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What Are the Best Selling Items on Vinted to Watch

In the constantly evolving landscape of online selling platforms, new sellers are drawn to Vinted's marketplace, which focuses on second-hand fashion. If you've been asking yourself what are the best selling items on Vinted, fear not because we want to share some advice. Whether you are looking to get rid of unwanted belongings or hoping to start a successful e-commerce business, understanding the trending products will enhance your experience on this multi-vendor marketplace platform.

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What is the best-selling items on Vinted? Find out all the details right here!

What Are the Best Selling Items on Vinted in the Women's Category?

If you want to sell clothes on Vinted, the women's category is seen as a hub of thriving e-commerce. Some of the most popular items in this category are shirts, skirts, dresses, and sweaters. However, the dress subcategory surpasses all. Another category that stands out among the most favoured ones is women's shoes. Sandals, slippers, high-heels, and boots can be sold very easily. 

What is more, enjoying your e-commerce business and getting appropriately paid is possible if you tap into the thriving category of beauty products and cosmetics. The most sought-after subcategories are skincare products and perfumes.

Watch the video below to learn useful tips on how to sell on the platform and what will get your customers to buy the item.

Watch Out For Vintage Clothing Pieces When Selling in the Women's Clothing Category

Do you want your item to get noticed by 75 million registered users on one of the best online selling platforms? The only thing that you should do is tap into the second-hand market and pick vintage garments that hold a timeless appeal to sell online. 

Choose unique patterns and classic cuts that carry a touch of nostalgia. When you list your products, make sure to share with the customers any distinguishing features, such as iconic design elements and specific features. Bear in mind that pricing the vintage pieces fairly is important as well.

A woman choosing clothes
Offer buyers just what they want! They will buy something timeless and unique!

You Will Able to Flip Various Accessories Successfully on Vinted

Accessories that are always in demand are:

  • Belts,
  • Scarves,
  • Handbags,
  • Jewelry.

Buyers usually want products that are made with special materials and that come with a specific brand name. With the right presentation and competitive pricing, this might be a perfect vintage category in which your different accessories will find their way to the hands of eager buyers.

A woman taking a picture of a handbag
Try to find your niche when attempting to resell on an online marketplace platform

What Are the Best Reselling Items on Vinted in the Men’s Category?

Is the men's category any different from women's? Actually, no, and since Vinted is primarily a pre-loved fashion reselling website, the used clothing subcategories are still the most wanted, even within the men's category. 

Jackets, suits, coats, pants, sweaters, and sportswear are sold the most. What is more, sellers have the most success when it comes to reselling elegant shoes like loafers since they are highly sought after.

Don't Hide From a Chance to Earn Money By Reselling Popular Outerwear

If you are searching for helpful tips for making money on this website, you've come to the right place. Do not miss the opportunity to earn money by reselling well-liked outerwear within the men's category. 

Jackets, vests, blazers, and coats are perennially in demand, and buyers always seek out stylish and functional pieces. Sellers who tap into this market won't be disappointed at all since this is one of the most sought-after categories on the website. Experience a boost in sales by finding pieces of well-known brands such as Forever 21, H&M, and Adidas.

A man in a blue denim jacket
A great way to ensure your listings get sold is to invest in a crossposting app!

Earn Money By Offering Toys and Games From Popular Brands in the Kids' Category

In the kids' category, customers mostly seek games and toys. The vibrant market is a treasure trove of opportunities for collectors and patents to enjoy their time while buying beloved playtime treasures. Among the most bought items are LEGO sets that ignite creativity, vintage My Little Pony figures, and board games like Monopoly that bring people together. The demand is always high for action figures and vintage Barbies. Some of the greatest vintage products for resale on the Vinted website are toys and games.

A Little Bit Later, You Can Start Listing Vintage Children's Clothing

If you start an online store by reselling games and toys, you might be wondering how to expand the e-commerce business while continuing to sell within the kid's category. Well, we recommend that you begin flipping children's clothes, which are the second best selling category. Second-hand children's clothing, like cozy sweaters and charming dresses ideal for baby photoshoots, should make the listings easily noticed on the platform.

Children playing with blocks
Another tip to follow when you want to grow a business is to find a good cross-listing software

Sing Up on the Platform and Experience the Benefits of Reselling Popular Home Products

If you want to sign up on the platform and sell home products, there is a chance that you might benefit from reselling sought-after home goods. Some of the most searched-for listings within this category are:

  • Vintage wall art, 
  • Artisan pottery, 
  • High-quality kitchen appliances, 
  • Cozy bedding sets.

Searching for potential buyers won't come as a hassle since these products can be easily sold with some well-lit photographs and descriptions that highlight the greatest features and reveal any imperfections. It's also good to have a brand that would resonate with numerous buyers.

Assorted table figurines
The home products category is one of the most interesting on the platform!

First, Read a Bit About a Crossposting Tool and Then Register With Zipsale to Become a Top Online Reseller

Even though a seller decides to tap into a category that promises getting profit fast on a particular platform, the listing falls short of the expectations. However, there is no need to worry at all if you use crossposting software. An article of clothing, a toy, or a home decor piece can find its destined customer on other platforms such as eBay, Shopify, Depop, or Etsy

The most useful software to sell on both eBay and Depop is Zipsale. Have the opportunity to organize your listings better and list anything new in a matter of seconds with the amazing features of the selling software. Register with us and use the software for selling online today.

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