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Why Is No One Buying My Stuff on Depop?

Underselling can be a cause for concern when trying your luck on some of the best online selling platforms. You've reached this point if you're asking yourself - why is no one buying my stuff on Depop? Luckily, there is a remedy for this, and it can be fixed quickly and effortlessly. It's true that with 140,000 new listings per day, Depop has become fiercely competitive. We're here to show you how to stand out.

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Let us help you become a top online reseller with our amazing tricks

Why Is No One Buying My Stuff on Depop?

Are you struggling with making sales as a Depop member? Well, first things first, it's nothing to be worried about. One crucial aspect that needs to be considered is the Depop's algorithm, which influences how the listing will be displayed to buyers. It favors active online sellers who are always updating their listings and engaging with their followers. 

On top of this, the quality of listings is of paramount importance. Competitive pricing, excellent, well-lit photographs, and compelling descriptions make a difference. Since the second-hand market on this multi-vendor marketplace platform is competitive and vast, try to use our guide for the best results.

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A shop that always has quality listings gains presence

What Does the Depop Algorithm Consider?

The algorithm takes into account several factors when determining visibility, especially in case a seller aims to sell clothes. First, it considers how new the items are. Brand-new listings tend to receive more attention.

Secondly, the quality of descriptions plays a significant role. Accurate descriptions, that have keywords and phrases users search for, improve items' visibility. Thirdly, the characteristics of the profile are evaluated. Reliable and trustworthy profiles with many honest comments from satisfied followers and buyers will be at the top of searches.

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The listings can appear in sorting options such as "Newly Listed" and "Most Popular"

Try Relisting the Clothes You Want to Sell and Adjust the Pricing

Let's clarify how Depop works in 2023! It favors only fresh listings because no one wants to visit an online shop and see items listed in 2019. So, remember that relisting an item is a hack that can provide you with more visibility. The items will appear as fresh, which the majority of Depop followers will pick up on.

Don't forget that the pricing strategy needs to be reexamined. An item might be worth more now than they were before, or their worth might have declined. Change the pricing according to the newest market trends.

Delete Previous Depop Posts

Don't keep the old listings on the online marketplace platform. We know that it's amusing and fun to look at all the comments and likes you've gotten, but don't fool yourself into thinking they might help in any way. 

A listing should start with a clean slate. You want to help yourself beat the algorithm, and it won't happen in case the same listings selling used items are piling on top of each other. Do away with the old and welcome the new.

Reevaluate How to List and Sell the New Product

Revamp the marketing campaign and how the item will be presented online. This reevaluation incorporates target audience analysis, understanding user preferences, and adjustment of the reselling strategy. Update the photos to align with the current trends, rewrite the description, and explore social media marketing on Instagram and Pinterest.

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Come up with inspiring and thought-provoking marketing for the latest listings

Create Powerful Listings Descriptions with Relevant Phrases

Sellers should use the right language to connect with the audience. Things that are well-described sell well on Depop. It's crucial to place relevant phrases at the top part of the description. They capture the attention of the buyer quickly. Don't use generic and subjective phrases like "cute," "lovely," and "beautiful."

Here is a list of powerful beginning phrases for a description:

  • Never-worn Yeezy sneakers,
  • Trendy 80s graphic tees,
  • Perfectly preserved 90s leather jacket,
  • Limited edition Gucci vintage 1996 handbag.

Gain Followers With Positive Comments and Reviews

To enhance popularity and maximize profits, encourage positive comments from potential buyers. This influences the algorithm to showcase the shop to more users. Leave a question for the users in the comments section when posting a listing, and add something thought-provoking and fun to inspire others to comment and leave their opinions or just ordinary comments.

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Make sure to respond to all feedback

Additional Tips for Beating the Algorithm

If you want to sell like a pro, additional tips can make a difference as well. Therefore, keep the descriptions straightforward and clear. Newer listings can be updated and refreshed from time to time. Maintain activity on the app.

Interact with the followers and make sure that the customer service is excellent. Try to spot scammers early on so you don't have to deal with dispute resolutions and focus only on promoting the clothes.

Can You Use These Tips for Selling Clothing to eBay, Vinted, and Shopify Users?

Of course, all the tips we've shared pertain to beating the Depop algorithm work on Vinted, eBay, Shopify, Etsy, and Poshmark. From the way descriptions are written to the method of relisting products, it can be underlined that this advice works across multiple platforms. However, one tip that stands as one of the most essential is maintaining activity. Wherever you end up selling clothing, be serious and list items almost every day or as often as possible.

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What is a good way of gaining popularity - being as active as possible

The Ultimate Hack - Use a Crossposting Tool

We've come to the ultimate hack for ensuring the online shop gains popularity. Everything you need to know is that multichannel listing software is instrumental in reaching potential buyers. Choose the best crossposting software - Zipsale. The main benefits of this cross-listing software include - the management of listings 24/7, saving time on posting listings, offering one inventor, and an auto-delist feature. 

Trust the software to sell on both eBay and Depop to draw attention to the shop and increase sales. Of course, work on your behalf is still needed, but the beauty of the crossposting app is that you can do everything on the go much faster. Visit our website, learn about our software for selling online, and register.

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