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How Long Does Depop Take to Ship Products?

One of the first questions both new buyers and sellers on this platform ask are about the Depop's shipping procedure. So, how long does Depop take to ship? If you are the newest member of the Depop's wide seller base, you probably wish to know how long your buyers will have to wait for the order - so read on!

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Let's find out how much you'll have to wait for a product to get shipped when using this platform

Once sent, it usually takes three to five business days for a product to be delivered to a buyer, but there are many different factors that can prolong this period. So you don't end up having disputes with buyers, it's best to provide each buyer with the number for tracking the order. Additionally, it's a good idea to add a general delivery time for an order from your store in your BIO section. 

How Long Does Depop Take to Ship - General Practice

For most sellers on this multi-vendor marketplace platform, it takes three to five business days to send the ordered product. However, it's not always the case. If your online store ends up having too many orders, the delivery period can be prolonged. Simultaneously, the time needed for an order to be delivered may be impacted by the distance of the location where you're sending it. 

In order to provide the best customer service on any of the best online selling platforms, it's best to notify buyers about your usual delivery practice upfront or encourage them to message you if they have any questions about the delivery process. 

A Simple Guide to How Shipping With Depop Works

Questions such as "How long does it take for Depop to ship?" and "How does shipping on Depop work?" go hand in hand. If you wish to sell on Depop in the UK territory, note that you have three options:

  • You can arrange your own shipping - you would need to acquire a third-party shipping label or go to your local post office,
  • You can choose to ship with a dropoff - this marketplace uses Evri for dropping off your package to almost any part of the UK mainland,
  • You can select a Courier collect option - Evri couriers can also pick up a package from your address and deliver it to the chosen address.

Simultaneously, you'll need to obtain a shipping label - the simplest way is to print it directly from the app once you click the "Ship your item now" button. However, you can also do it through QR scanning at the Eri ParcelShop or through the email receipt. Before you drop it off or let the courier take over the package, it's important to know that you're responsible for sending the order tracked and keeping your proof of postage - in case something goes wrong and you need to revisit the Depop return policy

For more advice on shipping (and packaging) an ordered product with this platform, take a look at the video below:

Does Shipping Come Free of Charge?

How does Depop work in terms of delivery fees? Sellers can decide whether they wish to offer a free delivery option for a customer or let buyers handle the price of sending a product. The shipment price is based on the weight and the size of the object you're sending, as well as the distance. For example, worldwide shipment is charged between 10£ and 30£. 

However, there is no way to know where your listed items will end up, so the best solution is to inform your buyers about the costs based on the item size. Here are some examples of usual Depop fees when it comes to delivery:

  • 4£-10£ for dresses,
  • 3£-8£ for tops, 
  • 8£-20£ for the outwear, 
  • 5£-10£ for jeans, 
  • 8£-20£ for shoes,
  • 3£-5£ for small items such as makeup, jewelry, and pins. 

Allow Your Customers to Track the Order

It's important to keep your line of communication with buyers problem-free when you use this online marketplace platform. That's why it's best to message your buyer after sending out the order - and provide them with a tracking number so they can as well track the shipment. All you have to do so is click the "Mark as shipped" option on your sales receipt and enter the shipment details. By doing this, you'll automatically notify the buyer about all the necessary shipment-related information, and there will be no more questions about when they can expect their order to arrive. 

When Selling, Place Your Shipping Specifications in the BIO Section

For buyers wondering, "How long does it take Depop to ship?" it's a good idea to inform potential buyers about your usual delivery practice even before they decide to order a listed item from you. That way, they'll know what to expect right from the start, which will build a good buyer experience - and get more followers on your Depop page. It is especially important when you finally succeed in the eCommerce business and have plenty of orders lining up each day. 

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How long does an order take to ship on Depop? Let your buyers know the answer

Use Multiple Online Selling Tools, and Increase the Number of Your Orders

As a selling software, this marketplace platform has a lot to offer. However, sellers often opt to use other platforms, such as Vinted, or even eBay, in order to increase their visibility and, therefore, make more sales.

If you're thinking about this step, know that you're going to need multichannel listing software to sell on both eBay and Depop, as well as any other marketplace you choose to list on. In that case, there is no better cross-listing software for selling online than Zipsale. This exceptional cross-posting tool will allow you to manage your stock easily, save you time and energy, and, in the end, help you make higher profits. If you like the sound of it, sign up for our cross-posting app, and manage all your listings from only one interface.

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