specializing in a niche like eco-friendly or vintage supplies can attract a dedicated customer base.
  • Quick responses and personalized notes in shipments set a shop apart.
  • Use high-quality images and detailed descriptions.
  • Develop a strong, recognizable brand identity through consistent visuals and messaging across social media.
  • Participate in Etsy forums, collaborate with other sellers, and use social media to build relationships with fellow artisans.

Digital Artwork Is Gaining Popularity Fast

The combination of creativity and technology is always a winning ticket. With cutting-edge innovation that offers convenience and artist's talent, artwork has become more accessible. The ongoing trend is to sell digital artwork and make money with just a few clicks. One can profit from intricate printable wall art as well as branding materials like banners, labels, stickers, and logos.

Furthermore, the market for digital downloads includes personalized items such as planners, party invitations, and even whimsical or motivational quotes. Non-physical goods eliminate the hassle of shipping, therefore you can save on packaging and shipping costs, keeping the entirety of earnings.

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Utilize the sudden demand of printable digital artwork

Homemade Accessories and Clothes Are Profitable as Well

A convenient niche is the clothes and accessories category for shoppers seeking to tap into the second-hand market. The ultimate best-selling items within this niche resonate with the desire for individuality, sustainability, and quality. Among the plethora of choices, certain types of clothes are popular, such as:

  • Hand-knitted beanies and scarves,
  • Custom hoodies and T-shirts,
  • Tote bags,
  • Personalized leather goods,
  • Hand-sewn dresses,
  • Crocheted hats.

Eco-Friendly Products Promoting Sustainability

Global priority is environmental sustainability and the online marketplaces are inundated with eco-conscious consumers. New demands call for new products that serve practical purposes but that are zero-waste as well. Green options such as reusable shopping bags, biodegradable phone cases, sustainable beeswax wraps, solid shampoo bars, and bamboo toothbrushes are desired.

Apart from promoting a healthier lifestyle, the products are not deprived of the aesthetics factors. Etsy's community desires to support carbon footprint reduction with their purchases but they also need products to be embellished and look presentable. The majority of buyers insist on searching for eco-friendly gifts they can give to their friends for special occasions.

Here's a video with ideas for sustainable options.

Vinted and eBay Welcome Zero-Waste Products as Well

Vinted and eBay, two prominent online marketplaces, have also embraced the zero-waste movement, opening their virtual doors to a wide array of eco-friendly products. These platforms champion the cause of sustainability by offering a space where sellers can connect with buyers. If you want to tap into the sustainability category, you're not limited to presenting listings just on Etsy

On Vinted, known for its focus on second-hand fashion, zero-waste products find a home among those looking to reduce textile waste through the purchase of pre-loved clothing and accessories. eBay welcomes a broader range of eco-friendly items, from reusable kitchenware and compostable phone cases to vintage furniture and refurbished electronics.

You can have a crossposting app expand an e-commerce business devoted to such a category to other platforms. In this case, Vinted and eBay are ideal options.

A brand focused on environmentally responsible items can easily get attention on Etsy

Be a Star Seller by Using a Crossposting Tool

True success comes from an effort to expand to multiple platforms. Once the Etsy community shows interest in your listing, it's the right time to seek additional audiences on platforms such as Vinted, Shopify, Depop, Facebook Marketplace, and eBay. With a simple tool called crossposting software, it's simple to connect different sites and post listings on them. 

A user-friendly cross-listing software would allow you to use features that would improve the visibility of products. Use our multichannel listing software called Zipsale which promises to increase sales in record time. With features such as selling similar and auto-delisting, the selling software guarantees a profit.

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