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How to Ship with Depop - A Guide to Easy and Efficient Shipping

Buckle up, because we're about to take you on a journey that'll make the process of sending your packages to buyers smoother than ever before! We want to spill the beans on how to ship with Depop, revealing advice that will ensure you become a reselling rockstar. Of course, the reselling and shipment methods need to be upgraded from time to time, and we know just what would put your online store on the map.

Scattered cardboard boxes
Determine the cost of an item by learning different shipment options

How to Ship With Depop UK - Introduction to Basics

In the United Kingdom, the process of sending a package to buyers is the same as in other countries, but the courier services differ. After a successful sale, the seller packages the item securely, weighs it, and selects the courier. 

Sellers who opt to do everything through the multi-vendor marketplace platform can generate the label and get the parcel immediately shipped. The tracking information is updated on the app, so monitoring the progress of delivery is simple.

Some resellers always wonder - how to ship on Depop with PayPal. The crux of the matter is that PayPal is needed to access the label for the package. So, if you've succeeded at linking the PayPal account with the online store and the account is verified, you can get labels as soon as the sales are completed.

How to Ship with App Depop vs Website

Both options are viable and easy to use. The app and website allow sellers to list items, calculate shipment costs, and generate labels. The only difference is, of course, the interface. The app offers a mobile-friendly experience, making it simple for anyone to take care of any shipment task on the go. The features are completely the same, so you can pick the option that is suitable for you.

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How to ship with PayPal on Depop? Remember PayPal is needed for generating labels

How to Ship Internationally With Depop

If resellers want to expand their reach to more followers, they should know about international shipment practices since not all customers are from the UK. When listing items, it's of utmost importance to specify international shipping options and costs

When a person from another country decides to purchase used items from your store, know that you won't receive a prepaid label since the customs of the package have to be clear. In this case, you will have to do everything on your own. Choose a shipping company, generate a label on their website, and fill out any form properly. Keep track of the delivery and be in contact with the customer.

Finalize the Order With the Buyer - Discuss Shipping Methods

Another successful sale! Well done, now it's time to communicate with the buyer. Confirm the cost and delivery address and ensure accuracy. Politely explain the available options and estimate delivery times, allowing the buyer to choose based on their budget. 

It's crucial to be friendly and professional throughout the conversation. Try to detect whether the customer is a scammer, and pay attention to red flags and unusual requests. If everything appears legitimate, get the items shipped.

Can Resellers Offer Free Shipping on Their Listing - Best Advice for Selling More Used Items

Yes, of course! Sometimes, the only way to attract a larger following is by offering free shipping, especially if you are a reselling beginner. However, it's essential to factor in the shipment costs within the listing price or profit margins to ensure that no money is lost. Make sure to figure out whether offering these options would be profitable. 

Bonus tip: For anyone asking - how to ship one shirt with Depop, we have a recommendation to offer free shipping and proceed to use the Depop's shipment process with a prepaid label to ensure the whole transaction is hassle-free. This is an easy option to attract new buyers as well as go through the entire process without much work on your part.

A package with an empty tag
If you decide to offer free shipping, remember that it's you who needs to pay for these costs

Print the Label For the Package

The next step is to print the shipping label for the package. It would be ideal to have a printer for labels so you can simply select print and have it on your package in no time. The labels are chosen according to the weight of the package. 

The ones that the online marketplace platform provides you with are made according to the information you provide in the listing. Once it is on the package, follow the courier's guidelines. Even though this frees you from a lot of worry, don't forget it's cost-efficient as well.

Package the Sold Items

First, ensure that the item is clean. Use proper packaging materials such as tissue paper, bubble wrap, or padded envelopes to protect the item during transit. Securely seal the package to prevent any damage or tampering. 

Don't forget to include a thank-you note or a personalized touch to make the buyers feel appreciated. If you have a resale business, consider adding a tag with the name of your resale business to build brand recognition and leave a lasting impression on the customers.

Watch the video below for additional tips on how to package an order.

Drop the Package Off at the Post Office

Finally, you can take the parcel to the local post office branch, where you'll find a dedicated area for posting parcels. Queue up, and when it's your turn, hand over the parcel to the postal clerk. They will weigh the package, confirm the postage is correct, and provide a receipt or proof of postage.

In the UK, several prominent shipping companies and couriers offer postal services. Some of the well-known ones include:

  • Royal Mail,
  • Hermes,
  • DPD,
  • Parcelforce Worldwide,
  • Yode.

Another Shipping Option is to Use a Depop Courier

Another excellent option within Depop's offerings is to utilize a Depop Courier Collect. This becomes particularly advantageous when dealing with larger packages, where the convenience of having a courier pick up the item shines. 

With this service, you can easily schedule a pickup at your convenience, eliminating the need to transport oversized parcels yourself. It's a great solution for sellers who prioritize efficiency and want to make the most of how Depop works while ensuring a smooth delivery.

A courier carrying packages
Remember that there are many options to make the whole process easier

Rely on Depop Seller Protection if Issues Arise

Depop's sellers can rely on Depop Seller Protection with products sold through the app or website using the BUY button. This feature serves as a safety net, providing sellers with added confidence in their transactions. 

If a buyer disputes a purchase or there are concerns regarding the condition of the item, Depop Seller Protection can come to the rescue. It helps mediate and resolve disputes, ensuring a fair outcome for both parties.

A product in a box covered in paper
With cross-listing software, more customers will flock to the online store

With an Online Selling Tool, Reach Poshmark, Etsy, and Depop Buyers at the Same Time

Now that the whole shipping process is explained, it's good to upgrade your selling tactic as well. If you see yourself as one of the top sellers in the online selling world, posting on multiple platforms simultaneously, we recommend using a crossposting tool. Nothing can boost sales like crossposting software designed to promote listings to as many buyers as possible. 

With multichannel listing software like Zipsale, the sky's the limit. Not only will the revenue grow, but the process of creating listings becomes user-friendly with only one inventory. Don't miss out on a chance to indulge in the benefits of a crossposting app, sign up today with Zipsale.

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