Depop vs eBay - Which One Is Better?

It's time to start an online business, and selecting the right platform to promote your items is a difficult task. Our Depop vs eBay list with differences and features of each platform could be instrumental in your decision-making process. Are you interested in selling online on an established marketplace platform, or do you want to use an app that is similar to a social network? Make sure you read on to find out what will suit you the best.

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Let us help you choose between the best online selling platforms

Market and Demographics - How Uses the Platforms the Most?

eBay is one of the biggest marketplaces on the Internet. With 185 million buyers and 1.7 billion active listings, it is the most popular platform all over the world. It is primarily used in the United States. Based on Big Commerce's data, the customers using eBay's services are primarily between 35 and 64 years old. 

However, the ever-growing multivendor marketplace platform Depop attracts different types of audiences. Followers on Depop's app are mostly Generation Z and younger Millennials. Available data on Statista suggests that 55% of its users are teenagers, while 37% are between 20 - 29 years old. 

A good tip is to decide early on what your target audience is going to be and decide to pick a platform that will make it easier to reach potential customers.

What Should Be Sold on Both Platforms?

There are various items that are sold on eBay - hence the sheer number of categories you need to choose to list your products under. The most popular category out of all is "Electronics and Accessories." Therefore, if you want to launch an e-commerce business and sell miscellaneous products, it's more appropriate to choose eBay's service

But, if you are looking for an opportunity to become a successful clothing reseller, Depop's app is an ideal choice. It is a very popular and trendy fashion marketplace where one sells clothes, shoes, accessories, and bags the most.

What is more, in case you want to sell second-hand clothes as well as other products, it's best to invest in cross-listing software and reach a wider customer base. Helpful software for listing is very popular nowadays as online selling tools, and they are extremely easy to use.

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Will you resell clothing? Then, Depop is one of the best online selling platforms for you

Selling on Depop vs eBay - Which Platform Has Better Listing Options?

Creating new listings is free on Depop's app, while eBay resellers have to pay insertion fees which depend on the category of the item, price, and format. If one uses any optional upgrades in order to boost sales, it also comes with a price tag.

However, resellers are provided with a limited number of free listings each month according to the type of account they have. But, if you don't want to upgrade your account on the platform and you are not sure whether you can benefit from eBay's free listings, it's better to use Depop's app since there is no charge for adding new listings.

Creating Listings - What Features Can Resellers Use?

Every listing is represented with a description, a couple of pictures, or a video. Each online marketplace platform has its own rules when it comes to creating a new one. So, how does Depop work? Depop's app allows you to post four photos and one video, while eBay allows as many as 12 photos to be posted and a video to be embedded. 

The number of photos is extremely important if you want to get designer items sold. Potential buyers want to see pictures like tags, labels, Certificates of Authenticity, serial codes, and hardware markings. A couple of photos won't be enough if you want to present the objects in the best light. Additionally, eBay features numerous paid options, which could help with searchability so as to boost sales.

In case you are interested in getting more information on improving sales of your eBay's listings, here is an insightful video that can help you.

Depop vs eBay Fees - Can They Affect Clothes Reseller's Budget?

If you are looking for a straightforward fee structure that is simple to manage, then Depop's app is the best choice. The platform doesn't require sellers to pay anything until they make a sale. The standard fee for Depop's services is 10% per every sold item plus the PayPal fee.

On the other hand, one will have to learn more about eBay's fees in order to succeed in e-commerce since they are more difficult to navigate. The general rule is that each user is charged a final value fee plus 0.25 pounds per order and the insertion fee. There are a number of free listings each month, but if you want to earn more money by selling online, you will have to surpass the free listings limit and thus pay the insertion fee.

Even though there are certain benefits to using eBay's options and features, the platform's charges can be difficult to handle in case you want to make money as a casual seller. But, if you don't want to miss out on an opportunity to resell on both platforms and manage all listings and charges easily, use crossposting software. It will enable you to have a better grasp of what you have sold and the money you have earned.

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Software to sell on both eBay and Depop can help you manage all charges effortlessly

How Does Shipping Work on Both Platforms?

When using eBay's services, one can choose to ship internationally, ship in the US, or offer local pickup. There is a feature on the platform called eBay's shipping calculator, which allows you to estimate the postal service's charge. On the other hand, Depop shipping options include:

  • "Ship with Depop" - It is convenient to use since you can get a printable shipping label which makes it easy to drop it off at the post office and have a guaranteed delivery.
  • Arrange your own shipping - In case there is a way to ship the product using a different method, choose this alternative option.

What About Refunds and Returns on eBay vs Depop?

eBay's return policy rests on the resellers and buyers working together in order to resolve any issue with the item and the purchase, especially for an item that is not expensive. Most products on the platform are covered by the Money Back Guarantee policy. Therefore, in case you need to refund a buyer, and you are covered by this policy, your final credit value will be paid back, but the insertion charge will not be refunded.

The return policy on Depop's app is entirely different. Once the buyer reports that the product is not as described, they are obliged to file a case via the PayPal Dispute Resolution Center, and they need to send back the product before the refund is issued. Additionally, when the problem arises, both parties will be required to provide proof for their claims by sending videos, photographs, and proof of shipping.

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Do you want to keep track of returns on both platforms, invest in a crossposting tool

Final Verdict - Which One Is Better?

There are advantages and disadvantages to both platforms, and your decision should be based on your preferences and needs. What is your target audience, and what do you need to resell? If you want to resell trendy clothes, Depop's services would be a good option, while eBay's services are more suitable for people who want to sell electronics and collectibles.

When it comes to Depop fees vs eBay fees, individuals who don't want to navigate complex fee structures and pay for creating listings would be better off with Depop's app. However, eBay's options are more appropriate for a seller who wants to present their designer items to buyers using more than four pictures and a video. As far as the shipping and return policies, it depends solely on what is more convenient for the individual seller.

Can’t Make Up Your Mind? Resell on Both Platforms at the Same Time

But do you really need to choose one over the other? There is a simple way to overcome making this decision. With a crossposting app like Zipsale, you can sell on both eBay and Depop simultaneously. The multichannel listing software allows you to list and de-list items without amending anything manually. 

Zipsale is useful selling software that makes products get sold three times faster. Sign up, and the listing software will take the stress out of managing more platforms at the same time. So, don't choose just one; use cross-listing software and sell on both platforms with ease.


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