5 Best Things to Resell for Easy Profit

The resale market is rapidly growing, thanks to customers' demand for affordability and sustainability. That is why many people decide to try earning by flipping different kinds of products. Naturally, some things sell better than others - so what are the best things to resell for a profit? If you plan on starting a reselling online business, here are products you should consider selling.

Girl using cross-listing software on a laptop
Take a look at some of the most profitable products to flip

#1 Flipping Clothes Will Help You Make Money Easily

Clothes are one of the best things to buy and resell for profit - they meet high demand but, at the same time, allow you to start an online business with no money or just a small investment. Moreover, most clothing resellers begin by listing their used clothes for a certain price, and only after that go in search of possible suppliers.

When you resell everything you want from your closet, you can start visiting places like garage sales and thrift stores, or look at marketplaces, such as Depop or eBay, to update your inventory. Keep in mind that there are many wholesale suppliers in the UK that can help you make an easy profit. Take a look at the video below to learn how to find them:

Vintage Clothes Are Among the Best-Selling Items

When it comes to the second-hand market, note that there is a huge demand for used clothes several decades old or for new retro pieces that resemble that kind of style. Therefore, if you're looking for a category that guarantees a vast number of potential buyers, you won't make a mistake by choosing to sell vintage clothing

As a matter of fact, old and vintage things are generally some of the best things to buy and resell. Reselling shoes and sneakers, vintage jewelry and accessories, but also, kitchenware and entertainment products can also be very profitable. 

#2 Books Are Some of the Best Things to Buy In Bulk and Resell

If you want to start an eCommerce business, note that books are some of the most popular products you can flip for a profit. The good news is that there are many different places you can look to buy different editions - even in bulk for a truly low price. Of course, signed books and book sets, as well as first editions or rare comic books will be the most profitable options. However, you'll likely find the right audience for almost every book you decide to list. 

Books on a shelf sold with the help of selling software
Digital and audio editions have yet to surpass the popularity of physical book copies

#3 Sporting Items and Sports Memorabilia Are Always Sought-After

Research shows that flipping sporting equipment can bring the biggest profits. Everything from treadmills over gymnastics mats to racing bikes can be worth your time and money. Of course, the pricing will depend on the type of item, its scarcity, working condition, and so on. However, when reselling sporting equipment, make sure to post them in the appropriate season to get good results. 

On the other hand, sports memorabilia also has a wide range of potential buyers. Many sports fans look for signed cards and balls, jerseys, team hats, and shirts to add to their own collection. The rule of thumb is that limited-edition and hard-to-find items bring the most money.

Sports collectibles are some of the most profitable items to flip

#4 Wooden Furniture Can Bring You a Significant Profit

If you're looking for items that have a high resale value, flipping furniture made from quality wood can bring you significant profit. Old chairs, tables, and desks made from solid wood are of better quality than most furnishing pieces made today. On the other hand, new high-quality furniture usually has a high price, which is why many people look to strike a deal with resellers. You can find these types of furniture in many thrift stores and garage sales. Even if they are not in prime condition, you can always restore them and secure a higher price. 

Antique Used Furniture Sometimes Sells Even Better Than New

The antique and vintage furniture market is blooming, but, of course, not all antique furniture will have the same value. If it has an unusual purpose, comes from a well-known brand, or has some distinctive motif, coloring, and atypical design, you may be dealing with a rare piece that can earn you a lot. 

Old table sold with the help of cross-posting software
According to Vogue, old furniture is one of the hottest trends in home decor.

#5 You Can Flip Electronics for Quite a Bit of Money

Tech gadgets are pretty simple to flip, but keep in mind that the profit you'll get will depend on specific brands, as well as the nature of the electronics you're listing. Used smartphones, smart watches, tablets, laptops, and computers are constantly in demand. On the other hand, when flipping electronics, you should look for brands like Apple, MacBook, Sony, and Nintendo, as well as Samsung - the most popular electronic brand in the UK, according to Statista

Close up iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, and iPhone 12 Pro Max
Electronics are trendy items on the second-hand market and will help you make profits quickly

Now You Know What Are the Best Things to Resell Online - But Where to Sell Them?

Once you realize which products you'll be reselling, the new question arises - where to do so? Choosing a multi-vendor marketplace platform is a good start, but there are just too many to choose from. You can go with Craigslist, social media marketplaces, or pick some of the best online selling platforms in the UK, like:

If you plan on flipping general goods, eBay may be a good choice. However, if you plan to focus your attention on one category, such as fashion, you can also try selling on Depop or starting a successful Etsy shop

Using Multichannel Listing Software Can Bring You Even Greater Success

Greater visibility means more potential buyers, and more potential buyers mean more sales. That is why many people choose to list on more than just one online marketplace platform. The logic is simple - the more people see your listing, the greater the chance you'll get the sale. 

However, managing your inventory and selling on multiple platforms sounds a lot easier than it is. When crossposting on various platforms, it's easy to make mistakes, like overselling - not to mention all the time and energy each manual listing and delisting demands from you. 

Luckily, an easy solution exists, and you can find it by using reliable cross-listing software for selling online.

Man using a laptop
A suitable crossposting tool can be of great help with selling online

Zipsale Will Help Get the Most From Multiple Online Selling Tools With the Minimum Effort

If you're looking for software to sell on both eBay and Depop and many other popular platforms, Zipsale, our cross-posting app, can help immensely. It allows you to connect various platforms and automatically upload new products, as well as update your current wares and delist sold ones. 

Imagine how much time you'll save by using Zipsale instead of manually managing your inventory through different platforms. This is why you can maximize your visibility and have more sales worry-free and without any added effort. If you're interested, sign up as soon as possible and choose a plan most suitable to your desired business model.


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