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What Is Shopify? Understanding the Platform Behind Countless Online Stores

What is Shopify used for? This is a common question among beginners in online selling. Shopify stands as a leading marketplace platform helping individuals and businesses to create their own online shops. As of 2024, the number of consumers of the tool reached 700 million. Since it offers services of web hosting and payment processing, unlocking the potential of e-commerce is simple. Read our article more about how you can benefit from it.

A phone displaying Shopify email
What does Shopify do? Discover its features of building a modern online shop

What Is Shopify and How Does It Work?

Shopify is a commerce platform that enables online resellers to launch, grow, and manage their resale businesses effortlessly. It offers a solution for building an online shop, handling sales across various channels such as:

  • Websites,
  • Social media,
  • Online marketplaces,
  • Physical locations.

It centralizes commercial operations within a single, secure, cloud-based system, allowing for efficient management of orders to analytics, all accessible from anywhere

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You can sign up for this online marketplace platform and build a shop from scratch

How to Sign up for Shopify?

To start selling online with Shopify, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial, during which no credit card information is required. This can serve as an exploratory period during which you learn all the features. After the trial, set up an account with Shopify's setup wizard. It will guide you through connecting with the first sales channels. As the shop or business grows, you can integrate social media accounts. 

The setup process is straightforward and includes entering product information, configuration shipping, and taxes as well as setting up payment methods. Whether you’re crafting a brand-new storefront or integrating Shopify into an existing website, the platform provides the necessary tools.

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Mobile devices account for 79% of the total traffic on Shopify.

Types of Items That Can Be Sold

Everything and anything can be sold online with Shopify's help. It's truly a versatile platform. You can offer physical goods that need to be shipped, digital goods like music files and e-books for instant download, and dropship items sent directly from full-time resellers to customers. The platform also supports sales in physical retail stores and mobile locations for in-person transactions and bookings. 

On top of this, it accommodates various subscription-based models, including memberships with recurring payments. Rentals for a diverse range of items, including sports equipment and formal wear, alongside platforms for donations and fundraisers, are also supported.

With Shopify’s Help, You Can Reach Buyers in Different Ways

There are numerous channels you can use to reach potential customers. We've already mentioned some of the options, such as websites and social media, but let's dive a bit deeper into this topic. 

You might be interested in selling on Instagram with Shopify via shoppable posts and stories or leveraging an e-commerce Shopify store to establish and grow a brand. The platform integrates seamlessly with top social media sites like Pinterest, WhatsApp, TikTok, and Facebook, allowing for direct sales through engaging content. 

Additionally, it extends to some of the best online selling platforms, such as Etsy, Walmart, and Amazon, amplifying the product's visibility. For those on the move, Shopify's POS mobile solutions cater to pop-up stores and food trucks, while its Pro version supports traditional retail store operations. Shopify's Buy Button transforms any blog or website into a sales channel.

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Choose an online marketplace platform you'd like to integrate into the selling strategy

Benefits of Using This Online Selling Tool

Shopify stands out among online selling tools for its user-friendly interface. Even complete beginners can effortlessly set up an attractive store with different themes which can be modified any way you like. Its pricing structure is reasonable, with low entry-level monthly fees and competitive pricing for more advanced plans. It guarantees security and technical management, providing smooth e-commerce operations. 

Its tools enhance the retail experience with fully integrated POS features. There is also built-in product sourcing through wholesale networks and dropshipping. Another benefit that allows for increased sales is email marketing, which offers abandoned cart notifications and automated campaigns.

For more advantages and some disadvantages of Shopify, watch the video below.

Transaction Fees and Payment Processing

What makes reselling profitable are reliable and versatile payment processing solutions. Shopify's policy is that sellers are allowed to choose between their payment processing system or Shopify Payments. For those who prefer external processors, the selling tool applies an additional transaction fee, which can range from 0.5% to 2% of the sale's total value. 

The fee depends on the type of transaction. However, users of Shopify Payment aren't charged this fee. This option includes a flat-rate pricing structure that adjusts according to your chosen subscription plan.

It’s Best to Use Multiple Platforms With a Cross-Listing Software

Once you set up a successful store with Shopify the growing demand for more sales cannot be instantly met. The solution for this issue is registering with a multichannel listing software that would allow Shopify's listings to appear on multiple platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Vinted, and Depop

Crossposting software connects different marketplaces to reach as many potential buyers as possible. Furthermore, the crossposting tool then keeps track of all sales and allows you to view and control the inventory from one place. With additional features that simplify online reselling, the software for selling online proves to be the perfect solution.

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Choose to proliferate to other channels for establishing a popular brand

Zipsale Is the Ultimate Choice for Crossposting Apps

Reach maximum visibility with the help of the ultimate crossposting app - Zipsale. It has a user-friendly interface and its primary function is to simplify the task of listing and delisting products on various sites. Its features you'd enjoy the most are the Auto-delisting feature, Sell Similar, and Booster Relisting Tool. Even though selling anything is possible, with Zipsale's help resellers of second-hand clothing have the most success. The platforms the software integrates are all primarily based on clothing listings. So, keep that in mind. For more information, head to our website and register.

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