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The Seller’s Dilemma - What Items Are Hard to Sell on Vinted

Vinted is an online marketplace platform filled with unique clothing, toys, accessories, and home decor. Other types of goods might struggle to find customers. Knowing what items are hard to sell on Vinted can help you avoid mistakes associated with beginners on the platform. We offer a trusty map of all the products that would flop. Get details on what to resell instead, so that a successful launch of a new online store is guaranteed.

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Online reselling is like a chess match - the first move is the most important.

Why You Should Know About What Items Are Hard to Sell on Vinted?

It's crucial to become well-versed in the nuances of the Vinted multi-vendor marketplace platform. It will be impossible to outsmart the competition if you don't know how to properly start a resale business on the platform. 

Meeting the demand and catering to the customers is what can give your listings an advantage over others. After researching the best-selling items on VInted, learn all about what is difficult to sell so as not to waste money, time, or effort. Score big from the get-go - that should be your tactic.

Here's a brief introduction to selling on Vinted.

#1 Don’t List Any High-End Luxury Clothing

An e-commerce business idea centered on luxurious clothes might seem lucrative at first glance. But, venturing into this territory can be disappointing. It's simple - the platform's active buyers do not search for premium price tags

They don't care about high-end bags, dresses, skirts, and blouses as much as they seek used comfortable clothes at a lower price. Instead of profiting from reselling, the list of orders can be left empty for a long time. Always center the resale business on affordable fashion finds rather than on exclusive apparel.

Poshmark Is an Alternative for Anything Luxurious and Branded

The perfect place for flipping luxurious and branded treasures is on Poshmark. The audience on this online marketplace platform is fashion-forward and brand-centric. The value of designer brands is greatly appreciated by Poshers

If you're struggling to find a buyer for high-end clothes, start selling on Poshmark, engage in Posh parties, and use Poshmark Authenticate to get easily noticed. Don't have a dilemma concerning Poshmark vs Vinted. You'll see an increase in revenue right away.

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Turn to Poshers for profiting off of old luxury goods

#2 Outdated Tech Accessories and Gadgets Are Not Profitable

We know that most of the individuals trying out online marketplaces for the very first time are those who are decluttering their attics. Earning some extra cash on outdated products seems like a good idea, and most people turn to Vinted immediately. However, in our digital age, it's hard to find buyers for electronics that have been collecting dust in the attic or basement. 

To sell them fast and effectively, you'd have to reduce the price significantly. Now, ponder over whether earning $10 on Vinted hard-to-sell items is worth it. The platform mostly provides an opportunity for flipping games and consoles.

#3 Niche Products That Cannot Find a Proper Category

There are different categories on Vinted, but the main focus is on women's, men's, and kid's clothing as well as beauty products. The additional pet care category has the least subcategories but offers a lucrative market as well. But, the niche products that don't fall into any of these categories and that are too specific won't be noticed by anyone. 

For example, a seller aiming to list a specialized piece of climbing equipment won't attract the right audience. The second problem is connected to the searchability of the product. Therefore, stick to products that fit into the categories mentioned above.

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First, research whether your inventory falls into Vinted's categories

#4 Vintage Items in Poor Condition

In the second-hand market, vintage items hold a special allure. Their historical value and special charm capture the attention of collectors all over the world. Three in five shoppers in the United States purchase vintage items regularly, according to a study done by Emarsys. This speaks volumes about the market demand. 

But there's a catch - the vintage goods have to be in good condition or at least repaired. Anything damaged, broken, or scratched is not going to appeal to consumers. At least, you can try selling such finds, but it will be challenging to close the deal. As soon as the buyers figure out that a product is not wearable or in working condition, the deal will fall through.

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Anything that is beyond repair should not be listed on any marketplace platform

What to Sell on Vinted for Profit?

To maximize profit on Vinted, offering items that are in high demand is key. Trendy and seasonal clothing, particularly from well-known brands, tend to sell quickly and at a good price. This includes things like handbags, sneakers, and jewelry that can often find a new home in no time. Keep the price affordable, though.

Vintage clothing that is in good condition also has a special niche on Vinted, appealing to those looking for unique, retro styles. In addition to fashion, high-quality beauty products (unused or swatched) and accessories are sought after. Kids' products, such as gently used clothing, toys, and books, are another profitable category due to the fast pace at which children outgrow these items. Here are a few ideas you can center your business around:

  • Authentic handbags and accessories,
  • Trendy and seasonal clothing from popular affordable brands,
  • Vintage clothing in good condition,
  • High-quality, unused, or swatched beauty products,
  • Kids’ clothing, toys, and books are in gently used condition.

Get More Sales With a Crossposting Tool

If the number of your current sales on Vinted is disappointing to you, we have a solution. Multichannel listing software can improve sales as well as your shop's visibility across different platforms. It lists items on multiple platforms for the sole purpose of getting particular goods sold. 

Apart from this, a crossposting app is user-friendly. Therefore, reselling can be more manageable. The most reliable cross-listing software that will keep an eye on all sales is Zipsale. Its new features, such as bulk import, sell similar, auto-delisting, and analytics, will expand your business. Try the crossposting software for free for a month and see how it can benefit your business. Register immediately.

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