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How to Do Your Own Shipping on Depop?

Finalizing a sale and succeeding at completing a transaction is challenging for numerous online sellers because the last step is always delivery of the item. Fortunately, our guide on how to do your own shipping on Depop will be your trusted partner. Master the ins and outs of the most popular online marketplace platform for Gen Z and millennials. Of course, we can help you with some bonus advice on how to boost the business as well.

Woman packaging an item
Learn how to ship on Depop with your own shipping in four easy steps!

How to Do Your Own Shipping on Depop?

Online resellers can either choose to utilize Depop's shipping method or self-shipping. In case the best way to manage sales and transactions ends up being the use of self-shipping, then it's advisable to stick with this option.

The seller needs to understand all the details concerning the couriers that will deliver the parcel. Most of the users are using couriers like:

  • USPS,
  • Fedex,
  • Royal Mail.

Once you select the courier that will ship the package, calculate the costs of shipment by checking the courier's pricing list.

A woman packaging a parcel
Check the guide on the courier's site on how to send your parcel with them

Considerations for Packaging Depop Items You Want to Ship

Packaging is also a part of the online store's brand, and it's important to take time and carefully plan the way you package the product. In case you are reselling used clothing, make sure that the items remain wrinkle-free, clean, and protected from damage in transit. Choose packaging materials like garment bags and poly mailers.

On the other hand, if you are selling shoes and accessories, pack them in sturdy boxes or the original shoe boxes. Remember to use cushioning metals to protect the items against impact. Everything that needs to be packed should be carefully wrapped. Add some stickers or embellishments on the box before you ship it that would reflect the store's brand.

Calculate Postage

The next step is to accurately determine postage. Destination, weight, and dimensions must be considered. Use a postal scale to get the precise weight and a measuring tape to determine the item's size. 

A great tip to know is that many postal services and couriers offer online calculators, which would simplify the process of determining costs. Remember to do this accurately.

Two women looking at a laptop
Benefit from the online calculators to determine the postage

Print Your Label

Most Depop's resellers rely on the platform's shipping method and thus get the platform's label. But, in case sellers are doing everything on their own, the task of printing the label needs to be done separately. 

When the postage is calculated, choose the shipment method and print the label via Depop's tools, courier websites, or third-party shipment platforms. It's essential to have a quality printer and use adhesive labels that are scannable and legible

Drop the Package Off and Obtain a Tracking Number

One of the aspects of a successful e-commerce business is reliability. Sellers who ensure that the buyer can trace the item at all times have the most followers on the best online selling platform. They can be relied upon to deliver the product intact and on time. 

So, once the package is sealed and labeled, it's time to drop it off at the courier's location. When it is handed over, request a tracking number. Finally, send the information to the buyer promptly.

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Always show to the buyer that their best interest is your priority

Is Self-Shipping Better Than to Ship With Depop?

When considering how does Depop work from a shipping perspective, it's clear that the platform's built-in shipment method provides convenience. The app calculates postage based on the size and weight of items and generates labels, making this whole process hassle-free.

On the other hand, doing everything yourself can be cost-effective and more flexible, especially if bulky and large items need to be shipped. Tailored solutions would be more beneficial in this situation

For more precise info about how to ship with Depop, watch the video below.

International vs Domestic Shipping

The difference between international and domestic shipments is not significant. The expenses of sending the items depend on their size and weight and the address of the buyer. In case the Depop's labels are used, the process is straightforward

If a seller is arranging everything on their own, a more hands-on approach is required since determining exact postage costs will depend on different variables. It's advisable to ask for additional information from the courier. Make sure to write in your listings the policy on international shipments.

Should You Offer Free Shipping or Charge the Buyer?

It's reported that sellers are expected to make more sales in case the listing states that the shipment is free. There is exactly a 10% higher likelihood, according to the app, of completing the sales. However, this doesn't mean that the shop will be successful just because this option is available.

Of course, charging a fee doesn't have to deter the buyer. It's recommended to charge the exact price of the postage label in case the app's fees are too high for a certain sales price.

A woman sticking a label on a box
Use our guide to help you with the entire shipment process

Take a Step Towards Increasing Your Following on Depop by Utilizing a Crossposting App

After all, free shipping won't break or make your business. However, crossposting software can easily help you navigate the online selling world with ease. Using cross-listing software to your advantage can help with the online store's global reach across multiple platforms like Vinted, Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Depop. With software to sell on both Depop and eBay, a seller can speed up the process of listing and delisting items. The ultimate best crossposting app, Zipsale, can automatically de-list listings and provide you with one inventory for all platforms. Register with this incredible selling software today!

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