Vinted Vs Depop Vs eBay - Pros And Cons

Starting out in the reselling industry can be initially problematic since there are many online selling platforms, and each one is different in its own way. Most people can't choose which website to register with. Learn in our guide the pros and cons of Vinted vs Depop vs eBay and make a sound decision. But, people who don't want to settle for just one multi-vendor marketplace platform can invest in a crossposting app and sell on multiple platforms simultaneously.

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Choose the best online marketplace platform to reach as many buyers as possible

Vinted - It's One of the Most User-Friendly Platforms

Do you want to have access to your listings from your smartphone? Vinted can make that possible since it is an app that can be downloaded to iPhone and Android. It's extremely user-friendly and incredibly simple to set up. You don't need to be tech-savvy to understand how the app works.

If you want to create a listing, simply take a photo of the item, describe the condition, select a price and upload it. Bear in mind that sellers most commonly use Vinted for clothing

Have a look at our list of Vinted's pros:

  • There aren't any selling fees,
  • Sellers have the option to swap their products,
  • You are free to sell all over the UK,
  • A seller is only obliged to print the shipping label since the buyer needs to pay for postage,
  • Your parcels will get tracked free of charge so there is a pretty low possibility for the buyer to suggest they haven't received the item.

Cons of Vinted - Are There Users Who Have a Negative Experience?

Every platform has its positive and negative sides. This app is best for items like clothes, baby toys, household furnishings, and beauty products. However, products that don't fall into this category won't get noticed by a lot of buyers.

Have a look at the possible cons that might impact your decision when searching for the right application:

  • A seller needs to wait to get paid for the sale. One can wait up to seven days to get the money.
  • The items get sold for less money than on other platforms,
  • Sellers should not indicate frequently that the item is "New with the label" since the account can be erased from the commercial sale.

Even though the disadvantages don't outweigh the pros, there are some types of sellers who don't fit the profile for this application. If you feel that you want to resell different kinds of products, it's best to opt for another platform, such as Depop or eBay.

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If you want to use Vinted along with other platforms, invest in a crossposting app

Depop - It's Like Instagram Where One Can Sell Trendy Clothes

If you are searching for something similar to social media that can also be used for selling fashion, then register with Depop. The application works on both Androids and iPhones. It is perfect for individuals who are new to the reselling business.

The advantages of Depop are the following:

  • A simple way to resell clothing by using a couple of photographs, specifying the category, price, and location where you can ship,
  • A place where one can swap or find inexpensive bargains,
  • It's simple to get followers and send messages to buyers
  • A seller can get paid via PayPal,
  • You are not required to pay a listing fee, just a 10% Depop's fee when the piece gets sold. The seller fee is lower than with other platforms.

Disadvantages of Depop - Can the Platform Step Up Efficiency?

The main cons that might cause issues with the platform are connected to customer service and particular buyers that scam resellers. If you ensure that you overcome these obstacles in a smart way and set up a reliable shop, you won't have to worry. Still, it's important to know what kind of problems can arise. Here is our list of cons:

  • Poor customer service,
  • Potential scammers,
  • Problems when swapping - you might not receive an item that is of the same quality,
  • Rude buyers can leave negative comments, 
  • Sellers protection is valid only when the transactions are made using the PayPal account.
  • It doesn't offer resellers any marketing opportunities.

These issues won't pose a huge problem to individuals who simply want to earn extra money and get rid of old clothing from their homes. If you treat the app like a useful social media that you can benefit from, you will enjoy all the perks and benefits. If you require more tips on how to be one of Depop's best resellers, watch this video.

eBay - It's the Best Platform For Reselling Miscellaneous Items

Are you searching for a platform with a huge audience where any type of product can be sold? If your answer is a firm yes, eBay's application is for you. You can manage your account on your computer, laptop, or smartphone. It's similar to Depop and Vinted since all you need to do to attract buyers is take well-lit photographs, describe the items, select the category of the item and determine the price.

Consult our list of pros before making a decision:

  • You are free to resell all over the world,
  • Specify where you can ship the item,
  • You can earn more since you are allowed to put more costly products up on sale,
  • Apart from clothes, you can resell electronics, furniture, accessories, board games, kitchen appliances, toys, video games,
  • You can bid on the products,
  • There is an option for auctioning objects for a certain amount of time.

Cons of eBay - It Might Seem Ideal Until One Compares Fees With Other Selling Platforms

Yes, you can earn more money as an eBay's reseller than on other apps and you'll be free to post numerous listings not just clothes or accessories. But all reputable resellers must know how to manage eBay's fees. They are the main disadvantage of the platform:

  • The listing fees - Even though you have a number of free listings, you can still face a charge when you list more than the limit,
  • The final value fee - They are based on the amount that you get the item sold for,
  • Resellers don't receive the money right away. First, the parcel has to be delivered, and then the money will be paid,
  • It's the reseller's responsibility to take the product to the post office and make sure it gets shipped properly.

Vinted Vs Depop Vs eBay Dilemma - What Should You Choose?

If you want to become a serious e-commerce business owner and resell items that don't include clothing, choose eBay's application. You will be able to handle all the charges with ease when you become an experienced seller with a subscription. In this way, you'll get to enjoy numerous perks of the platform.

On the other hand, if you want to earn extra money on the side by getting rid of clothing items and kid's toys that are lying around the house, download Vinted. It's extremely easy to use and you won't have to worry about numerous fees.

But, individuals who want to enjoy the advantages of a selling platform that is a social network as well can sell on Depop. It's primarily intended for trendy and fashionable clothing that you can put up for sale or swap for other things. There are no listing fees, and you can make transactions via PayPal.

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Can't make up your mind, get a crossposting tool to help you

If You Are Unable to Choose, Sell on All the Platforms

In case it's hard to make a final decision, it's possible to have listings on all three apps. Simply use a cross-listing tool and you can reach numerous buyers. One of the best online selling tools is Zipsale. It's a reliable software to sell on both eBay and Depop and Vinted. All you need to do is register with our cross-listing software and increase your sales. Our software for selling online will connect all of your marketplaces, keep track of orders 24/7, as well as immediately de-list anything that gets sold. Don't hesitate and sign up for the ultimate cross-listing tool today.


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