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Should I Ship With Depop or on My Own?

One of the most essential questions when launching an online store is - should I ship with Depop or on my own? The decision is crucial because it dictates how the listings will be created, and it affects the price and the marketing. Choosing between Depop's integrated option or handling the whole process independently involves weighing various factors. In this guide, we explore different pros and cons that you can use to reach the ultimate choice.

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Get the right answer to - Should I ship with Depop or on my own in the UK?

Pros of Shipping with Depop

Sellers new to the multi-vendor marketplace platform might have a difficult time figuring out how Depop works. The main advantage is that the whole process is simplified. Just running an online store can be exhausting, and with intricate shipment options, things get even trickier.

Use an automated cost calculator that will calculate the ultimate costs based on item size and weight, which ensures fair and transparent pricing of items. Apart from this, you are guaranteed a user-friendly interface that reduces the hassle of negotiating with postal services.

Finally, everything is made easy with Depop labels, which will be sent to your mail and which can be instantly downloaded. This label provides tracking that automatically starts when the package is sent. The core takeaway is that there are fewer steps to worry about.

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By printing your own label, the whole process gets simplified

The Best Way to Print a Label After Selling an Item

One efficient method is to purchase a shipping label directly through the app. For instance, if you're selling on a platform like Depop, once you've made a sale, you can easily access and print one if your PayPal account is fully verified

This process involves selecting the "Ship with Depop" option in your listing before the item is purchased. After the sale, go to "All Sold Items" and choose the relevant transaction. Here, you'll find the option to "View my Shipping Label" alongside your sales receipt

The convenience of this method is amplified if you have your own printer at home. Simply clicking on the print option enables an online reseller to quickly and efficiently produce labels ready to be attached to the packages.

The Biggest Drawback of Shipping With Depop App

One of the main cons is the additional cost incurred through Depop's prices for labels and fees. For instance, labels can range from £2.99 for small items under 1 kg to £6.49 for large items under 5kg. These costs, when added to Depop's transaction fees (10% of the item price) and Depop Payments fees (2.9% of the total sale price plus £0.30), can eat into the seller's profits.

It's important to note, however, that the cost of shipping with Depop is not significant if the buyers pay for the shipping. However, if the seller opts to cover the shipping costs, it can lead to a substantial reduction in their net earnings.

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Be smart about pricing items if you want to sell fast and maximize profits

Pros of Shipping on Your Own

Shipping on your own in the UK, when something sells on Depop, offers several advantages that can be particularly beneficial for e-commerce business owners. One of the primary pros is the potential for cost savings. By handling shipments independently, you have the flexibility to shop around for the best rates and services. This can be more cost-effective than using Depop's preset shipping prices. 

It also allows for more control over the packaging process, enabling you to personalize the customer experience, a strategy often recommended in tips for e-commerce business owners. Additionally, shipping on your own provides the opportunity to negotiate better rates with shipping providers as your business scales. 

Cons of Choosing to Ship on Your Own

Firstly, handling your logistics can be time-consuming and complex, requiring more effort and organization than using Depop's option. This increased workload includes finding cost-effective shipping services, managing packaging materials, Depop reselling tasks, and handling any customer service issues.

Without the convenience of automatic labels and tracking, you bear the full responsibility for ensuring items reach customers safely and on time. This can increase the risk of errors and delivery issues, potentially leading to customer dissatisfaction and negative reviews, which can affect your shop's reputation and sales. 

Should I Ship With Depop or on My Own - Final Answer

The ultimate decision depends on your specific needs, resources, and business model as a seller. If you value convenience and simplicity, shipping with Depop is beneficial. It offers a straightforward, integrated process with automatic generation of labels and standardized rates. 

This option can be particularly appealing for new sellers or those who prefer a hassle-free method. On the other hand, if you seek more control over expenses and are willing to put in the extra effort for potentially higher profit margins, shipping to the buyer on your own and not with the online marketplace platform might be a better choice.

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The online selling world offers different choices that are suitable for any type of reseller

Tips on Making Packaging and Shipping Effortless

An efficient shipping and packaging process saves time but also enhances customer satisfaction. Newer resellers opt to make packaging free of charge to reach potential buyers, but this doesn't mean that the whole process can stall and be improperly carried out. Understandably, there are too many factors that need to be considered. Fortunately, there are tips to make the whole process easier:

  • Invest in a label printer,
  • Use a packaging checklist to avoid missing any steps,
  • Offer to the buyer multiple options for shipments,
  • Stay updated on any Depop's policies,
  • Make sure to track orders,
  • Build a relationship with UK couriers.

A Resale Business Will Bloom With Software for Selling Online

Now that you are familiar with everything each option provides you with, it's ideal to learn about ways to make the e-commerce business successful as a whole. The answer lies in the crossposting tool. Do you want to see yourself shipping items daily all over the world? Well, multichannel listing software will make that possible. It offers a way for you to reach audiences across multiple platforms such as Facebook Marketplace, Shopify, eBay, Poshmark, and Vinted, and not just on Depop. 

Apart from cross-listing, use a crossposting app because it keeps everything listed in one inventory so it can be easily accessed. A bonus is an auto-delisting feature that saves time and effort by canceling the listing for you. Trust us, don't hesitate to sign up for Zipsale today and sell like a pro.

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