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eBay vs Etsy vs Poshmark - Which Platform Tops the Online Selling Game?

In the world of e-commerce, eBay vs Etsy vs Poshmark has been a frequent dilemma among sellers for the longest time. Each offers unique features catering to different sellers and buyers. From vintage treasures on Etsy to trendy fashion on Poshmark and the wide variety of eBay, this guide will help you navigate the nuances of these best online selling platforms, making your e-commerce journey both rewarding and efficient.

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Where should you list second-hand items? Let us help you make a decision

eBay vs Etsy vs Poshmark - Where Should You Start Selling?

Making the final decision about what multi-vendor marketplace platform to pick, it's noteworthy to gain a better understanding of the factors that should be considered. The type of products you want to sell, the customer base you aim to reach, and the level of platform's support needed are some of the most important ones. 

If you are looking to sell used goods, eBay and Poshmark offer a huge customer base and user-friendly interfaces, while Etsy is the main hub for artisans and those with a flair for vintage items. When you pinpoint the perfect marketplace, it will be easier to eventually become a full-time reseller and grow the resale business.

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Not all online selling platforms would suit your business

Comparing Best-Selling Items on eBay, Etsy and Poshmark

If you list a handmade necklace on Poshmark, it probably won't get as much attention as you'd expect. The same happens when you list vintage Jimmy Choo boots on Etsy. The audiences are different. So, your inventory has to cater to a specific audience and demographic. So, let's compare the best-selling items on all online marketplace platforms to understand what fits where:

  • eBay - The best things to resell on eBay often include electronics, watches, collectibles, brand-name clothing, second-hand clothing, and refurbished products. Its 135 million users and auction format make it ideal for flipping products that you no longer need.
  • Etsy - This marketplace is a haven for handmade, vintage, and craft supplies. The best-selling items typically include unique handmade jewelry, personalized gifts, vintage clothing, and artisanal home decor.
  • Poshmark - This platform is ideal for reselling designer clothing, trendy fashion pieces, and accessories. Its social media-like interface makes it perfect for listing fashion-forward products.

If You Still Don’t Know What to Start Selling - First Figure Out the Sourcing Method

If you face indecisiveness regarding your inventory and what to start reselling, we recommend first figuring out how to source products. A popular and cost-effective method is to source from charity shops, where hidden gems ranging from rare collectibles and brand-name products can be found at low prices. 

On the other hand, it's also good to try sourcing vintage clothing online. This method allows you to tap into a niche market of buyers seeking retro and unique styles. Online methods make the whole process faster as well. Don't forget that visiting second-hand shops is also an option.

Watch the video below for great tips on how to source products.

Difference Between Platforms in Fees

Apart from the difference in inventory, the next common stumbling block that can determine what marketplace reigns supreme is the fee structure. eBay charges insertion and final value fees, Etsy levies listing, transaction, and payment processing fees, while Poshmark imposes flat-rate fees for lower-priced goods and a percentage charge for higher-value ones.

When first encountering the fees of these platforms, it seems as though Poshmark takes the most. However, certain sellers may accept them since it offers a fashion-centric approach and additional features like Posh Authenticate and Posh Parties. The most intricate fee structure is on eBay, and many sellers determine that this platform pays off only if you are a full-time reseller.

The Complex Fee Structure of eBay

It's time to take out our calculators and see how much eBay takes. Private sellers are allowed to use up to 1,000 free listings. After using up these, each new one is charged 35p. Of course, the allocation of free listings is bigger if you own an eBay shop. 

The final fee amounts to 12.8% of the total sale amount, including the item price, postage, and taxes. If the total sale amount exceeds £5,000 for any single item, an additional 3% fee is applied to the portion of the sale price. This means that maximizing profits on the site is only possible with an eBay shop.

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Learn on eBay's webpage more about charges for reselling certain types of products

Why Poshmark Takes the Most From the Profit

For purchases under 15$ (£11.79), this online marketplace platform takes a flat commission of $2.95 (£2.32), allowing clothing resellers to retain the remaining amount. However, most commonly, vintage luxury products are sold on the site, and their price is much higher. For sales of $15 or more, resellers keep only 80% of the sale price. The fee structure may change over time, so it doesn't mean that it will be this expensive in the future.

How Much Etsy Takes

For now, Etsy doesn't seem like a great alternative for both eBay and Poshmark since its fee structure is also complicated. The only free thing is to create a shop. The site charges UK sellers 16p for every listing, while for each transaction the site takes 6.5%. 

When it comes to payment processing, the reseller is expected to pay 4% plus 20p. Therefore, a closer look at each marketplace reveals that there isn't a choice that is the most affordable. They are all on the same level.

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With online selling tools, it would be easier to meet the platform's fee demands

eBay vs Etsy vs Poshmark - Which One Offers the Easiest Shipping Method

The three platforms offer different shipping options. For instance, apart from shipping labels, eBay also offers specialized envelopes to send light items such as stamps, coins, or cards. The site has a shipping calculator so that the buyer can be updated immediately on their charges.

Etsy provides integration with major postal services and allows sellers to print labels directly from the platform. Poshmark simplifies the whole process by providing pre-paid and pre-addressed labels, just like Etsy. While each site has its advantages, eBay provides a more streamlined approach, with instructions on the site for any shipping situation.

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It's ideal to master the shipping process on your own first

Which Platform Offers a More User-Friendly Interface?

Etsy is one of the most visually appealing sites, which allows you to showcase products with images and even videos, creating a visually engaging shipping environment. Etsy has a messaging feature, which is important for smooth communication with the buyer. With a bit of practice, using your account becomes effortless.

On the other hand, Poshmark's fashion resale process is simplified with a social media-like interface. Sharing listings, participating in Posh Parties, and promoting the store are also very straightforward.

eBay may be an outsider in this conversation since it is a bit trickier to navigate all features with ease as a beginner. The interface is well-structured, while the sheer plethora of features, such as auctions, customizable filters, and product reviews, can be overwhelming at first. But this doesn't mean that a few tutorials on YouTube cannot help with managing the account.

Tips for Managing the E-Commerce Journey With Ease

Is there a way to sell like a pro on any marketplace without hassle? Yes, and the most important thing is to begin by clearly defining the target audience and niche, ensuring that the inventory aligns with market demands.

Learn the ins and outs of each site via research and design an online store that would reflect your brand. Maintain customer communication and make sure to promptly ship all packages. Embrace digital marketing, social media, and SEO techniques to boost visibility.

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Use a crossposting app to become the best reseller online

Use All Three Platforms With Crossposting Software

Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. But, in this digital world, there is no need to decide to use only one. It's much simpler to invest in a crossposting tool and simultaneously list on Poshmark, eBay, and Etsy. Take advantage of the useful features of multichannel listing software to have a more organized e-commerce business. 

Use only one inventory for all sites, and make sure to use a much simpler approach to updating the status of all listings. What is more, great selling software like Zipsale would allow you to quickly increase sales and pay for all charges on time. With reliable software for selling online, you become the master of the online reselling game. So, register with Zipsale today!

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