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How to Make an Additional Income in This Turbulent Economy - Online Reselling Tips and Tricks

The economic outlook for the United Kingdom seems grim. The recovery from Brexit and the pandemic is stalling due to the war in Ukraine. The ongoing inflation has many people struggling to make ends meet. But knowing how to make an additional income in this turbulent economy can help tremendously, and we've got the answer to how to do it! Selling on the best online selling platforms can help you navigate all financial difficulties!

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If you want to know how to make money from reselling, you've come to the right place

Here’s How to Make Extra Money From Reselling Online - Your First Job Is to Explore Marketplace Platforms

With the inflation uncertainties in the UK and the economic growth projected for 2024 to be only 0.6%, according to the British Chambers of Commerce, numerous people are at a loss on how to curb household spending or find new jobs to make more money for their bills. A great way to overcome this is by investing time in creating compelling listings on a multi-vendor marketplace platform and earning from online shoppers.

We recommend learning about all marketplace platforms available in the UK and studying their policies and fees. Another important aspect is calculating how much money it would be needed to use a particular online selling platform and whether your products would bring in profit. Spend some time watching the best YouTube channels about reselling to learn the ins and outs of this industry so you can begin your career as a reseller.

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Learning how to make an income by reselling always starts with research

A Bonus Tip for Financial Success: Choose the Marketplace Platform Based on the Things You Want to Sell

There are numerous platforms to choose from, but our advice is to base your decision on the type of market you want to tap into. Popular platforms people can choose from include:

  • Depop: An ideal platform to offer trendy vintage clothing that mostly appeals to Generations Z and Y. Apart from used clothes, reselling vintage accessories and home decor are also popular options.
  • Vinted: The most popular categories on this platform are pre-owned women's clothes and kids' clothes. Unlike Depop, Vinted is focused more on various kinds of second-hand clothing, and users are less concerned with how fashionable the items are.
  • Shopify: Apart from clothing, Shopify's users mostly search for health and wellness products. A particularly sought-after category is eco-friendly and sustainable items.
  • Facebook Marketplace: Here you will find people shopping for second-hand furniture, home decor, books, baby care products, fitness equipment, and toys. Of course, there is a certain flexibility associated with this platform, and some ordinary items can be very profitable on this website, such as books and pre-owned decorative pieces.
  • Etsy: This is a perfect platform for home decor enthusiasts as well as individuals who are creating their own handmade jewelry and accessories. Another popular category that can bring a lot of Etsy sales is furniture.
  • eBay: From electronics to collectibles, eBay users shop for miscellaneous items. However, the most lucrative categories remain second-hand clothing and the latest gadgets, together with toys.

Create the Look of an Online Store That Stands Out From the Rest

Once you know what kind of products would bring you profit on a particular online marketplace platform, it's time to create a new online store. However, to ensure that the listings don't get lost in the myriad of other similar stores, a seller needs to create a brand. 

We recommend that you make time for deciding what your brand will look like, how you want to appeal to the buyers, and what the overall message of the brand is. Use additional features provided by platforms to customize your store and choose a style that fits in with your new e-commerce business

The customer needs to take only a brief glance at the store and understand what you are selling. Additional tip: no one was ever bored into making a purchase, so keep the design creative and fun!

Here is a guide on what customization of the store looks like for Shopify sellers.

Make Sure to Post Informative Listings on Your Store

Apart from the store design, you need to work on the look of the listings that the buyers will view. What makes someone click on the "purchase button" are the product images, in-depth description, and persuasive language. These three factors will impact the time the listing will stay on the platform before someone purchases the item.

We recommend investing in clear and quality pictures showcasing everything about the product you are selling. On top of this, inform the buyers about the dimensions, flaws, and characteristics of the product. Don't omit any information since there is a chance the buyer might ask for a refund.

Store’s Design and Quality Images Can Influence the Buyer’s Decision - Follow Our Tips for Taking Photos of Images

Some jobs can be left to professionals who can deliver quality services. In the case of photography, the best decision is to leave this job to photographers. They can take 360-degree images that can showcase the item perfectly and give the customer a chance to have a clear picture of what the item is like. With equipment and a professional who can capture such images, one can successfully increase the site's conversion rate, according to Internet Retailer Magazine.

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The first thing that the shoppers will go through are pictures, so better make them good

Assess and Determine the Best Payment Options for Your Shop

If the payment options don't work for numerous potential buyers, the store won't draw a lot of attention. So, if you want to have a successful e-commerce business, make sure that there are different payment options that cater to various buyers

The majority of sites will provide you with different options and the opportunity to connect with additional sites such as PayPal, Stripe, and Apple Pay. Adding payments to the shop can be done via credit card payment processing and payment gateway packages.

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Write in your listings descriptions what kind of payment options the store supports

To Ensure That You Advance in Sales, Invest in a Crossposting Tool

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right customer for a certain product or service on one platform, but there is no need to worry since cross-listing software can help. With a good crossposting app, you can have your listings posted simultaneously on various sites and thus increase the chance of making a sale. For example, if you invest in software to sell on both eBay and Depop, you can be sure that there will be a buyer on at least one site.

How Much Money Can You Make From Reselling With Crossposting Software?

The truly great selling software can improve sales by up to 50%. If a seller keeps up with the trends and is always in the loop about how the market functions, the store and the listings should reflect that. 

However, with a crossposting app, you can increase sales with no effort at all. The online selling tools are designed to keep track of orders on multiple platforms and automatically delist anything sold. You only need to improve the marketing strategy and your listings - the rest is up to the software for selling online.

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Overcome the unstable economy by selling online and crossposting items

Wondering How to Make an Additional Income in This Turbulent Economy? The Answer Is Zipsale

Don't bother with the search for the ultimate way to additional income when you can utilize Zipsale to your advantage. This is the best listing software that guarantees an increase in sales for any type of online store, especially ones for second-hand clothing. This multichannel listing software will manage the listings effectively and present numerous buyers with your products. The good news is that there is only one inventory for all products and listings, so you won't get lost when going through your listings. Have a look at our website and sign up today.

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