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How to Sell Clothes on Poshmark

Learn the secrets of showcasing, listing, and pricing a fashionable wardrobe for success. Follow our guide on how to sell clothes on Poshmark and discover how an online business of reselling pre-loved fashion can be profitable. By implementing some of the key tips provided in our blog, it will be easy to boost sales and expand the customer base quickly and effortlessly.

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Take some time to learn how the multi-vendor marketplace platform works

So, when it comes to learning how to sell used clothes on Poshmark, the absolute best course of action is to start with a bit of research into the guidelines and policies of the app. When you are familiar with the market and the fees, invest time and effort into creating a unique account, taking high-quality photographs, writing compelling descriptions, and engaging with buyers. Pick out the clothing from your home that will be sold, or find a way to source items. Finally, attempt to expand your reach with multichannel listing software.

Create an Account That Will Stand Out

Once the fees and policies are studied and understood, begin the journey by creating an interesting account many customers would seek. When selecting a username, opt for something that reflects your individuality and is in line with the type of clothing that will be sold.

The fashion storefront is the profile picture. This is not a place to put a picture of a dog or flowers - we recommend that you choose an eye-catching image of a logo or one that encapsulates the style of the online shop.

Adding a compelling bio to the profile is another key element in making the account stand out. Share the fashion inspirations, favorite brands, and even catchy fashion quotes to pique curiosity. Include information about yourself, such as your location and a link to a public Instagram.

If you're struggling with figuring out how to start an e-commerce business on Poshmark, watch the following video for extra tips.

Invest Time Into Snapping Well-Lit Photographs

First and foremost, before selling clothes online, you have to prepare them. Wash it thoroughly, get rid of stains, and try to fix all flaws that are visible. Some flaws may be beyond repair, so remember to take note of that when it comes time to write an honest description.

Lay the item on the bed, have someone wear it and model it, or simply hang it on the closet door at home. Show it from all angles, and make sure to capture every detail. Take close-up photos of zippers, logos, clasps, and corners. A great tip for clothing resellers is to use an application for photo editing so as to make a couple of collage images. 

Here Are a Couple of Extra Tips for Making the Photos Showcase the Items Perfectly

New resellers often ask themselves - how does selling clothes on Poshmark work? The truth is that the process isn't different from other online selling platforms such as eBay, Depop, Shopify, and Etsy. For all of them, the deciding factor between a pass and a purchase on this app for selling used clothing is the photography. We have some extra tips relating to this issue that might help with reselling:

  • Use natural lighting,
  • Make sure the background is organized and clean,
  • Pay attention to the resolution,
  • Stabilize the camera or use a tripod,
  • Maintain a consistent style,
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, and color balance if needed.

Compelling and Truthful Descriptions

Honesty and allure should be the guiding principles when it comes to this step. Describe the garment's style along with its condition and unique features. For instance, in case a vintage leather jacket is being listed, highlight the intricate stitching and the distinct design elements. Mention any imperfections and details that the buyer needs to know. 

Don't forget to mention the dimensions and the original price. Inform the followers whether only one item is being sold or you're reselling multiple articles of clothing. The followers want to know everything about vintage clothing, so indulge them.

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Learning how to sell your clothes on Poshmark? Then, check out some listing descriptions.

Set Competitive Prices That Would Attract Buyers

Pricing too high can discourage potential customers, but pricing too low can undervalue the item, thus affecting the profitability of the listing. To strike the perfect balance, research similar listings and check the pricing trends. If a limited-edition, luxurious item of clothing needs to be listed, consider the condition, brand, and market demand for determining the price. 

Remember that pricing too low will raise suspicion about its authenticity. However, to safeguard yourself against followers thinking you are a fraud, just use the Poshmark Authenticate feature.

Conduct Market Research on Poshmark When Deciding on the Price You Want to Sell Items For

It's important to learn how the online second-hand market works. Search for your competition by typing in the search bar the type of products you are reselling and get a sense of how these items are priced. Take note of specific features like brand and condition that influence pricing. Compare the listings of similar products across different platforms such as Shopify, eBay, and Depop and gauge how the type of buyers you are seeking are thinking and shopping. Only then you'll be able to list the product confidently in the app.

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Always seek new information about the market trends to become a top reseller

Obtain Supplies and Nice Packaging

Create an exceptional shopping experience for the buyers. Source high-quality packaging materials that protect the items during shipping and reflect the brand's professionalism. Consider incorporating a personal touch, such as a handwritten thank-you note or a small branded sticker. For vintage clothing items, use tissue paper or garment bags to maintain their condition and presentation. Use sturdy boxes so that everything stays intact during shipping and it arrives at the buyer's home in perfect condition.

A woman carrying two sturdy boxes
The shop will gain a good reputation if you are committed to customer satisfaction

How to Sell Clothes on Poshmark Fast - Bonus Tips

If you're reading this blog to get the answer to the question - how to sell my clothes on Poshmark quickly, we've got you covered. Here are a couple of bonus tips that would make the shop stand out right away:

  • Offer competitive bundle deals,
  • Share listings on social media,
  • Optimize descriptions and titles,
  • Time the listings,
  • List items regularly,
  • Stay engaged and active in the world of the second-hand market,
  • Chat with the buyers about their concerns and questions
  • Make sure to utilize crossposting software.

Does Your Shop Need More Followers? Use Software for Selling Online to Increase Sales

The only way to get a lot of sales in the shortest amount of time possible is by posting on multiple platforms. With one of the best online selling tools like Zipsale, selling online becomes effortless. Save yourself money and effort by letting the multichannel listing software monitor sales and make more people visit the shop. With the crossposting app, you'll have a chance to check your inventory from just one place but have listings on numerous platforms. Anything that gets purchased will be automatically delisted. So, sign up with this superb software to sell on both eBay and Depop simultaneously and start your journey today.

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