What Vintage Items Sell Best on Different Platforms?

Vintage shopping is now more popular than ever due to current trends and the eco-consciousness of new consumers. However, it's not enough only to know what vintage items sell best but also where to post them for the ultimate results. Many online marketplace platforms have top-sellers among products with history. Make sure to learn them all before starting an online store.

girl preparing to post clothes with software for selling online
Learn all about which antique things you should start posting- and where

Home decor is popular on platforms such as Etsy and Shopify, while clothes are the ultimate categories for Vinted and Deopop. However, note that each of these marketplaces has many other categories worth posting. As for eBay, all kinds of older products sell well, from outdated electronics, books, toys, and artwork to sports cards and other collectibles.

Old Electronics Are Always Sought-After on eBay

What vintage items sell best on eBay? It's a tricky question to answer, with so many different stuff listed on this online marketplace platform. However, you can make no mistake with older electronics. Outdated televisions, radios, walkmans, record players, cameras, and things alike are very popular - and not only when it comes to the collectors. 

Many people are willing to buy the whole device even if they need only one part - so they can repair an item they have at home. It's also why you can earn a lot on old electronics even when they are not working.

Collectors Look at eBay for Different Vintage Entertainment Items

Whether we talk about toys and action figures, rare sports cards, retro games, LEGOs, or previously-owned dolls, they can all be sold on this marketplace easily. Of course, the price and demand will depend on the rarity of an item, the date of making, its condition, and the like. 

Many other types of objects can be placed in this category. Older books and records, for example, or even sheet music can easily find a way to buyers - both collectors and music and literature enthusiasts.

Other eBay's Honorable Mentions

This multi-vendor marketplace platform is the second biggest in the world on which people post all kinds of stuff. Therefore, on eBay, you easily earn money from:

  • Soda Merchandise & Memorabilia, 
  • Print, photographs, artwork, and old engravings, 
  • Older but stylish clothing,
  • Magazines and comic books, 
  • Sports collectibles
  • Military stuff.

What Vintage Items Sell Best on Etsy? Decorations Are Among Most Popular Products

Etsy buyers usually look for unique pieces, both when it comes to new products and older ones - and they often end up buying products with history. However, remember this platform has some ground rules of what is considered a vintage item - it must have been made at least twenty years ago. Retro objects (those that are vintage only in style) are not allowed in this category. 

When it comes to the products that bring the most sales, home decor is right at the top - stylish mirrors, rugs, chandeliers, statutes, paintings, and things alike can get you sales on Etsy. Older-styled teacups, glasses, and sets don't stay far behind.

Etsy Is Also a Good Place for Clothing and Accessories

Etsy's also one of the online selling platforms where you can sell vintage clothes fast - and for a high price. Due to Etsy's rules, you'll be able to post only rare clothing pieces with a long history, but that's precisely what's getting them the higher price. The same goes for accessories, like necklaces, rings, sunglasses, and other jewelry - they can call help you create a successful Etsy shop.

Girl packing clothes sold with the help of crosslisting software
You won't make a mistake by posting used stylish wardrobe on this platform

Depop Is Another Great Platform to Post Clothes On

Depop is a fashion marketplace, but it defines itself as a cool platform that suits the style of younger generations. This platform encourages posting older and funky clothing pieces, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that clothes with a long history are among the top-selling things. So, what should you sell on Depop? Designer stylish clothes from decades ago are worth a lot of money. However, don't underestimate the demand for leather jackets and all kinds of denim. 

Home Decor Is One of Shopify's Top Sellers as Well

Shopify is considered one of the top-tier platforms for starting an online business, with great customer support and many additional features - it's made to help you succeed in eCommerce. Fortunately, antiques are some of the things you can sell online with Shopify.

So, what are the best vintage items to sell on Shopify? Older and stylish furniture, original art, and clocks always attract Shopify's buyers. However, keep in mind that many other products are also popular on this platform. Things like books, kitchenware, or Sterling silver are always in demand.

Pocket watch on a black background
Older clocks and watches are worth a lot - especially when preserved well

Fashion Apparel Sells the Most on Vinted 

You can easily conclude with which goal this platform was created for just by looking at its name. Although Vinted is a great app for everything second-hand, a large part of sales goes on stylish products several decades old. 

Fashion is the most significant part of this platform as well, and some claim that it is the prime selling software when apparel is in question. Most of Vinted's categories are connected to the wardrobe, jewelry, toys, and home decor, but women's wardrobe sells the most

Why is Vinted so loved? Not only will you get a wide range of buyers when posting here, but note there are no Vinted fees - it means you can post your products free of charge. If you want to learn how to successfully set up an online store and make money with Vinted, be sure to watch the following video:

For Better Results, Use Our Crossposting Tool and Post on Various Platforms

What is the best site to sell vintage items? Every platform has its pros and cons. We listed some of the best online selling platforms, and it's hard to tell which holds the first place. However, the good news is that you don't have to opt between different online selling tools - you can choose to sell on multiple platforms at the same time. It will help you reach more suitable buyers and, in return, gain bigger profits.

Still, managing your inventory, listing, and delisting on more than one platform isn't exactly a piece of cake and can lead to many mistakes. However, there is a simple solution, and it is in using multi-channel listing software like Zipsale. If you're looking for cross-listing software to sell on both eBay and Depop and many other platforms, explore our crossposting app. Upload, list, and sell your products across several marketplaces with ease - all you have to do is sign up and choose the plan that works for you. 


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