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What is Best to Sell on Depop

Depop is a place where fashion and uniqueness collide. If you determine early on what is best to sell on Depop, you'll have your store catapulted to success. This digital platform thrives on the sale of vintage and trendy clothing. It mostly attracts young adults and teenagers seeking upcycled and second-hand authentic clothing. Research is the most important step. So, when you know how to operate the store, it's easy to garner sales.

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Once the category is selected, it's vital to pinpoint a specific niche

What Is Best to Sell on Depop - Depop Users Love Y2K Fashion Finds

The absolute best-seller on Depop is Y2K fashion. The resurgence of the early 2000s aesthetic has captured the imagination of a new generation. However, this time, the story takes another turn. It's not about the aesthetic only but about sustainable fashion choices. The mainstream offerings are not seen as trendy anymore, and eco-friendly clothes are the primary option. 

Items such as cargo pants, baby tees, butterfly clips, and low-rise jeans are the unmistakable Y2K style. Top-selling items on Depop are those that can be blended with contemporary fashion sensibilities. We recommend finding a niche such as "only Y2K hats" or "Y2K jeans" and sticking to it to get more followers.

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Create a brand mission statement that would draw the buyers' attention

How to Source Y2K Fashion?

To effectively tap into this trend, online sellers need to delve into various avenues where these vintage treasures can be found. It's necessary to visit everything from thrift shops to online marketplaces and social media platforms. The hunt for authentic Y2K fashion is both an adventure and a careful selection process. Successful sourcing is about having a keen eye for trends. Check out these sourcing strategies:

  • Regular visits to thrift stores can unearth a variety of Y2K clothing and accessories. Look for pieces like cargo pants, halter tops, and platform shoes.
  • Garage sales are goldmines for finding authentic Y2K items that have been stored away and forgotten.
  • Platforms like eBay, Etsy, and even Craigslist can be great sources for Y2K fashion.
  • Some suppliers specialize in curating and selling vintage clothing in bulk, including Y2K styles, which can be a cost-effective way to stock up on popular items.
  • Follow accounts on Instagram and Facebook Marketplace dedicated to vintage fashion to find leads on Y2K items.

You Will Have Success Reselling Second-Hand Band T-Shirts

Reselling second-hand band t-shirts can lead to success, as the platform's unique community values the authenticity and nostalgic appeal of music merchandise. Focus on iconic bands from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s, especially those that resonate with the Y2K aesthetic or have enduring popularity. Bands like Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, and any artists that have a cult following or were influential in their era are prime candidates. 

Present the tees well in your online store, with clear, high-quality images and detailed descriptions that highlight the band's legacy, the rarity of the shirt, and any unique features. Emphasizing the story behind the t-shirt or its vintage value can also enhance its appeal. 

Depop works for the benefit of the reseller by providing a platform that appreciates the intrinsic value of second-hand goods. Engage with the buyers through Depop's social features, utilize relevant tags, and stay active with regular posts and updates.

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This online marketplace platform caters to different popular fandoms

Offer Authentic Branded Clothes From H&M and Zara

H&M and Zara stand as one of the most popular brands on the platform. Reselling authentic branded clothes on platforms such as Depop shows that reselling can be profitable for a savvy clothing reseller. Items in demand include trendy tops, sweaters, jackets, shorts, dresses, and jumpers that mirror current fashion trends.

To attract buyers, these items need to be priced competitively, often cheaper than retail, to offer value. Those new with tags fetch higher prices, indicating they are unworn and in perfect condition, making them more appealing to shoppers looking for a bargain on current styles.

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Find a category to stand out on this multi-vendor marketplace platform

Lastly, Try Flipping Records, Home Decor, and Art for Profit

Depop is about uniqueness and nostalgia associated with items such as vinyl records from legendary brands and eclectic home decor pieces. Users like to shop for quirky lamps, retro wall art, and artisanal pottery. The art is also very rewarding for resale, and you can add limited edition prints and original artwork to the inventory. 

These categories appeal particularly to consumers yearning to infuse their spaces with personality and a sense of history. Tap into the customer's desire for non-mass-produced items. High-quality, rare finds, especially those with a compelling backstory or from a notable era, tend to have higher prices. Engaging storytelling and detailed provenance can further enhance the value of these items.

For additional smart tips about selling these kinds of items, check out the video below.

Make the Sales Skyrocket With a Crossposting Tool

Choose the category that is the easiest to source in the area where you live. It's ideal to find a way that allows you to regularly stack up on the items ready for resale. Once you've figured this out, seek a crossposting tool to expand the business outside of Depop. With a crossposting app, increasing sales is easier since the listing would be exposed to a wider audience. 

The best multichannel listing software is surely Zipsale. It monitors the orders, delists anything sold, and allows the use of one inventory. With crossposting software, you can connect as many as six best online selling platforms. Sign up to Zipsale and experience the perks of cross-listing software.

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