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3 Best Apps to Sell Used Items

Looking for a way to flip pre-loved possessions? Online selling platforms offer numerous options to make the process of reselling items efficient and smooth. In this era of technology, using the best apps to sell used items can significantly improve the reselling experience since you can post pictures directly from your phone. Connect with potential buyers, maximize the chances of success, and earn money on the side.

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In a myriad of apps, it's necessary to know which are the best ones for reselling your possessions

So what are some of the apps you can use to find potential buyers for your products? The best ones by far for UK sellers include Shopify, eBay, and Vinted. Even though the category that is the most popular on the majority of these platforms is clothing, there are categories such as home decor, electronics, toys, collectibles, books, and accessories that a large number of users seek.

One of the Best Apps to Sell Used Items Is eBay

The eBay app is one of the first shopping mobile apps since it was created in 2008. Today, on the App Store, the application holds a rating of 4.8 stars and is seen as the top shopping application worldwide. 

You can easily open an online store and, just like that, start your e-commerce business by simply downloading the application to your smartphone or tablet. It provides a user-friendly interface where the seller can easily list vintage items, add detailed descriptions and allocate a reasonable price.

On top of this, the application was improved in 2022, and now sellers can calculate the shipping cost, print shipping labels, and edit the customer address for returns and shipping directly in the application. Feel free to explore the numerous benefits of using it while trying to grow a successful e-commerce business and make more money.

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The best app for selling used items of any kind is definitely eBay!

Do You Want to Sell With the eBay App and Make Money? It's Best to First Learn All About eBay’s Seller Fees

Anyone considering tapping into any online marketplace platform needs to be aware of the different fees that come with selling vintage stuff online. eBay is not an exception, and there are a couple of seller fees one needs to know. Here are the ones every seller encounters:

  • eBay listing fee - The platform charges a fee for using the application or site to list the item. The amount depends on the item's category and the starting price.
  • Final value fee - Once the item gets successfully sold, the platform charges the final value fee, which is the percentage of the total price (this includes shipping). This fee can range from 1.5% to 12%, depending on the item's category.
  • Additional charges - Adding upgrades and enjoying extra features for boosting the visibility of your stuff also comes with additional fees; however, this depends on the upgrade you choose.

So, before listing anything using the application, we recommend visiting eBay's website and studying the fee structure. This will help tremendously when pricing the item and calculating the profits accurately.

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For e-commerce to succeed, one needs to know the ins and outs of a marketplace

Selling Vintage Stuff Locally and Worldwide Efficiently Is Possible on the Shopify App

Building a business can be done via the Shopify application. This powerful application allows users to carry out orders and post a listing on the go and wherever they find themselves at the moment. The online store can be fully customized on the phone. 

What makes this superb is how easy it is to upload media, set up Shopify payments, take pics of the stuff for resale as well as fulfill orders and manage inventory. Whether you want to dip your toes in the online shopping industry by reselling on Shopify or you are already a seasoned reseller, this application has the tools that would be integral for your endeavor either way.

Make sure to watch this in-depth guide about how to use the Shopify application.

Quickly Get Rid of All Old Possessions and Make Money via the Vinted App 

With its 75 million members, Vinted app has become an innovative multi-vendor marketplace platform that lets resellers effortlessly get rid of their old possessions. With Vinted's easy-to-understand selling process, you can showcase preloved treasures to an eager community of fashion enthusiasts and get paid. Popular categories on this application include homeware items and toys. It is free to use, and there are no in-app purchases.

Not Sure Whether Selling Items With Vinted App Is Worth It? Learn About Pros and Cons to Make a Decision

Unlike other marketplace platforms, Vinted does not have any reselling fees, which means you can list whatever you want using the application for free. This gives you a head start when reselling on Vinted and provides more chances for success if you want to start an e-commerce business with no money. A part of this advantage is that a variety of goods can be offered in an online store since the platform has a diverse user base.

The cons are primarily associated with buyers since there is a 20% fee that has to be paid for an item by the buyer, which might discourage some users from purchasing a pricier listing. Another drawback is that the delivery tracking doesn't always provide accurate information, but this can be overcome with great customer service on your part. Always be free to answer any questions the buyers might have issues with.

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It's time to decide whether reselling stuff on Vinted will be worth it!

Connect All Three Platforms With the Help of a Crossposting Software

eBay, Shopify, and Vinted stand out as the best apps for beginning a reselling career; however, you don't have to use just one of them. With reliable multichannel listing software that connects different selling platforms and posts listings on each one, you can manage your business better.

A cross-listing software that offers this is Zipsale. The perk of our crossposting app is that you can track your sales on the go and change anything about the listings and the item's price in one inventory. Selling software that increases revenue allows you to plan a selling strategy in advance. Read all about one of the best online selling tools on our website, and don't hesitate to register today!

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