How Much Does Depop Take Per Sale?

The most important aspect of the online selling business is the fee structure. You cannot venture into the multi-vendor marketplace platform before understanding how much you can make from sales. So, how much does Depop take away from your sales? Fortunately, there is only a flat rate fee per sale and no subscription or listing fees. Find out more in our in-depth guide on one of the best online selling platforms' fees.

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Do you know what the price for one sold listing on the platform is?

How Much Does Depop Take Per Sale? Here's What Percentage Of The Price Will Be Deducted

Have you uploaded a good listing on the platform? While you are waiting for the right customer, you should learn all about Depop's fees. Luckily there is only one charge that is going to be charged once you make a sale. So, how much percent does Depop take? The final answer - only 10% of your listing price. It's always deducted automatically and charged on the entire cost of the transaction as well as the shipping costs.

On the other hand, clothing resellers who have chosen to sell on Depop via PayPal are going to be charged through their PayPal account. But, resellers who have decided to sell through the platform's Payments option, will see the amount deducted even before the payout reaches their account.

Bear in mind that there is a transaction fee that will be deducted from your account when using PayPal and Depop's Payments to resell items.

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One must count on the standard 10% charge for every listing that gets sold

Are Sellers Only Charged The Standard 10% Depop Fee When They Sell an Item?

There are no additional charges associated with the platform. For every sale you make there is just the standard 10% charge of the entire transaction cost. This charge should work in favor of the platform and ensure the best user experience. The major difference between Depop and other platforms like eBay and Vinted is that there isn't a subscription or a listing charge. Anyone who wants to resell second-hand clothing can freely sign up on the platform and begin posting listings.

However, those that want to become successful online resellers can use a crossposting tool and begin reselling on multiple platforms. With software for selling online, handling charges and orders won't be an issue.

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Don't settle on just one marketplace, use the crosslisting software and increase profit

How Does Selling On The Platform Work? Here's What You Can Get Charged

Are you wondering how much money does Depop take? Have a look at the list below. We've provided you with all that will be deducted. Don't forget that the price of the shipping will be included as well:

  • The standard 10% fee,
  • The transaction charge is approximately 2.9% plus additional 0.30 pounds. These transaction charges are associated with Depop's Payments and PayPal. It should be noted that there might be an extra service charge of 1.29% for transactions made in the United Kingdom and EU.
  • Resellers who will be using the label "Shipping With Depop" will need to pay for the cost of the label.
  • A special feature called "Boosted Listings" comes at an additional cost as well. There is an 8% charge for all items that get sold from the boosted category.

When resellers are aware of potential charges, they can come up with a strategy for their sales so that they attract more buyers and earn more money. One can boost sales by knowing how to design the shop and listings. Check out this insightful video if you want to be a successful e-commerce owner.

How Can You See Your Fees In Your Account?

One can easily check what charges were deducted. In the app, you can see all the payments when you sell using Depop's Payments feature. All one needs to do is click on the "Payments" option in the app, and go to the "Latest Transactions." There you'll have an overview of your activity.

However, charges for used clothes that have been sold via PayPal cannot be seen in the app. First, one needs to sign in to the account through the website. The last step is to select the "Activity" option and from there you can have a look at all the recent fee payments and sales on the platform.

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Check all that was deducted from your account on PayPal or in Depop's application

Calculate All Charges And Predict Expenses - Here's How It Works

Do you want to raise your profit? Top resellers are required to predict their expenses. If you become one of the most reputable resellers, you will get more followers. Therefore, calculate all charges in advance before establishing a store and follow our advice on how to determine whether you'll make money or not.

Tips on Calculating All Fees Manually

Take a pen and paper before you start adding all charges that will be deducted from the price of the product. It's vital to jot down any variable that will be included in the transaction. Bear in mind that there are particular charges for UK/EU transactions as well as the cost of Depop's shipping label. Ask yourself - how much the product originally cost and how much you need to pay for shipping. Determine whether there will be a profit from selling the item.

The Other Option Is to Use Apps

Technology can play an integral role in calculating charges. There are applications specifically designed for determining possible fees. Also, resellers can find calculators that are intended for the platform's charges, so you would speed up the entire process. The only thing you will need to enter is the shipping costs, the price of the item, the percentage of the Depop's charge, and the PayPal charges.

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It's crucial to predict expenses and potential profit by calculating charges

Do You Need Help Handling Fees and Orders? Invest in a Crossposting App

You might be able to handle all orders and charges when you are just starting in the online selling industry. However, when you become a more experienced seller it will be impossible to keep track of all orders. Individuals who want to use multiple reselling platforms would run into great problems. 

But, crosslisting software can be helpful in these instances. Online selling tools that are designed for crossposting listings can save you money, keep track of sales and automatically delist anything that gets bought. 

Use software to sell on both eBay and Depop like Zipsale and you won't worry whether the platform's charges might impact your profit. You will sell more and, therefore, earn more. Register with Zipsale, a crossposting software, today and become a top reseller.


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