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Maximize Your Earnings - Understanding Zipsale’s Features to Help You Resell

The online second-hand market cannot be more competitive. Zipsale, an innovative multichannel listing software, is designed to make reselling as easy as possible. With ultimate Zipsale's features to help you resell, it's possible to run online reselling operations efficiently. Whether you're a seasoned seller or new to the game, a crossposting tool can be a powerful helper through the reselling journey.

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Enjoy the benefits of having Zipsale as your trusted helper along the way

Use One of the Best Zipsale Tools - Mass/Scheduled Listing Tool

One of the most useful tools for those looking to sell online and make money is the Mass/Scheduled Listing tool. It enables you to list multiple items with a convenient one-click action, indicated by a distinctive purple "List" icon. 

On top of this, sellers are offered the flexibility to schedule their listings, allowing them to go live across various platforms at times that best suit their needs. This is particularly beneficial for larger online stores with high monthly inventory turnover.

Instructions on How a UK Seller Can Use This Tool for Reselling Items

As a UK seller looking to sell used items and hopefully start a successful resale business, ZIpsale's Mass/Scheduling Listing tool offers an efficient approach to overcome all initial obstacles. It simplifies the process of posting numerous products, making it an ideal solution for scaling the online e-commerce business. Optimize your time by following this step-by-step guide:

  • Go to your dashboard,
  • Click on "Mass listing" for bulk uploads,
  • Select the marketplace from the dropdown menu,
  • Continue by choosing "List now,"
  • Select the products that you wish to mass list,
  • When you want to schedule products for future uploads, select the "Schedule listings" option and then choose products to schedule for future uploads.

You Can Also Benefit From the Sell Similar Feature

What can be more time-consuming than creating listings? Well, nothing, so Zipsale has a solution for this issue. The Sell Similar features enable sellers to quickly find products that match the goods they want to sell by entering basic details like brand, size, and style. 

The crossposting software then presents you with similar listed products so you can choose the one that best resembles yours. When one is selected, the listing information, such as pricing suggestions, title, description, and category, is imported into the new listing. You will only need to import your photos.

Check out the video below for more information about this feature.

When It Comes to Inventory Management, Zipsale’s Autodelisting Feature Is Key

Juggling multiple online selling platforms can be tough if you have to change each listing's status by yourself. It makes the process more complicated and time-consuming. The majority of resellers would give up by a certain point or seek other people to provide assistance to them with work. Fortunately for Zipsale users, there is an auto-delisting tool that will help anyone with inventory management. 

What this feature is designed to do is delist sold products from other marketplaces and protect the store from overselling products. It generally takes 5 minutes for products to vanish from other marketplaces. 

What Marketplace Doesn’t Support Auto-delisting Feature?

First and foremost, it should be underlined that users with a free subscription don't have access to the auto-delisting feature. Only users who have chosen to pay for monthly or annual plans get the opportunity to enjoy auto-delisting. 

On top of this, it will delist automatically from eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Depop, and Poshmark, but not from Vinted. For this multi-vendor marketplace platform, sellers need to delist their second-hand items manually. However, Zipsale's team promises implementation of this feature for Vinted as well in future releases.

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Vinted is the only marketplace platform that doesn't have this feature on Zipsale

Booster Relisting Tool Will Improve Possibilities of Reselling Old Items

One of Zipsale's new features is the boosting tool for eBay and Depop. Those dealing with vintage items worth money that don't really sell best on eBay or Depop would benefit from it greatly. This feature revitalizes old listings, which can often become buried and overlooked in search results over time.

By simply clicking on the "Booster" button, the crosslisting software relists up to 100 selected products and then enhances their visibility and appeal to the buyers. Unlike the simpler "refreshing" option, which merely re-saves the present offering, this feature recreates an old item from the ground up. The likelihood of reselling old items is greater now since they seem like they are recently listed.

Try Pricing and Marketing Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories Differently

It's best to do a bit of market research before boosting listings. Sometimes, the buyers are not attracted to particular listings because of a vague description or the pricing strategy. You can choose to change information in your listings before the item ultimately sells

Search from hints from the competitors, so when the product gets boosted, the new info presents it in a better light. For instance, vintage clothes, shoes, and accessories require in-depth details in the descriptions for the buyers to trust you as a seller, particularly on Depop and eBay.

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Learn how online selling tools can improve an online store

With All Zipsale's Features to Help You Resell, It's Possible to Grow a Business

Everything needed for operating a smooth reselling business is included in Zipsale, the best crossposting app. Connecting all the best online selling platforms and having the freedom to let the listing software keep track of all products as well as delist anything that gets sold is just the tip of the iceberg. It's possible to speed up the process of creating listings and posting regularly without any issues on platforms such as eBay, Depop, Vinted, Shopify, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, and Poshmark. So, without any hesitation sign up for this software for selling online and experience hassle-free store management.

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