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Understanding Your Earnings - How Does Shopify Pay You?

One of the first questions beginners in the digital sales realm pose is - how does Shopify pay you? As a leading online marketplace platform, Shopify simplifies the process of building your store and making sales. It's not a surprise that one in 10 stores are created using its tools. Anyone considering starting an e-commerce business should learn about the whole payout process. We have all the details right here.

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Payments from customers via Shopify Payments are received through Shopify Payouts

How Does Shopify Pay You - The Most Important Info

Becoming a reseller on Shopify means selling things online and make money through a user-friendly store. When you delve into the world of marketplaces, one of the most important aspects to gain more information on is the payout process. Shopify facilitates multiple methods of receiving payments, including bank and PayPal transfers.

On top of this, it integrates with third-party payment providers such as Amazon Pay and PayPal, which handle customer payments in their unique way. However, using these external providers means payout details won't appear in your admin dashboard. 

For a more seamless experience, Shopify Payments, Shopify's payment solution, simplifies the process. It directly processes payments through Shopify Payouts. This convenience extends to transactions made through Shopify Payments or accelerated checkout options like:

  • Apple Pay, 
  • Google Pay,
  • Shop Pay,
  • Meta Pay.

Where Will the Funds Be Available?

The place you should turn to for viewing the information about the received funds is the admin dashboard. The first step is to go to the platform's admin and then opt to choose "Settings," which would lead to the "Payments" category." Next, click on "View payouts." This is the place where you can see every order made and the amount that has been paid. The good news is that the information about scheduled as well as previous payouts is available here.

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The buyer has to leave the shop to pay the order when using a third-party provider

The Waiting Period Is 1 to 3 Days

Selling with Shopify functions like all the other best online selling platforms. This is why it doesn't come as a surprise that the reseller needs to wait from one to three days to be paid. The wait period can be longer or shorter based on the location of the store. 

Another feature that can be praised is that the payouts can be scheduled so that you receive them at recurring intervals. This is beneficial for those who use Shopify Payments since they can check when they will get paid. Additionally, when Shopify Balance is used, payouts are received faster - generally, it takes just one day.

Learn more about this process in the video below.

Factor in Payout Fees When Deciding on a Price

When you start a resale business and decide to sell vintage items, it's crucial to price products accordingly, taking into account the various fees that will be deducted before you see the payout. While the online marketplace platform doesn't charge fees for the payouts themselves, you need to take into account transaction fees that are tied to the subscription plan.

Apart from this, it's important to remember the payment processing fees, third-party transaction fees if using external payment gateways, and currency conversion fees if applicable. These costs can add up, affecting your profit margins. To ensure your resale business remains profitable, include these fees in your pricing strategy from the outset.

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Apart from transaction fees, check whether your price matches the competitors'

Beginners Will Wait Seven Days for a Payout

For those who are just starting out in the e-commerce world, creating a Shopify store comes with an initial waiting period for payouts. Specifically, beginners can expect a seven-day hold on their first payments. This delay allows the multi-vendor marketplace platform and the payment gateway to perform the necessary verifications necessary for business operations. Although this might seem like a hurdle, it's a standard procedure.

Steps to Take When Transactions Don’t Go According to Plan

Anything can happen when delving into the second-hand market online, and a structured approach to managing these discrepancies is needed. Sometimes the buyers might refuse to pay or back out of the order. Before reacting in any way, check out our tips to manage the situation:

  • Evaluate the necessity and benefits of further steps to take,
  • If it's a complex situation, seek advice from a lawyer,
  • Converse with the client in a professional and respectful manner,
  • Reach an agreement if possible.

Return or Refund Orders Promptly

Exceptional customer service is founded on prompt responses and resolving refunds and returns appropriately. Customer loyalty and future purchase decisions are influenced by this. When the client requests a refund or return, you can oversee the whole process through Shopify's admin

This involves sending out shipping instructions and return labels, tracking the item, restocking it, and processing refunds. Going through each step carefully and quickly ensures a straightforward return and quick refund.

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If the dispute with the buyer cannot be cordially resolved, contact the customer support

Increase the Revenue With Online Selling Tools

Increasing payouts can be done by increasing the number of shoppers. If you've plateaued with the number of buyers in the store, start using a crossposting tool. This crossposting software is an ideal tool for getting the word out about your listings on numerous sites. A super cross-listing software is Zipsale which connects Depop, eBay, Vinted, Etsy, and Facebook Marketplace. And, of course, Shopify.

The multichannel listing software makes the sales for you faster and delists anything that is sold. On top of this, the selling software is enriched with multiple features that would improve the online reselling experience. Get the crossposting app that would allow you to increase your revenue. Register with Zipsale right now.

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